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brought to boston ; a papist. P. Garrett, joseph. iv. 229.
27. a prisoner; his letters from Gatchel,

ii. 235.
sir f. gorges opened by government Gates, sir thomas, a patentee of new
of massachusetts. vii. P. 30. his england. v. 217. comes to vir-
accusations against massachusetts. ginia with a colony; but is ship-
vii. P. 85. 88. said to be a de- wrecked, of which he publishes an
scendant of bishop gardiner; ar- account. viii. 204. comes again.
rives in new england; knighted at 208. 210.
jerusalem. v. 149.

escapes to Gales, capt. vii. 157. general. iii.
plymouth indians. 149. taken by 236. 237.
them; wounded; sent to england; Gattery, john, ensign of kittery. vi.
hostile to massachusetts colony. 600.
150. 153.

Gay, rev. dr. of hingham. iii. 238.
Gardiner, lieutenant lyon, an engi- viii. 277.

neer sent to connecticut. v. 179. Gay, rev. bunker, of hindsdale, new
sergeant and commander at say. hampshire. iv. 78. 79.
brouk. viii. 43. 131. 133.

Gay bead. iii. 41. 45. 46. 49. 53. 93.
Gardiner, robert-hallowell. viij. 285. light house.

iii. 42.

origin of
Gardner, sir christopher. See gardi- name; clays. 44.

Gedney, bartholomew. viii. 105. 181.
Gardner, henry. v. 215.

Gedney, eleazer. viii. 105.
Gardner, thomas. ii. 144. 153. Gedney, jolin, jun. viii. 106.
Gardner, jun. ii. 144. Geery, rev.

of wenham, his
Gardner, joseph. ii. 144.

character. ii. 119.
Gardner, caleb. ii. 144.

Gellibrand, henry, professor of gres- :
Gardner, thomas, jun. ii. 144.

ham college, prosecuted on account
Gardner, capt. iv. 130.

of his almanack. vii. P. 50.
Gardner, rev. joshua, of haverhill, General, properties of a good one.

his character and epitaph. iv. 141. i. 69.
Gardner, rev. john, of stow. iv. General, major, chosen in massachu-

setts. vii 53.
Gardner, rev. andrew, of worcester | General, surveyor in massachusetts.
and lunenburgh. ii. 156.

vii. 56.
Gardner, samuel. iv. 90. 94.

General court of massachusetts to be
Gardner, nathaniel, instructer at held once a year.

v. 148. vii. P.
boston, preacher at carver,

his 57. to be held semi-annually. V.
character. iy. 278.

2:35. the first held at Boston. vii.

obtains a grant of P. 3.
bath, new hampshire. ii. 107. General hospital of massachusetts,
Gardner, isaac, killed by the british. petition for its incorporation. i.
ji. 157. viii. 45.

Gardner, elisha. ii. 158.

General hospital, chapel at quebec.
Gardner, dr. james. ii. 178.

ii. 242.
Gardner, general isaac-s. ii. 158. Gennison, William, chosen ensign.
Gardner, dr. henry. ii. 178.

vii. P. 34.
Gardner, deacon elisha. ii. 153.. Gens de lai indians. ii. 40..
Gardner, abner. ii. 178.

George, capt. ii. 260).
Gardner, isaac-s. ii. 158.

George, sagamore, at saugus. . v. 32. .
Gardner's mountain. iii. 106. 107. George's bank. iv. 232.
viii. 226.

Georgia. ii. 28. deeply in debt. ii.
Garn, (garrett ?) richard, his misfor- 189.
v. 138.

Georgiana, maine. iv, 239.
Garrett, richard, his mishap and death. Gerard,

v. 24.
vii. P. 8. 9.

Gerish, capt. vii. 55.
Garrett, harmon.. viii. 96.

Germany, its wars in 1631, account

lost at sea. • vi. 557. of. vii. P. 54-56. wars in, vii.
his ship lost. vij. 87.

P.:-81.. authors living in, and the

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number of their works in 1792. Gill, moses. ii. 46. 48. lieutenant
viii. 274.

governour of massachusetts. vii.
Gerrard, sir gilbert. ix. 185.

Gerrish, capt. william. viii. 44. 106. Gill, j. printer. iv. 204.
Gerrish, stepnen. x. 75.

Gill, inoses. vij. 180.
Gerry, governour elbridge, his speech Gillan,

iii. 285.
about medical college. i. 137. Gilman, rev. tristram, of north yar-
Gery, capt. ii. 103.

mouth. iv. 180.
Gethins, capt. viii. 156.

Gilson, william. iy. 220. 222. 224.
Gibbetting, instance of in massachu- erects the first windinill at scituate.
setts. ii. 166.

224. 239. 242. assistant at ply-
Gibbins. See gibbons.

mouth. vii. P. 83.
Gibbons, edward. ii. 86. lieutenant. Gilson, -, ii. 105.

v. 251. captain. vi. 340. commis- Gilson, mrs. frances. iv. 242.
sioner. 466. 495. loses all his pro- Gist's plantation. viii. 154.
perty by the capture of la tour's Gittings, john. viii. 107.
fort. vi. 4!18. first sergeant major Gittings, samuel. viii. 107.
in massachusetts. vii. 54. major Gillings, george. viii. 107.
general of massachusetts. 54. P. 4. Glades in scituale. iv. 223.
60. 69. sworn a freeman. vii. P. Gladwin, capt. viii. 156.

29. viii. 2. 17. 19. 20. 2. 24. 60. Gleason, rev. charles, of dudley.i ii.
Gibbons, ambrose, assistant at pis- 157.
cataqua. v. 220.

Gleason, benjamin. ii. 178.
Gibbons's creek. ii. 86.

Gloster, cape ann. See gloucester.
Gibson, rev.

instigates the Gloster men, their protestation. i.
isle of shoals people to revolt from 38. oath tendered to. 56. rise
massachusetts ; his quarrel with mr. for sir w. berkeley. - 68.. taken

larkham; his apology to inassachu- by ingram. 70. subunit to ingrain.
setts. vi. 381.

Gibson, rev. benjamin, chaplain to col. Gloucester, cape ann. ii. 69. plant-
westbrook, dies. viii. 265.

ed by blinman and others.
Gibson, general. x. 127.

vi. 408. its church, being 21st in
Gibbs, capt. john. ii. 180.

massachusetts, planted. vii. 32.
Gibbs, rev. henry, of watertown. iii. Glover, john. iv. 24. his shallop cast
274. 277.

a way at nahant. vii. P. 20. an as-
iv. 294.

sistant. vi. 546..
Gibbs, robert. viii. 105.

Glover, rev. joseph, a printer. vii, 12.
iv. 260.

Glover, hab. viii. 105.
Gift, ship, arrives at charlestown.' v. Glover, rev.

of springfield.
132. 137. vii. P. 10.

viii. 237.
Gilbert, bartholomew, sails with gos- Glover, rev. samuel, baptist: minister
nold. iv. 10.

of kingston. iii. 214.
Gilbert, sir john.' v. 37. president Goats of martha's vineyard. iii. 59.

of council of new england; djes. in massachusetts. vii. P. 7.. in.
ix. 4.

tended for niassachusetts, mostly
Gilbert, capt. rawley, comes to new die at sea. P. 9. - brought - to

england. v. 36. 37. a patentee massachusetts. P. 30. early car.
of new

england. 217. with two ried to virginia. viii. 197. 210.
ships sent to begin a plantation in Goddard, rev. william, of westmore-
new england. ix. 3. 4.

land, new hampshire. iv. 78.
Gilbert, rev. thomas, first minister of Goddard, john, of portsmouth. ii. 158.
topsfield. vi. 417.

Godfrey, francis. vii. 151.
iv. 132.

Godfrey, mrs. x. 179.
Giles, sir edward, a patentee of new Goffe, thomas, chosen deputy gover-
w: england. v. 217.

nour of massachusetts company in
Gilij on the peruvian language, quot. england. v. 109. 120. . 122. ; ,as-
ed. 1. 105. et seq.

sistant 124.

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Goffe, edward. ii. 162. iv, 76.

Gordon, hon. william, of amherst,

regicide. ii. 64. iv. new hampshire. ii. 253.
158. and whaley, their arrival ; Gordon, h. w. ii. 179.
charles ii. sends a warrant to ar-| Gordon, william. ii. 178.
rest them in massachusetts. viii. Gordon, joanna. x. 178.
67. 68.


of new york. ii.
Goffe, jemima. x. 179.

Golding, rev. william, of bermuda. Gore, hon. christopher, his farm at
viii. 31.

waltham. iii. 272. president of
Goldthwait, ebenezer. viii. 45.

massachusetts historical society.
Good news from new england, or viii. 41.

winslow's relation of things re- Gorges, lord, a patentee of new eng-
markable at plymouth plantation. land. v. 217. 226.
ix. 74. 79.

Gorges, sir ferdinando, not the author
Goode, richard. iv. 110.

wonder-working providence.
Goodenow, asahel. iv. 60.

ii. 49. v. 86. assisted by sir ed-
Goodenow, lieut. edmund. vii. 55. ward coke. 87. obtains a grant
Goodhue, william. iij. 269.

of land between pascataqua and
Goodhue, jonathan, esq. x. 192.

sagadehock. 89. letter to sir
Goodman, john, for some time lost, to christopher gardiner about his claim

the grief of plymouth settlers. ix. to massachusetts. 141. instigates
44. 45.

sir c gardiner and others to com-
Goodrich, capt. ii. 230. 231. 233.

plain to the king. 145. 151. 153.
Goodridge, rev. sewall, of lyndebo. obtains a confirmation by the king

rough, new hampshire. viii. 177. of his title to maine. 232. and
Goodwin, rev. dr. thomas. i. 203. mason, proposed great city in
one of the assembly of divines at

england, with abundance
westminster. iv. 20. vi. 534. 590. of church lands annexed. 229.
Goodwin, edward, of boston. iv. 244. 230. and others, grant to them by
Goodwin, general nathaniel. vii. 165. council of new england of the terri-

his donation to boston during the tory each side of the pascataqua.
port bill. ix. 163.

215. this grant confirmed by the
Goodwin, deacon david. ii. 171. 176. king.


a patentee of new
179. 180.

england. 217. 224. transfers the
Goodwin, rev. ezra-s. of sandwich, his government of maine to massachu-
notice of the great storm of sept.


v. 261. agents claim juris-
23, 1815. x. 45–192.


ligonia. vi. 368.
Goodyear, stephen, deputy governour heirs complain to his majesty
of new haven. vi. 320.

against massachusetts. 612. let.
Gookin, daniel, his historical collec. ter to sir c. gardiner, shewing his
tions, referred to.

i. (xxviii. xxix.) intention to claim massachusetts.
lectures to indians. ii.


vii. P. 30. aims at the general
quoted. iii. 83. 86.

accuracy of government of new england. P.
his collections. 89. iv. 24. 103. 88. and mason, instigated by inor.
vii. 55. viii. 88. 112. estate ton, radcliffe, and sir c. gardiner,
seized by nichols and others, king's petition privy council against mas-
commissioners. 96. quoted. X. sachusetts, which is defeated. vii.

P. 85. has a plantation at mun.
Gookin, rev. nathaniel, of northamp- higgen. ix. 85.
ton, new hampshire. iv. 191.

Gorges, robert, son of sir ferdinando,
viii. 112.

comes to new england as lieutenant
Goose point, plymouth. iii. 179.

general, to repress disorders and
Gooseberries found at plymouth. ix. vices among the fishermen; has the

province of massachusetts bay as-
Gordon, john. vii, 149. 151. signed to him. v. 86. returns to

england. 87. 90.
Gordon, robert. viii. 156.

Gorges, thomas, arrives, goes to aga.


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menticus, where he finds all in dis- 1 Gortonists, heresy of. ii. 58. deny
order, attempts a reformation, pro- the humanity of christ. ii. 73. iv.
ceeds against

mr. burdett. vi. 5. 11. doctrines of; opposition to

colonies, particularly massachu-
Gorges, edward. v. 232.

setts; warrants issued against by
Gorham, john. ji. 178.

gov. Winthrop and mr. dudley';
Gorham, hon. nathaniel, goes to eng. governour sends 40 men to appre.

land to solicit assistance for charles- hend them. vii. 48. 50. confined
town, but without success. ii. 170. for months, in different towns, and
176. 180. senator from middlesex, then banished, of which some com-
counsellor, representative, speaker plain. 50.
of house of representatives, judge Gosnold, bartholomew, store house
of court of common pleas; eulogy at cuttyhunk. iii. 78. discovers
on, by dr. thomas welsh. 177.

martha's vineyard, and other
ii. 178.

islands. 80. makes further dis-
Gorham, benjamin. ii. 178.

coveries of the coast of virginia.
Gorham, dr. john. i. 116.

v. 10. sails from dartmouth, touch-
Gorham, stephen. ii. 181.

es the azores, west indies, and flori.
Gorton, samuel. ji. 96. iv. 116. da. 10. visits cape cod, welcomed

118. causes disturbances at provi- by the indians, visits martha's vine-
dence. vi. 343. causes trouble to yard. 10. coasts north of virgi-
massachusetts ; a familist. 401. nia, to whiston bay ; returns to eng.
injures the indians, which causes land. 11.

voyage in 1662.
further trouble; notice of. 402. 14. discovery of new england.
sends two heretical books to bos. vii. 179.
ton; and company, arrested for Gospel, its success among the indians
injuries done to the indians, and of new england. vi. 649. 660.
brought to boston. 402. 403. quar- Gospel covenant, or covenant of grace
rels with the indians, which pro- opened, by rev. peter bulkley, re-
duces his arrest. 404. and ferred to. ii. 260.
his followers punished. 406. 407. Gott, charles. vii. P. 4.
cattle taken away ;

dismissed. Gotte,
407. supplies miantonimo with Gouge, col. i. 56.
arinour. 450. writes to uncas in Gouge,

a linen draper, de-
behalf of miantonimo. 451. and scribed by j. dunton. ii. 106. 124.

more trouble in Gould, lieut. iv. 218. 219.
massachusetts. 500. return from Gould, thomas. vi. 627.
england, and arrive in boston har. Goulder, francis. iii. 184.

remonstrance of Gournette nose. iii. 162.
massachusetts against petition. Government established by the pil.
502. 506. ordered to be

grims. i. (viii.) established at
rested. 511. left in quiet posses- plymouth. ii

. 68. v. 61. civil,
sion of shaomet. 512. and com- of new england. iv. 21. form of,
pany, present a petition against among the first settlers of rhode
massachusetts, to commissioners. island. vii. 77.
587. viii. 68. ix. 182. seditious Governour, difficulty with about sal-
and heretical; goes to rhode island, ary. vii. 159. of_massachusetts,
where he is whipped and banished. how chosen. vii. P. 3. of massa-
663. account of the procedings chusetts, to be chosen from among
of massachusetts against. ix. 199. the assistants by the whole court,
sentence. 200. carries complaints including the freemen. vii. P. 60.
to england. 201. and others, a heavy fine imposed on him, who
banished from rhode island, foments should, unless twice chosen suc-
the dispute between uncas and cessively, refuse the office. vii. P.
miantonimo vii. 45. publishes 75.
doctrines, &c. is apprehended. Governour's island. i. (xxxi.) iv.
48. 50.

266. garden. i. (xxxi.) an island

v. 109.




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in boston harbour. vi. 479. granted in edgartown. 81. in haverhill. iv.

to governour winthrop. vii. P. 58. 121. 122. in boscawen, new-hamp-
Gowie, rev. dr. episcopal missionary shire... x. 72.
to south carolina. ii. 213.

Great james pond. iii. 46.
Grain, indian. iv. 35.

Great britain, cost of canada to. iii.
Grampusses at long island. vi. 673.

Grant, capt. arrives in the james. Great square, at plymouth. iii. 195.
vii. P. 61.

Great herring pond, in plymouth. iii.
iii. 236.

Grant of territory three miles north Great bay. iii. 190.

of merrimack, and three miles Great hope, ship, of ipswich. v. 200.
south of charles river to new eng- Greaves, thomas. ii. 177.
land planters.

ii. 63. ditto to Greaves, thomas, judge. ii. 178.
merchants. v. 89. of cape ann Grecian faith necessary to him, who
by council of plymouth to captain trades at boston. ii. 100.
mason, copy of. vi. 614. to mason Green, master richard, one of the man-
and gorges, of territory between agers of weston's plantation, dies.
sagadehock and merrimack. iv. 616. ix. 82.
of general court to cambridge. iv. Green, forms the second bap-

tist church in england. ix. 197.
Grantham reduces ingram. i. 75. at Green, john, his epitaph. ii. 179.
west point. 77.

Green, john. vi. 337. vii. 93. 98.
Granville, treaty of. ii 4. 5. 7. 8. a petitioner, with goiton and others,
Grapes, some hints about rearing. is. to col. nichols and others, king's

commissioners. viii. 68. ix. 170.
Grave of the benevolent trout. iii. 8. 192.

deputy governor of rhode
Gravelly islands. iii. 20.

island. 201.
Graves, hon. thomas, of charlestown. Green, rev. henry, of reading. vi.

ii. 164. v. 122. 177. admiral. vii. 416. vii. 51.
P. 4. sworn a freeman of massa- | Green, n. viii. 44.
chusetts. 29. arrives in the ship Green, , printer.. ii. 103. 124.
plough, with familists, who have Green, john. ii. 179.
a patent · for sagadehock, called Green, jacob. ii. 179.
plough patent; but they go to wa- Green, mary. ii. 179.
tertown, where the ship goes to Green, nathaniel.
pieces. 31 brings in the ship Green, t. a printer, in boston., viii.
elizabeth, passengers, dutch sheep

and mares. P. 92.

Green, rev. joseph, of yarmouth. iii.
Gravescant, long island. vi. 669. 12. 17.
Gray, edward, of kingston. iii 167. Green, col. christopher. ii. 227. 230.
188. iy. 93.

2:31. 232. 233. 235.
Gray, john. iii. 209.

Green, jacob. x. 176.
Gray, lieut. viii. 157.

Green, rev. benjamin. iii. 269.
Gray, harrison.

Green, sergeant francis. ii. 175.
Gray, general, plunders the inhabitants Green, james. ii. 180.

of martha's vineyard. iii. 89. Green, benjamin, instructer. ij. 180.
Gray, john. iii. 213.

Green bay. ii. 10.
Gray, hon. william. i. 123.

Green hill, in sudbury. iv.,56.
Gray, thomas.

Green mountain. ix. 131.
Gray, francis-c. esq.

Green river. vii. 172.
iii. 66.

Green spring. i. 69. secured for
Great barrington. iii. 249.

berkeley. 79.
Great boar's head, in hampton, new Green, or great neck hill, in rochester.
hampshire. iv. 190.

iv. 254.
Great neck, in rochester. iv. 251. Green's harbour. iii. 162. 203. vii.
Great osage indians. ii. 31.

32. grants made at by plymouth.
Great pond in chilmark. ii., 41. 75. X. 65. cut. 70.

X. 27.

v. 23.

X. 29.

x. 191.

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