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Keith, israel. vii. 162.

Kent, jonathan. ii. 78.
Keith, ephraim. vii. 162.

Kent, samuel. ii. 180.
Keith, jonathan. vii. 170.

Kent street in scituate. iv. 239.
Keith, rev. james, of duxbury. vii. Kentucky, visited by robertson. vii.

64. indian hostilities in. 64.
Keith's hill. X. 42.

Keitell, thomas. ji. 181.
Keketticut. vii. 143.

Kettell, john. ii. 176—180.
Kelley, sarah. x. 180.

Ketticut. vii. 143.
Kellog, rev.

iii. 108.

Kettle island, salem harbour. v. 197.
Kellogg, rev. elijah, of portland. iv. Keyes, john. i. 162.
180. 181.

Keyes indians, their residence, num.
Kellond, thomas, sent to connecticut ber and language, ii. 24.

and new haven, to arrest messrs. Kickapoos indians, residence, lan.
wballey and goffe, under a warrant guage, number and annuity. ii.
from charles ii. viii. 68.

8. 12.
ed with thomas deane, as one of the Kidder, joseph. x. 178.
owners of the charles of oleron. 89. Kidder, rev. joseph, of dunstable,

new hampshire. . iv. 78. 79. 197. x.
Kelly, lieutenant. iv. 218.

55. 56.
Kemball, caleb. viii. 107.

Kidder, samuel. ii. 181.
Kemball, thomas. viii. 107.

Kieft, william, dutch governour at
Kemble, richard, sen. viii. 107.

new york. v. 245. vi. 323. cast
Kempton, manasses. iii. 184.

away and drowned. 444.546.
Kempton, ephraim. iv. 241.

Kiehchise, its meaning: ix. 91.
Kendal, rev. dr. samuel, of weston, Kiehtan, a supreme divinity among

his century sermon cited. i. (xxv.) the indians near plymouth ; its
jji. 265. 266. 208. 273.

meaning. ix 91.
Kendall, rev. james of plymouth. iii. Kicons, its meaning. iii. 182.

Kikegat, its meaning. x. 174.
Kendall, capt. Ioammi. ii. 180. Kilby, christopher, goes agent to eng.
Kendrick, captain. iv. 288.

land. x. 28.
Kenenavish indians, their residence Kildee, a species of plover; its mean-
and number. ii. 38.

ing. iv. 274.
Kennebeck, indians at. v. 31. trade Kinckeinoeks indians. viii. 248.

at, granted to plymouth people. Kive-pock. i. 122.
167. quarrel at. 167. garrison at, King thomas. iv. 240.
attacked by indians. vi. 630. viii. King, of boston, a singer. ii.

103. 104.
Kennebeck river. i. (vii.) iv. 70. King, george. iii. 119.
v. 16. discovered. 11. a planta- King,

iv. 260.
tion made there by sir john popham. King,

iv. 284.


vii. 123.
Kennebunk, singular phenomenon of King's colours defaced at salem. V.
earth thrown up at. vi. 646.


by taking out the cross.
Kennedy, lieutenant. viii. 156.

205. ordered to be set up on the
Kennedy, rev, nathaniel, of litchfield, castle. 165.
new hampshire. x. 56.

King's province, or narraganset coun-
Kenonge, its meaning. iii. 182.

try. See narraganset.
Kenrick, george. iv. 233. 239. King's evil. i. 120.
Kenrick, john. viii. 107.

King's bridge. iii. 245.
Kent, richard. viii. 106.

Kingschapel at boston, deaths in its
Kent, james. viii. 106.

society, iji. 290.
Kent, john. viii. 106.

King's cedar swamp. iv. 279.
Kent, richard. iv. 136. 137.

King's commissioners. See commis.
Kent, rev. benjamin, of charlestown. sioners and reference there.
ii. 178.

Kingman, john, vii. 148. 150.
Kent, joseph. ii. 278.


vii. 155.

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Kingman, darid. vii. 160.

Knight, john, sen. viii. 106.
Kinginan, ezra. vii. 160.

Knight, john, jun. viii. 106.
Kingsbury, rev. samuel, of edgartown. Knight, john. viii. 106.
jii. 72.

Knight, richard. viii. 106.
Kingsbury, capt. eleazer. viii. 45. Knight, of wells. vi. 600.
Kingston, origin of its name; sepa- Knight, lieut. iv. 218.

rated from plymouth, iii. 163. de. Knight's survey of new bedford. iii.
scription of. 204. soil. 205. 18.
ponds and rivers; an indian woman Knistenaux indians, their language,
at, had seven chiidren in 22 months. and warriours. ii. 12.
206. manufactures. 207. set off Knollis, rev. hanserd, of dover. i.
from plymouth. 208. incorporat 168. v. 220. joke about. vi.
ed; first meeting-house ; ecclesiasti 356. forbidden to preach in mas-
cal history. 209. meeting-houses ; sachusetts, goes to agamenticus,
dissentions at about ministerial comes to boston to answer accusa-
fund; baptist society. 213. min. tions. 357. removed from church
isterial fund; houses and inhabi at dover to make way for mr.
tants. 214. roads and schools. larkham. 362. quarrels with mr.
215. diseases at; shipping. 216. lark ham. 362. guilty of adultery.
217. 218. salt works; bill of mor 363.
tality. 218. 219.

Knowles, rev. j. ordained at water-
Kingston, new hampshire, sketch of town.

v. 276.

goes to virginia.
its ministers and churchés. ix. 367. vi. 410. returns.


vii. 19.
Kinnibiki, or kennebeck. viii. 252. 41. to preach to virginia; is
Kinnyın, capt. eleazar. viii. 45. forced to return by the governour
Kinsley, martin. vii. 170.

and others there. viii. 29. 30.
Kinsman, richard, his orchard for Knowles,

iv. 249.
making perry in virginia. ix. 1:18. Knowlton, thomas. viii. 107.
Kirby, or pittsford marble, remarkably Knox, general henry, his letter to w.
fine. ix. 136.

tudor. viii. 308.
Kirk, sir david. vi. 498. captain, Konickey cliff. iii. 146.

takes fort kebec, or quebec, then a Kotzebue, lieut. iv. 98. 99.
great staple for furs, from the Käna ons indians. viii. 246.
french, in 1629. vii. P. 52. Koy, o. ij. 16.
Kirk, -, an enemy of massachu. Kumas indians. ii. 26.

setis, drowned at barbadoes. vi. Kyaways indians, their residence,

number and wars. ii. 28. 29.
Kirk, col. i. (xxviii.)

Kyngston, felix. viii. 199.
Kirk, presbyterian. iv. 13.
Kirke, thomas, sent to arrest messrs.

Whalley and goffe, under a warrant
from charles ii. at connecticut and L, not articulated by indians. ji. 21.
new haven. viij. 68.

Labrador. ii. 10. 43.
Kirkland, rev. dr. john-t. i. 248. ex- Lacady, including nova scotia, sur-

tract from sermon on the death rendered by treaty of charles i. to
of caleb gannett, esq.

viii. 279. france. vii. P. 78. And see acadie
on the death of professor peck. and acady.
x. 168.

Laconia. v. 216.
Kitaumet. jii. 176.

Ladd, printer. iv. 26.
Kitteaskeesett. iy. 267.


iv. 132.
Kittle cove. iii. 76.

Ladies of distinction early arrive at
Kneeland, s. printer, of boston. viii. new england. i. (xxiv.)

La haver.
Kneeland, rev. abner, universalist | La hontan. ii. 2. 7. 8. quoted. A.

minister at charlestown. ii. 172. 102. 132. 142.
Knife river. ii. 35. 41.

Lake, captain thomas. viii. 90.
Knife indians. ii. 43.

Lake, william. viii. 106.

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v. 102.

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Lake huron indians. ii. 3.

lick friend" against slavery; mana-
Lake superior. ii. 11.

mits his slaves. viii. 185. 187.
Lake of the hills. ii. 11.

Langlois, charles-francis, a french
Lake of the two hills, ii. 11.

protestant, anecdote of. ii. 194.
Lake of the woods. ii. 12.

Lanham brook. iv. 55.
Lake George. iii. 236.

Lapelle river. ii. 42.
Lakenham parish. iv. 277.

Lapham, thomas. iv. 241.
Lakenham farm, in carver. iv. 283. La platte river. ii. 29.
Lakenham west meadows. iv. 284. Larance, arrives at new kent.
Lamb, thomas. vii. P. 4. sworn a i. 79. 80.

freeman of massachusetts. P. 29. Larkbam, rev. thomas, of dover, new
viii. 2:32

hampshire, troubles with mr. knol.
Lamb, joshua, purchases the town of lis. v. 220. 222. causes trouble at

hardwick of the indians. i. 180. pascataqua; put in the place of
Lanıb, captain, wounded. ii. 246. mr. knollis. vi. 362. quarrel with
Lamb and lyon, first settlers of new mr. knollis; excommunicated by

london, new hampshire. viii. 175. mr. knollis; released from excom.
Lambert, rev. nathaniel. ii. 108. munication. 362. 363. leaves do-
Lambert, capt. jonathan, his settle ver in order to escape detection of

ment of tristan d'acunha. ii. 125. adultery. 364. quarrel with mr.
his garden. 125.

gibson. 381.

of new haven, Larnell, benjamin. viii. 243.
erects a trading house at delaware. Lary, joseph. iii. 119.
vi. 439. in the new haven ship lost Larvy. See lurvy.
at sea.
viii. 18.

Lascell, general. viii. 157.
Lancaster, massachusetts, settled. vi. “ Last supper," of da vinci. iii. 229.

Latham, william, a forefather.

Lancaster, new hampshire, description 153.

of. iii. 97. - bridges, mills, man- Latham, mary, condemned to death
ufactures, distilleries, quadrupeds. for adultery. vi. 426.
100. birds. 101. academy and Latham, seth vii. 140.
schools, social library, profession- Latham, thomas. vii. 165.
al men.

102. courts held at, his- Latham, charles. vii. 165.
tory, charter. 103. church, bap- Latham, robert. vii. 153.
tisms. 104. marriages and deaths, Latham, arthur. vii. 153.
baptist society and inhabitants. Latham, chilton. vii. 150. 153.

Lathrop, barnabas. viii. 182.
Land, unimproved, price of, in new Lathrop, mark. vii. 149. 150. 155.

Lathrop, samuel. vii. 149.
Land pilot hills. iii. 98.

Lathrop, edward. vii. 149.
Landaff, bishop of, (ewer.) ii. 190. Lathrop, isaac. iv. 87.
Landaff, bishop of, (watson) his let. Lathrop, rev. dr. john, his memoir of
ter. i. 250.

rev. john lothrop. i. 163. his let-
Landing of the fathers, painting of, ter about the death of king philip.
by henry sargent.

jji. 225. 230. iv. 63. 131. quoted. I. 175.
anniversary noted. vii. 133. Lathrop, mrs.

iv. 131.
Lane, job. viji. 46.

Lathrop, seth. vii. 147.
Lane, daniel. vii. 120.

Lathrop, derivation of the name. i.
vii. 123.

Lang, sarah. X. 177.

Lathrop, or laythorpe. vii. 151.
Langdon, josiah. j. 227.

Lathrope, b. h. i. 177.
Langdon, rev. dr. samuel, of ports- Latimer, bishop. ii. 104.

mouth, new hampshire. iv. 78. La tour. iv. 158. attacks plymouth
Langdon, josiah. i. 230.

trading house at machias. v. 163,
Langdon, ephraim. i. 227. 230.

sends a coinmissioner to boston

about acady. vi. 478. at war

writes the "pub with d'aulney: 478. arrives at

v. 230.

v. 38.

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ny. P. 3.

boston. 479. commission as ad-, Laurel hill. ii. 223.
miral of france; complains of the Laurie, captain, in the expedition
injurious practices of d'aulney; ex against concord. ii. 225. 220.
ercises soldiers on training day at Law, capt. engineer. ii. 247.
boston ; returns home. 42. goes Law of massachusetts, prohibiting any
to governour endicott at salem ; to entertain strangers without li-
claims nova

scotia under title cense from two magistrates. vi.
from sir william alexander. 483. 413.
returns home. 484. fort captured | Lawrence, -, governour of nova
during his absence by d'aulney. scotia. viii. 282.
497. 498. goes to newfoundland, Lawrence, rev.'micah, of winchester,
to england; returns to cape sables ; new hampshire. iv. 78. ix 367.
conspires with frenchmen on board Lawrence, rev. nathaniel, his account
his vessel, to put the englisli on of tyngsborough. iv. 192. ordained
shore ; sufferings of the english thus at tyngsborough. 197.
put on shore. 498.

Laws, capital, established in massa-
Là tour, mrs. commences an action chusetts. iv. 112. of massachu-

against captain bailey. vi. 489. setts, first printed. vi. 544. vii.
fights bravely against d'aulney. 10. code of, among early settlers
493. captured by d'aulney, and of rhode island. vii. 78. by
dies of grief. 498.

whom made in massachusetts colo-
Laud, archbishop. i. 167. made

chancellor of oxford. vii. P. 16. Lawson, rev. deodat, of scituate. iv.
silences the rev. thomas shepherd; 235. notice of. 236.
his singular interview with mr. Lawson, roger, impeached for trading
shepherd. P. 46. 47. prosecutes with an enemy, claims habeas cor-
professor gellibrand and his servant, pus in massachusetts. viii. 240.
w. beal, for publishing an alma 242.
nack ; orders a book to be publish- Lay, benjamin, r. vaux's life of, re-
ed, in which the martyrs are styled

ferred to. viji. 133. attempts to
traitors, rebels, &c. P. 50.

abolish slavery among the friends.
secrates st. catherine creed 185.
church, in london, and st. giles' Laythorpe. See lothrop.
church in the fields, with great pa- | Laythrop: See lothrop.
rade and numerous forms, which Lazell, thomas, an early planter of
papists had used before. P. 50. 51. halifax, niassachusetts. iv. 285.
consecrates a chapel at hammer- Lazell, isaac. vii. 148 165.
smith, with the same popish cere- Lazeil, ebenezer. vii 170.
monies as the foregoing. P. 52. Lazell,

vii. 155.
introduces altars, etc. at the uni- Leach, caleb, an ingenious mechanick.
versity of oxford, of which he was iii. 170.
chancellor, and into churches. P. Leach, samuel. vij. 149. 157.
52. 53. angry because the conse- Leach, giles. vii. 149. 155.
cration of churches and wakes are Leach lake. ii. 11.
forbidden. P. 77. 78. the princi- Lear, mrs.
pal man in the ministry of charles i. ; Leather mitten ordination of rev. israel
punishes n. bernard for preaching chauncy, at stratford, connecticut.
against altars, bowings, etc. P. 79. ii. 132.
consecrates lord treasurer weston's Leather jacket ordination, is it valid ?
chapel, and marries his daughter to iv. 298.
the duke of lenox. P. 79. 80. ob- Leathers, ezekiel. X. 177.
tains for mr. francis windebank, a Leathers, abednego. x. 177.
furious papist, the place of secretary Leaver,

ix. 45.
of state to charles i. P. 80. his Leavitt, capt. dies at sea.
pursuivants oblige rev. j. cotton, of Leavitt, anna.

x 178.
boston, england, to hide. P. '80. Le baron, dr. francis. iii. 190. iv.
his persecuting spirit. P. 83.




X. 176.

v. 146.

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x. 32.

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Le baron, rev. lemuel, of rochester. the general court for his opinions,
iv. 263.

which he retracts.

v. 275.

Lechford, quoted. x. 171.

Lechmere's point. ii. 171.

Leonard, leonardson, or lennerson.
Le clerk. i. 244.

See leonard. vii. 151.
Lecture at boston, where all the min Leonard, solomon. vii. 149. 155.

isters were usually present. v. Leonard, samuel. vii. 149.

Leonard, john. vii. 149.
Lectures on midwifery. i. 117. med. Leonard, isaac. vii. 149.

ical. 118. on natural history. 118. Leonard, rev. nathaniel, of plymouth.
anatomical, by dr. ingalls. 126. ii. 199. iv. 94.
clinical. 126. weekly, at boston. Leonard, george. vii. 164.
vii. 12.

Leonard, jonathan. vii. 170.
iv. 120.

Leonard, david. vii. 170.
Le dran. i. 108.

Leonard, zenas-l. vii. 170.
Lee, robert. iii. 184. iv. 93.

Leonard, levi-w. vii. 170.
Lee, john. viii. 107.

Leonard's furnace. iv. 289.
Lee, samuel. vii. 188.

Leonard's tavern. vii. 117.
Lee, richard-henry, his letter to samuel Leonardson, solomon. vii. 138. 147.
adams. i. 186.

Lesley, mathey, assistant to quarter
Lee, henry. iii. 253. his memoirs master general. viii. 156.
quoted. 244.

Lester, ensign. iv. 218.
Lee, william, esq.
x. 192.

Lettres edifiantes et curieuses ecrits
Leech pond. iii. 181.

des missions etrangeres, quoted. viii.
Leechman, professor, of glasgow uni 250.
versity. viii. 176.

Lettsom's method of preserving vege:
Leet, william, governour of new haven tables. i. 23.
colony. vi. 311. 319. 331.

Leverett, thomas, elder, of boston.
Leg, capt. ii. 123.

188. 190. iii. 285. vi. 136.
Le gard, fortune.
v. 160.

Leverett, john. ii. 285. governour.
Legg, samuel. x. 26.

167. commissioner to new york.
Legge, col. iv. 92.

vi. 547. 593. 595. 600. major gen-
Legislature of massachusetts first di. eral; deputy governour of massachu-

vided into two bodies, and in case of setts. 610. though a junior of
a different result in the two branch the magistrates, appointed deputy
es, to be determined by a convention governour and afterwards gover:
of both. vi. 391.

nour, in which office he is continued
Leigh, quoted. vii. P. 53.

till his death; his character. 611.
Leighton, dr. punished for publishing order of march and pageantry at

“a plea against prelacy,” vii. P. his funeral. viii. 44. major gene-

ral of massachusetts. 88. 91. 101.
Leipsic, battle of, between gustavus X. 24, 25. commissioner. 59.

of sweden, and count tilly. vii. P. Leverett, john, president of harvard
55. account of the new literary college. iv. 64. 93. 142.
productions of its fair in 1792. viii. Leveridge, rev. william, sent out to

pascataqua. v. 221. vi. 603. in.
Lemes indians. ix. 54.

structs indians at sandwich. viii.
Lenape. See delaware indian lan 29.

Levett, rev. r. his questions of con-
Lenni lenape, or delaware indian lan science to rev. mr. cotton.

x. 182.
ix. 239.

Leviston, rev.

of ireland.
Lenox, duke of, patentee of new 154. his letter. 154. 155.

england. 217. inarries lord Lewesden hill, quoted. ii. 195.
treasurer weston's daughter. vii. Lewis, george. iv. 233. 239. 248.
P. 80.

Lewis, john. iv. 239.
vii. 22.

Lewis, thomas. iv. 187.
Lenthall; rev.

called before Lewis, ezekiel. x. 27



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