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X. 2.

colony of, settled by mr. hains, w. Cooke, francis. iii. 208.
hopkins, mr. hooker, mr. Judlowe Cooke, jacob. iii. 209.
and others. ix. 175. defeats the Cooke, jacob, jun. iii. 208.
pequots. X. 59. prepares to make Cooke, robert. iii. 209.
war upon the narragansets and Cooke, william. iii. 209.
dutch. 60.

Cooke, elisha, of boscawen.
Connecticut river, discovered by the 76.

dutch, and called fresh river. v. Cooke, william. iv. 60.
18. plymouth trading house at. Cooke, rev. samuel, of west cambridge.
172. vii. 124:

Conner, benjamin. x. 177.

Cooke, samuel. viii. 45.
Conney, john. viji. 105.

Cooke, sylvanus. iv. 63.
Conohasset. See conahasset.

Coolidge, joseph. viii. 45.
Conscience, questions of. x. 182. Cooly, daniel.' viii. 238.
183. provisions for liberty of, in Coombe,

iv. 260.
rhode island. vii. 78. 79.

Coombs, margaret. x. 179.
Consociation of churches, questions Cooper,

v. 197.
about. i. 198.

Cooper, john, his donation to barn.
Conspiracy of indians at martha's stable church. i. 175. iv. 239.
vineyard. iii. 81.

Consumption; among indians. ii. Cooper, rev. william, of boston. i.

68. more frequent after a cold 232.
winter. iv. 75. formerly uncoin- Cooper, william.

mon in new england. v. 21. Cooper, rev. dr. samuel, of boston.
Contempt of authority punished. vii. iv. 261. viii. 313.
P. 27.

Cooper, rev. joab-g. of scituate. iv.
Contoocook river. vii. 66.

x. 74.

Contoocook, now boscawen. x. 74. Cooper,

i. 138.
Contract, the solemn, signed in cape Cooper's island. iv. 224.

harbour by plymouth colony. i. Coopers, very early incorporated in

massachusetts. viii. 13.
Contributions to harvard college. vi. Coos, its signification, pronunciation,

and locality. iii. 103.
Controversy respecting the synod at Coos county. iii. 97.
cambridge. i. 201.

Coose river. ii. 16. 19.
Convention held at cambridge to form Cop, elder david, of boston, viii.

constitution of massachusetts. vii. 242.


viii. 156.
Converse, edward. ii. 166. vii. P. Copeland,

vii. 155.
4. sworn a freeman. P. 29. sets Copeland, george. vii. 169.
up a ferry between boston and Copeland, patrick. viii. 31.

charlestown. P. 30. 69. viii. 232. Copeley's paintings. iii. 169.
Cony island. iv. 239.

Copin. See coppin.
Cook, capt. james. ii. 43.

Copperas, facilities for making at new-
Cooke, francis. ii. 164. 184. vii. bury, vermont. ix. 134.
148. his tools stolen by indians. Copp, mrs.

x. 180.
ix. 47.

Coppin, robert, pilot of the first set.
Cooke, capt. george. ji. 96. vii. 55. tlers at plymouth. ix. 36.

sent by massachusetts, captures Copt hill court. vii. 188.
gorton and others. ix. 199.

Coquillee. ii. 29.
Cooke, john. iv. 100.

Coran-canas 'indians, their residence
Cooke, caleb. iv. 63.

and numbers. ii. 25.
Cooke, elisha, sen. iv. 167. X. 25. Corbatant See corbitant.
Cooke, elisla, jun. iv. 167. x. 27. Corbean river. ii. 40. 41.

Corbet, miles. vi. 349. ix 185.
Cooke, rev. william, of east sudbury. Corbitant, indian sachem. v. 68. in.
iv. 60. 61.

imical to plymouth. ix. 54.




argues that

v. 55.

iii. 173. iv. 90. 91. advice to r. saltonstall.

157. v.
an early schoolmaster in massachu - 65. of boston, england. 134. 135.
setts. vii. 131. 132.

168. arrives in new england. 169.
iv. 132.

his fast sermon. 174. 175.
Corn, high price of, in massachusetts way of the churches in new eng-
colony. v. 139. 140. scarce in

land," influence in ecclesiasti.
massachusetts, having been destroy cal affairs. 182. ordained teach-
ed by a hurricane. v. 162. price er of church in boston. 188.
of, regulated. v. 246. a tender in success. 190. opinion of roger
payment of debts.

v. 246.

vii. williams. 203. preaches at salem,
P. 35. unless money or beaver is and persuades females not to
expressed. vii. P 35. price of. wear veils. 205. 215. 280. quoted.
vii. P. 1. 10. 20. 29. 59. 86. 281. religious opinions. 289.
viii. 243. purchase of without


about sanctification.

prohibited. vii. P. 30. 291. difficulties account of
how affected by wet and cold religious opinions. 298.
summers. vii. P. 65. indian, very swers to questions submitted to
small, &c. in 1632. vii. P. 65. very synod at cambridge.

scarce, its high price in connecti. treatise of the new covenant re-
cut. viii. 153. method of plant ferred to. 302. letter to
ing. iii. 158.

saltonstall. vi. 341.
Cornbury, lord, persecuted by pres magistrates should be chosen for
byterians. i. 145. ii. 263.

life. 386. “ bloody tenet wash-
Cornhill harbour or creek.

ed," quoted. 402. in favour of
Cornhill, -, some of his family sending men to england to treat
killed by indians. vi. 345.

with divines. 409. death and
Cornhill, or forthill, boston, its fortifi. character. 553. entered the uni.

cation begun, on which charlestown versity at thirteen years of age. vii.

people, &c. work. vii. P. 61. 5. 29. 41. P. 13. 15. obliged to
Cornish's tavern. iii. 201.

hide from bishop laud's pursuivants;
Cornwallis, lord. jii. 236, 245. iv. his letter. P. 80.

x. 56.

lution of questions of conscience.
Coroas indians. ii. 15.

183. letter to francis hutchin-
Corpus santos. i. 99.

son on the power of the church to
Correction, house of, ordered to be dismiss a member of good standing
built at boston. vii. P. 68.

at his request. 184.
Correspondence of rev. dr. j. eliot. i. Cotton, mrs.

Cotton, seaborn, afterwards a student
Corrivor, meaning of. vi. 625. at cambridge college, born during
Corson, abigail. X. 179.

passage to new england. ii. 85.
Corvezet, zaccheus. vii. 76.

son of rey. john cotton. 86.
Corwin, capt. viii. 90.

Cotton, rev. john, minister of ply-
Corydon. x. 179.

mouth. iii. 187. his salary. 188.
Cosskaty. jii 24. 26.

iv. 245.
Cottages forbidden to be erected at a Cotton, rev. john, of yarmouth. iv.

distance from protection. iii. 163. 236.
Cotterell, francis. vi. 600.

Cotton, rev. roland, of sandwich. iii.
Cotting, amos. iii. 269.

173. iv. 143. 161. 234,
Cottington, lord. v. 151. 153.

Cotton, josiah. iii. 173.' iv. 86. 90.
iii. 66.

92. vii. 165. account of; his eng-
Cotton, rev. john, of boston, his resi lish and indian vocabulary referred

dence. i. (xxx.) 194. jealous of to. ix. 241.
the authority of government. 195. Cotton, rev. john, of newtown.
ii. 86. 108. arrives. ii. 134. ap 149.
pointed teacher in boston church. Cotton, deacon thomas. ii. 153.
135. 285. iv. 7. 104. thursday Cotton, rev. john, of halifax, massa-
lecture. 114. 143. 156. 157.) chusetts. iv. 93. account of

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X. 182.

x. 81.

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282. member of massachusetts Coventry, j. x. 69.
convention ; his library. 283. Coverly, nathaniel, prints the first
his printed works. 282. 294.

newspaper in amherst, new hamp-
Cotton, josiah, jun. iv. 93.

shire. ii. 252. and at plymouth,
Cotton, rev. josiah, of sandown, new massachusetts. iii. 177.
hampshire. iv. 78.

Cowasset. iv. 223.
Cotton, rev. samuel, of litchfield, new Cowasset river. iv. 265.
hampshire. iv. 78. x. 56.

Cowell, joseph. viii. 181.
Cotton, john, esq. iv. 92. 93. Cowes, fleet for massachusetts at.
Cotton, rev. josiah, minister of ware 129.
ham. iv. 293.

Cowesuck. iv. 265,
Cotion's diary, quoted. jii. 194. Cowesit brook. vii. 171.
Cough, epidemick, prevails Cowhart, capt. lieut. viii. 156.

through new england. vi. 554. Cowin, john. iv. 241.
v. 122.


iv. 260.
Council and president of new eng. Cowper, dr. i. 108.

land, their dedication of the “ brief Cowper, poet, quoted. jii. 179.
relation, &c." ix. 1. their doings Cows at £28 each, 150 cows at £25.
misrepresented. 2. 3. 5. send out iii. 159. ordered to be kept at
capt. challons, who is unfortunate. plymouth. iii. 185. price of, falls
3. their charter renewed. 11. 12. from £22 to £6 and £8. vii. 35. in
13, but is opposed and brought un massachusetts in 1630. vij. P. 7.
der notice of parliament, as a mo intended for massachusetts, chiefly
nopoly. 14. 15. send out several die at sea. vü. P. 9.
plantations with patents. 19. and Cowyard, or place of anchorage in
many ships. 20.

and propose to plymouth harbour, iii. 182.
build all their ships there. 20. Cox, john. iii. 116.
send people to select a port for Cox, lieut. iv. 218.
their principal town. 20. their Cox, moses.

x. 176.
proposed form of government for Coxit. iii. 53.
new england. 21. 22.

Coytmore, capt. drowned. v. 525.
Council of plymouth resigns its char-Craddock, matthew. ii. 64. chosen
ter. v. 272.

governour of the massachusetts
Council, standing, in massachusetts. company in england. v. 109.
vii. 53.

wealthy merchant; chosen first go-
Counsellor, a heavy fine imposed on

of massachusetts. 120.
him who refuses to take the office subscribes £100 for massachusetts
in plymouth colony. vii. P. 75. colony. 122. 129. 146. 226.

Counties, four in massachusetts colo.

pears before privy council in behalf
ny. vii. 53. 54.

of massachusetts. vi. P. 89. his
County courts authorized to compel fishermen. vii. P. 32. governour,
support of ministers

vi. 551.

&c. viii. 73. 78. 104. letter
Courage of fem les, instances of. i. to john endicolt, at salem, about

sending ships, men and cattle
Court, johnson's mistake about. vii. thither, and desiring some “ good
P. 4.

sturgeon to be sent to him, &c.
Court of commissioners in rhode viii. 116. 120.

island. vii. 79. letter from about Crafts, rev. thomas, of middlebo:

indian complaints. 181. 182. rough. vii. 166. 170,
Courts in mass. regulated. v. 234. Crafts, jonathan-p. vii. 170.
Courts, two general, established and Craig, abigail. x. 178.
regulated. v. 235.

Craige, william. x. 176.
Courts, how to be held. vii. P. 57. Craige, mrs.

x. 176.
Courts in hillsborough county. vii. 66. Cranberries found at plymouth by
“ Covenant of grace opened," by pilgrims. iii. 176. abundant in

rev. peter bulkley, notice of. caryer. iv.

Cranch, richard. i. 214.



Crane, robert, subscribes £50 for mas. Croswell, rev. andrew. iv. 278.
sachusetts colony. v. 122.

Crow indians, their language, number,
Crane, daniel. vii. 160. 171.

warriours and residence. ii. 35. 36.
Crane brook pond. iii. 181. iv. 272. Crow, williarn. iv. 93.
Cranston, capt. iv. 93.

Crow, capt viji. 156.
Crapo, nicholas. iv. 303.

Crow wing river. ii. 41.
Crawford, and others, drowned in Crown point, expedition against. x. 3.
charles river. v. 197.

Croydon mountain. viii. 174.
Creek pond. iv. 122.

Cuba discovered. v. 8.
Creeks indians. ii. 3. 26. 28. origin Cudworth, capt. james.

iv. 222.
of their name, their language. 18. agent to england. 225. 239. x. 62.
their numbers, residence, character Cudworth, israel. iv. 241.
and annuity. 19.

Cufchankamang, or windsor, connec.
Crees indians. ii. 11. 13.

ticut, settled. vi 307.
Croade, thomas. iv. 282.

Cullen. i. 138.
iv. 282.

Cultivation of the oak. i. 187.
Crocker, william. iv. 240.

Cumber, dr. vice chancellor. vii. P.
Crocker, john, iv. 240.

Crocker, dr. john. x. 178.

Cumberland river early explored. vii.
Crocker, rev. nathan-b. vii. 167.

62. 63.
Crocker, iv. 277. 294.

Cumeehes indians. ii. 29. See te-
Crimble, capt. viii. 156.

Crito, a signature of w. tudor. viii. Cumings, rev. dr. of billerica. iv.


, oliver, prevented from sail-Cummaquid, a sachem. ix. 53. 54.
ing to new england by charles i. submits to the king of england. 68.
i. (xxviii.) verbal commission from Cummings, john. x. 54.
to commanders at sea. vi. 550. Cummings, jotham. iii. 111.
is. 185. his letter to rhode island Cummings, john. i. 116. viii. 172.
colony. vii. 80.

purchases cummington. X. 41.
Cromwell, richard, addressed by pro Cummings, rev. abraham. iv. 278.

vidence plantations. ix. 192. let. Cummington, massachusetts, account
ter to from rhode island colony. of. x. 41. origin of its name ;
vii. 88. for confirmation of charter. situation and extent ; surface ;

factories and mills. 41. geology
Cromwell, capt. first a common sea and mineralogy; soap-stone, quar-
man of boston, receives a commis ry; climate ; educated men, libra-
sion for privatering from the earl of ry and schools. 42. ecclesiastical
warwick; captures rich spanish history ; benevolent societies. 43.
vessels ; strikes a drunken sailor, history. 44. settlement, incorpo-
which causes his death; is tried by ration, inhabitants. 44. 45.
a council of war at plymouth, and Cunningham, nathaniel. x. 28.
is acquitted, cæsus ex utero mater. Cunningham, mrs.

x. 180.
no. vi. 527. 528. captures a cu. Curson, samuel. viji. 164.
rions sedan chair. 496.

Cursing punished. vii. P. 66.
Cromwell, the first inhabitant Curtis, william. iv. 241.

of tyngsborough, conceals his pro- Curtis, richard. iv. 241.
perty and escapes from the indians. Curtis, iv. 179. vii. 123.
iv. 196.

Curwin, capt. jonathan. viii. 44.
Cromwell, molly. x. 179.

Cushing, matthew, of hingham. iv.
Crooked pond. iii. 118. viii. 168.

221. 248.
Crop, plentiful in massachusetts in Cushing, john, of scituate. iv. 241.
1631. vii. P. 36.

Crosby, jaazaniah. iv. 181.

Cushing, rev. jeremiah. iv. 133. 140.
Crosby, ii. 66.

Crosby's history of baptists, referred Cushing. rev. caleb, of salisbury. iv.
to. i. 168.



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Cushing, bon. thomas. x. 27. 28. Cutler, rev. dr. manasseh, of hamil.
Cushing, hon. john. vii. 164.

ton, his method of preserving skins,
Cushing, thomas, jun. x. 28.

i. 19. a botanist. x. 64.
Cushing, rev. jonathan, of dover, new Cutler, nahum. iv. 60.
hampshire. iv. 78. 141.

Cutshamakin, a sachem near boston.
Cushing, rev. james, of north parish v. 251. vi. 405. received under

in haverhill and plaistow, new the protection of massachusetts.
hampshire, ordination, death and 407.
character. iv. 147.

Cutter, ammi-r. ii. 119.
Cushing, mrs. mary. iv. 93.

Cutter, ebenezer. ii. 180.
Cushing, rev. john, of boxford. iv. Cutts, robert, of kittery, justice of

peace. vi. 584.
Cushing, hon. thomas. x. 29.

Cuttyhunk island, its soil and pro-
Cushing, rev. jacob, of waltham. ii. duce. ii. 78. 80. store house, the

152. iii. 271. 281. death and first in north america, built at by
character. 282. 283.

gosnold. 78.
Cushing, hon. william. iv. 93. chief Cynanche maligna, dissertation on,
justice. 153. 248.

alluded to. i. 107.
Cushing, hon. joseph. x. 3.

Cynikers, or seneca indians. v. 33.
Cushing, Matthew. iv. 90. 95.
Cushing, charles. iv. 90. 95.
Cushing, hon. john, of freeport, no-

tice of. iv. 182.
Cushing, hon. nathan. iv. 248.
Cushing, gen. thomas-h. quarters at Dacre, francis. vi. 501.
charlestown. ii. 174.

Daggett, rev. herman, his letter quota
printer. ii. 252.

ed. x. 111. et. seq.

iv. 285.
vii. Daggett,

iii. 66.

Dale, sir thomas, brings out addition-
Cushing's works, (mills.) vii. 172. al colonists, to virginia, encourages
Cushenock, plymouth trading house. the adventurers. viii. 207. 208.
vii. P. 74.

bis letter quoted. viii. 207. 210.
Cushman, robert, agent for the pil. Dalhound, dr. lawrence, writes against

grims at leyden. v. 46. 50. 69. inoculation, i. 106.
returns to england; reasons shew. Dalkin, mrs. saved by a dog. vi.
ing the lawfulness of removing from 427.

england to america. ix. 64. 73. Dalton, rev. of hampton. vi.
Cushman, james. iv. 240.

363. quarrels with rev. mr. bat-
Cushman, ihomas. iii. 164.

chelour. 413. character. vii. 17.
Cushman, rev. isaac, minister of Dalton, hon. tristram. ii. 228.
plympton. iv. 270.

Dalton's justice, referred to. viii. 88.'
Cushman, john. iii. 208.

Dainan, rev. george, of tisbury. iii.
Cushman, ebenezer. iii. 208.

Cushman, robert. iii. 208.

Damarin's cove. See damerill's cove.
Cushman, thomas. iii. 216.

Damerill's cove. v. 14. 72. vi. 532.
Cushman, elkanah. iii. 176.

ix. 78.
Cushman, joshua. vii. 170.

Damon, zachariah. iv. 229.
iv. 284.

Damon, john. iv. 229.
Cuthbertson, cuthbert. vii. 122. Damon, rev. jude, of truro. iv. 60.
Cutler, nathaniel. ii. 177.


iy. 242. vii. 123.
Cutler, dr. john. i. 106. an emi. Dams, how built by beavers. ii. 179.

nent physician of boston. ii. 159. Dana, hon. samuel, of amherst, new
Cutler, rev. timothy, president of hampshire, notice of by hon, t.

yale college, becomes an episcopa bigelow, extract from. ii. 253.
lian. ii. 129. 131. 137. iv. 162. Dana, rev. dr. joseph. viii. 158.

Dana, of brookline. iv. 143.

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