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Eyer, john. x. 26.

Farrar, rev. stephen, of new ipswich,
Eyre, thomas, v. 215.

new hampshire. iv. 78.
Eyre, eleazer. v. 215.

Farrill attacks the followers of bacon.
Ezcholz, dr. of the university of dor- i. 72. killed. 73.
pet. iv. 98.

Farrington, samuel. x. 179.
Farrow, mrs. vii. 120.

Farwell, iv. 193.

Fast in massachusetts, caused by a

political question. v. 174. 175.
at charlestown and boston. v. 185.

at boston, for settling a pastor. v.
Fable of indians. iii. 3. 7. 34. of 188. vii. p. 73. ordered in mas-

benevolent trout. iii. 3. 7.: about sachusetts, but changed to thanks-
tisbury pond. iii. 47.

giving. P. 18. at plymouth, occa-
Fac simile of a deed from king philip. sioned by infectious fever. P. 96.
iv. 272.

Faulkland, viscount. v. 151.
Fairbank, rev. drury, of plymouth. Faunce, elder. iii. 189. 190. 192. iv.
new hampshire. iii. 112.

Fairfax, sir thomas. viii. 124.

Faunce, john. iii. 213.
Fairfield, rev. john, 'of saco. iv. Faunce,

_ iv. 294.

Fayrweather, thomas. vii. P. 69.
Fairhaven. ü. 19.

Fayrweather, john. x. 25.
Fairs at boston. ii. 89.

Fayerweather, thomas, esq. ii. 260.
Fairweather, john. viii. 44. And viii. 199.

see fayrweather, and fayerweather. Feake, robert. iii. 268.
Falconet, lieut. viii. 156.

Feake, isle, in virginia. vii. P. 86.
Fall indians, their residence and num- Feake mount. jii. 267. 268.
ber. ii. 36.


iv. 294.
Fall of cliff at gay head. iii. 47. Fearing, israel. iy. 293.
Falmouth. iii. 49. 54.

Fearing, noah: vii. 160.
Familists, heresy of. ii. 58. depend Fearing's mills. iv. 287.

on revelations. 74. early in rhode Fearnux, nathaniel. viii. 45.
island. vi. 336. opinions extend. Feast at the court of canonicus. iv.
vi. 346. punished in barbadoes. 42.
vi. 346. colony of, intended for Febres' grammar of the language of

settle at chili, referred to. X. 109. et stq.
watertown; brought the plough Federal furnace at carver. iv. 272.
patent. vii. P. 31.

Felps, william. vi. 308. vii. P. 60.
Fancher, dr. his table of vaccination See phelps.
in america. iv. 96.

Felt, joshua. viii. 45.
Farley, george. ii. 162.

Female magnanimity, instance of. i.
Farlow, , executed. i. 64.

Farm neck. iii. 93.

Female preacher. iv. 15.
Farmer, john, table of marriages, etc. Females directed to wear veils by

in billerica. ii. 162. sketch of roger williams. v. 204.
amherst, new hampshire. ii. 247. Fences of cornfields to be kept in
bill of mortality for amherst, new repair. vii. P. 93.
hampshire. iv. 73. letter to rev. Fenno,

viii. 242.
dr. holmes. iv. 77. vii. 71. 187. Fenwick, george, purchases saybrook
viii. 44. x. 192. note on new lon- fort. iv. 1. lines in remembrance
don, new hampshire. viii. 173– of. 1. arrives to make a planta-
175. account of churches and tion at saybrook, but returns to
ministers in new hampshire. viii. england. v. 279. comes to con-

necticut. vi. 309. and claims to
Farmer's cabinet, printed at amherst, govern it. 309. but sells to con-
new hampshire. ii. 252.

necticut people. 310. commis.
Farnam, viii. 112.

sioner. vi. 466. 510.

v. 141.


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Fernald, william. ii. 181. major, 180. Fish,

arrested at exeter for
Fernald, mary. x. 178.

speaking against the king. vi. 359.
Feron, -, analyzed the springs Fish, elnathan. iii. 209.
of boston. X. 175.

Fish, rev. phineas of mashpee, iji.
Ferry from boston to charlestown 201.
proposed. vii. P. 6. at winne- Fish,

iii. 66. 73.
charges fixed.
P. 29. Fisher,

iii. 73.
at charlestown, charges fixed. P. Fishery at cape cod, granted to ply-

mouth school. iv. 80.
Fessenden, rev. william, of fryeburgh. Fisk, rey. john, of wenham. vii.
iii. 104.

Fessenden, rev. thomas, of walpole, Fisk, rev. abel, of wilton, new hamp-
new hampshire. iv. 78.

shire. viii. 177.
Fever at plymouth. iii. 192. pes. Fiske, william. iii. 269.

tilential. 194. which kills Fiske, charles. iii. 269.
whites and indians. vii. P. 95. 96. Fiske, john-m. ii. 178.
at kingston. iii. 216. and ague. Fistula, cure of. i. 120.
iv. 102. vi. 324. 325. spotted, Fitch, thomas. x. 27.

early in massachusetts. iv. 102. Fitch, mrs. i. 184.
Field, darby, discovers and visits the Fitzrandle, edward. iv. 239.
white hills. vi. 381.

Five mile act of exemption, extended
Field, william. vii. 93. form of a to anabaptists and quakers. ii.
deed from him. ix. 198.

Field, john. vii. 148. 150. 157. 159. Five nations of indians, their number,
ix. 170.

etc. viii. 243. 245. of what na.
Field, apollos. ii. 181.

tions composed; some remarks on
Fifth monarchy, a book savouring of their language. 250. See iroquois.

its spirit, creates uneasiness. vi. Flagg, rev. ebenezer, of chester, new

hampshire. iv. 78. ix. 368. X.
Filcher, -, manager of mount 176.
wallaston plantation. v. 103. Flax, early in massachusetts.

v. 239.
Filmore, lavius. ix. 127.

ix. 19. abundant in massachusetts.
Findley, william. viii. 183.

vii. 37.
Fines, charles. v. 128.

Fleece, quoted. iv. 254.
Finney, robert. iii. 184.

Fleet, the king's, at caribbee islands,
Fires at dorchester. vii. P. 17. in relieved by boston merchants. vi.

massachusetts, account of. i. 81. 592.
at charlestown. ii. 166. at bos- Fleming's new hampshire register.
ton. vi. 648. 649. vii. P. 22. 29. iv. 79.

watertown. vii. P. 3. 6. 27. Fletcher, col. governour of

york, his scheme of taxation for

of watertown, his building episcopal churches. i. 141.
wigwam burnt. vii. P. 6.

ii. 208.
Firmin, giles, sen. vii. P.70. Fletcher, samuel. iii. 111.
Firmin, rev. giles, his letter to gover- Flint rev. henry, of braintree. iii.

nour winthrop; his “real chris- 161. v. 276. notice of. vi. 607.
tian," mentioned. iv. 126. after. vii. 24. 25.
wards minister in england. vii. P. Flint, thomas, assistant. iii. 285. iv.

77. 110.
First encounter, named. v. 56. ix. Flint, edward. viii. 106.

Flint, william. viii. 106.
First comers.
x. 64. 65. 67.

Flint, henry. i. (xxx.) ii. 211.
Fish, indian mode of taking. iii. 81. Flint, rev. james, of bridgewater. vii.

indian manure, first used for that 166.
object at plymouth. ix. 60.

Florida. ii. 26, 27.

Fish in virginia, list of. ix. 121. by gosnold. 10. 12. taken from
vii. 1.

the french by the spaniards. v. 45.



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v. 9.

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Floro, jeremy, an ingenious iron Fort du quesne. ii. 223.
founder. iii. 207. 208.

Fort western, unhappy individual at.
Floyer, capt. viii. 156.

ii. 228.
Flueker, thomas. x. 28.

Fort halifax. ii. 230.
Flushing, long island. vi. 669. Fort george. ii. 11.
Flynt, rev. henry. viii. 253. See Fort elizabeth. iii. 80.

Forthill, drawing of. iii. 187.
Flynt, william. viii. 45.

Fort edward. iv. 164.
Fobes, john. vii. 138. 147. 149. or Fort albany, or aurania. v. 18.
vobes. vii. 151. 154.

Fortification at sewall's point. ii.
Fobes, edward and william. vii. 149. 151. begun at connecticut.
Fobes, edward. vii. 159.

178. at boston harbour. vi.
Fobes, rev. perez, of raynham. iv. 90. 445.
95. vii. 154. 169.

Fortune, ship. vii. 121. forefather's
Fobes, nathan. vii. 170.

ship, the second to plymouth. vii.
Fochead, (forrett?) mr. v. 245.

Fogg, rev. jeremiah, of kensington, Fosdick, deacon james. ii. 171.
new hampshire. iv. 78.

Foss, joshua. x. 177.
Folger, walter, his curious clock. iii. Foss, hannah. x. 179.

Foster, edward. iv. 220. 222. 224.
Folkes, martin, extract from his trea- 239. account of. iv. 243.

tise on english gold and silver coins. Foster, mrs. lettice. iv. 243.
ii. 276.

Foster, timothy. iv. 243.
Fols-avoin sauters indians. ij. 12. Foster, rev. isaac. ii. 177.
Fols-avoise indians, their language, Föster, john. iv. 87. 95.

residence and character. ii. 10. Foster, thomas. iii. 9. iv. 90. 95.

their numbers and warriours. ii. 12. Foster, ann. vii. 163.
Folsom, peter. x. 178.


ii. 188.
Folsom, josiah. x. 179.

Foster, william. i. 178.
Food of all kinds becomes abundant Foster, isaac. ii. 178.
in massachusetts. vii. 35.

Foster, rev. abiel, of canterbury, new
vii. 23.

hampshire. iv. 78.
Forbes, rev. -, episcopal mission Foster, rev. joel, of east sudbury. iv.
ary to new jersey. ii. 213.

Forbes, rev. dr. eli. iji. 170. 281. Foster, rev. john, of brighton. ii. 186.
Ford, thomas, expelled oxford univer- iv. 180.
sity. vii. P. 52. 53.

Foster, gideon. ii. 170.
Ford, william. vii. 138.

Foster, deacon benjamin. X. 177.
Ford, andrew. vii. 122. 123.

Foster, jonathan. x. 179.
Ford's farm lands. vii. 122.


iv. 260.
Fordham, manor of. i. 144.

Foster's ship yard. iv. 227.
Forefather's rock, account of. iii. Fothergill, sainuel, a great pulpit or-

ator, his exertions for abolishing
Forefather's day. iii. 176. vii. 133. slavery. viii. 189.
Forefather's landing, painting of, by Four cliffs. iv. 228.
henry sargent. iii. 225—230.

Fowle, thomas. iv. 115. vi. 500.
Forett, james, agent of earl of sterling. 518.
iii. 34. v. 245.

Fowle, rev. robert, episcopal minister
Formalists, or conformitants. ii. at holderness, new hampshire. iii.

Fornication punished. vii. P. 68. Fowler, phil. sen. viii. 107.
Fort at saybrook burnt. vi. 530. Fowler, abner. viii. 319.
Forthill, or cornhill, boston, its fortifi- Fox, his history of james ii.

cation begun; charlestown people, i. (xxviii.)

&c. work upon it. vii. P. 61. Fox hill. i. (xxix.)
Fort mountain. viii. 115.

Fox river. ii. 10.
Fort osage. ii. 31.

Fox river lake. ii. 10.

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X. 54.

Foxcraft, rev. of boston. jji. king's pleasure touching. vii. 94.

engagement of, in rhode island. vii.
Foxcroft, george, assistant.

v. 121.

viii. 97.

Freeport, maine, account of; its situ-
Foxe's hill. ix. 198.

ation, rivers, soil, incorporation. iv.
Foxes, indians. ii. 8. 9. 13. their 176. productions, mills, trades,
number and annuity. 9.

schools. 177. 178. bistory, in-
Francis, dr. john-w. X. 192.

dian name. 179. attacked by in-
Franklin, dr. benjamin. i. 106. his dians, church gathered.

letter concerning small pox in church members, baptisms, deaths.
america. vii. 71.

182. baptist church, universalist
Franklin society of amherst, new society. 182. 183.

hampshire, its library. ii. 254. 183. deaths. 184.
Frary, theophilus. x. 25.

French, william. ii, 162. iv. 76.
Fraser, rev. episcopal mission- French, rev. jonathan, of andover.
ary to pennsylvania. ii. 213.

iii. 199.
Freake, john. viii. 105.

French, rev. jonathan, of northamp-
Free school, early in virginia. ix. ton, new hampshire. iv. 191.


vii. 123.
Freeborn, william. ix. 179.

French, samuel.
Freeby, lieut. viii. 156.

French driven from florida by the
Freeman, samuel. yii. P. 4.

spaniards. V. 45. begin a planta-
Freeman, edmund. x. 57.

tion in new england, but are dis-
Freeman, col. of sandwich. viii. 194.

lodged by sir s. argall. ix. 5. make
Freeman, rev. dr. james. i. 232. 248. peace with spain. vii. P. 12. very
ii. 285. 289.

his letter to james early frequent narraganset bay. ix.
savage, esq containing errata in ar- 50. rifle plymouth trading house at
ticles furnished by him for these penobscot ; claim as far south as
collections. viii. 328. letter to 40° of north latitude.

v. 161.
from judge davis, accompanying ship cast away in new england three
mourt's relation. ix. 26.

years before arrival of plymouth
Freeman, john, baptist minister at colony. v. 54. pirate takes capt. j.
mashpee. ii. 7.

smith a prisoner. ix. 7.. barque at

instructer. ii. 249. new england captured by capt. ro-
Freeman's oath, form of. iv. 114. craft. ix. 8. vessel bound to virginia
Freemasons of charlestown erect a was wrecked in merrimack bay, and
monument to general warren.

ii. her crew arrested by governour

of plymouth.

v. 199.

Freemen, number of, in massachu. wrecked in buzzard's bay. iii. 190.

setts, in 1630. ii. 88. first list of, vessel wrecked at cape ann, and
proposed in massachusetts. vii. P. men drowned.

vi. 649. protes-
3. 4. none but church members tants in new york. i. 149. army
allowed to be sworn. v. 148. vii. lands at savannah. iii. 241.
P. 4. 29. admitted. vii. 12. 20. 32. Fresh lake, now billington sea.
35. 44. 51. P. 4. 29. 39. 57. 58. 63.

65. 72. 75. 86. 92. viii. 1. 6. 11. Fresh meadows. iii. 203.
19. to elect assistants and declare Fresh river, now connecticut river. v.
grievances. vii. P. 57. to vote 18. vi. 305. See connecticut river.
for governour, deputy governour, Friars in the “straits” defeat hunt's
and assistants. P. 60. first choose project of selling new england in-
magistrates. vii. P. 75. chose dians as slaves, and instruct them in
major general annually ; and all christianity. ix. 6.
other military officers for life. viii. Friends, of new jersey and pennsylva-
11. increase of. iii. 128. nia, slavery common amongst;
electors and magistrates, letter from their opposition to abolishing. viii.
charles ii. about their qualifications. 188. but at last exert themselves
viii. 48. 54. in rhode island, the to abolish it. 189.






v. 224.

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X. 45.

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x. 70.


Friends' society of baltimore. ii. 7. april, 1775. ii. 224. iii. 290. his
Friendship, the ship, arrives with cat. instructions to capt. brown. iv.

tle at nantasket. vii. P. 31. sails 204. 205. 214.

again for st. christopher's. P. 32. Gager, deacon william. v. 185. his
Frink, rev. thomas, of rutland and character.

v. 186.

surgeon and
plymouth. iii. 198. iv. 60.

first deacon of charlestown and bos-
Frisbie, levi, professor at harvard uni- ton church. vii. P. 69.
versity. 8. 162.


attempts to plant in
Frisk, david. vii. 11.

Frisk, john. vii. 138.

Gale of 1804, at abington. vii. 114.
Frost, capt. charles, of kittery. vi. 115.

Gale of 1815, at rochester. iv. 264.
Frost, samuel. viii. 45.

at wareham. iv. 272. ' at plymouth.
Frothingham, capt. benjamin. ii. 175.
Frothingham, john. ii. 178.

Gale, rev. theophilus, gave his libra-
Frothingham, richard. ii. 175. 176. ry to harvard college. ii. 108. ,vii.
Frothingham, thomas, jun. ii. 175. 188.
Frothingham, deacon james. ii. 171. Gale, william. iii. 269.
Frothingham, capt. james.k. ii. 180. Galen. i. 108.
Frothinghain, rev. nathaniel-l. of bos- Gallard, john, of dorchester. vii. P.
ton. viii. 166.

Frothingham, james, portrait painter. Gallop, john, his fight with the in-
ii. 181.

dians. v. 249. viii. 232.
Fruits in virginia. ix. 122.

Gallows hill. jjj. 185.
Fruit trees, some hints about. ix. Gannett, matthew. iv. 241. vii. 151.
139, and post.

Gannett, thomas. vii. 138. 147. 151.
Frye, mrs. her confessions. jii. 222. 170.
Fryeburgh, maine, anatomical lectures Gannett, caleb. vii. 151. 170. bi-
at. i. 126.

ography of. viii. 277. minister of
Fuel, price of, at halifax, massachu. cumberland and amherst, nova
setts. iv. 280.

scotia ; steward of harvard col-
Fuller, dr. samuel. iii. 164. 186. 228.

lege. 277.

literary societies of
deacon of mr. robinson's church. which he was

a member. 278.
v. 115. vi. 662. vii. P. 70. qno- 279. extract of president kirk-
ted. P. 53. dies of infectious fever. land's sermon on. 279. letter quot-
P. 96. his mistake corrected. P. ed. 282. account of the eccle.

siastical affairs of nova scotia quot-
Fuller, samuel. iv. 239.

ed. 282. 283. extract of letter
Fuller, bridget and samuel, give land

mr. seccombe. 283. list
for a parsonage house at plymouth. of articles written by him for the
iii. 186.

american academy. 285.
Fuller, samuel. jji. 208.

Gannett, barzillai. vii. 170.
Fuller, issachar. iv. 277.

Garden seeds, first planted by settlers
Fuller, hannah.
x. 180.

at plymouth. ix. 18.
i. 51.

Gardener, thomas, agent for dorches-
Fullerton, ithamar. iii. 119.

ter plantation. v. 106.
Fulton, capt. viii. 156.

Gardiner, richard, his letter from new
Furnace brook. iii. 207.

england to capt. pierce; surmises
Furnald, mrs. iv. 199.

about him. ix. 27. 28.

Gardiner, sir christopher. iv. 156.

a prisoner in massachusetts.

141. complains to the king against
Gage, john.' vii. P. 86.

massachusetts colony. v. 145.
Gage, lieut. col. thomas. viii. 156.

enemy to new england. vi. 662.
general; his letter to governour notice of; is ordered to be sent to
trumbull, giving an account of the england a prisoner. vii. P. 21.
attack on the british troops on 19 accused of bigamy, seized and


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to rev.

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