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SINCE the preceding_Notes were written, the Rev. Dr. Morse has published his Report on Indian Affairs, made to the Secretary of War, and comprising “a Narrative of a Tour performed in the summer of 1820 under a commission from the President of the United States, for the purpose

of ascertaining, for the use of the Government, the actual state of the Indian tribes in our country.” This important publication contains (among other things) copious geographical details of the Indian Nations, which would bave superseded most of the remarks upon that point in the preceding Notes. The Editor has only to regret it was not sooner laid before the publick, and that it is now too late for him to avail bimself of it with a view to making any improvements in the present work. He has, however, thought it would be acceptable to the reader if he should add from the Report (as Dr. Morse has obligingly permitted) the following specimen of the Mohegan dialect, as spoken by the present remnant of the Stockbridge tribe :

Translation of the 19th Psalm into the Muh-he-con-nuk Lan

guage, done at the Cornwall School under the superintendance of Rev. John Sergeant, Missionary.

1. Neen woh-we-koi-wau-con-nun 1. The heavens dewib-tom-mon-nau-woh neh week-chau- clare the glory of God; nauq-tho-wau-con Poh-tom-now-waus; and the firinament shewdon neh pau-muh-hom-mau-we-noi-eke eth his handy work. wpon-nooth-ne-kaun


2. Wob-kom-maun aup-to-naun, don 2. Day unto day uttertpooh-quon wau-wiht-no-waun nooh- eth speech, and night untom-mau-wau-con.

to night sheweth knowl

edge. 3. Stoh nit-hoh aup-to-nau-wau-con

3. Their is no speech eep-huh un-neekh-tho-wau-con neh nor language, where au-ton-nih stoh ptow-wau-mooq.

their voice is not heard.


4. Wtoh-pih-haun-woh pkoch-chih

4. Their line is gone au-so-khaun mau-weh

pau-paum'h out through all the earth, hkey-eke, don neen wtaup-to-nau-wau- and their words to the con-no-waun pau-chih wihq'b bkey- end of the world. In eke. Whuk-kau-wauk wtuh-tow-waun them bath he set a tabwe-ke-neet neen ke-soo-khun.

ernacle for the sun, 5. Nuk nun au-now ne-mon-nawu 5. Which is as tauq-peet wauk

wauk wpid-tow-we-kau- bridegroom coming out neek, don au-nom-me-baut au-now uh- of his chamber, and rem wau-pau-weet nee-mon-nawu au-naut- joiceth as a strong man wau-cheh.

to run a race. 6. Nik woh-wok nun wih-que-khuk 6. His going forth is woh-we-koi-wau-con-nuk, don neh from the end of the wtin-ih wew-no-khaun psih-kauch aun- heaven, and bis circuit quih-quok : don-stoh nit-huh kau-qui unto the ends of it, and kau-cheekh-no-wih nih stop au-pauth- there is notbing hid from mooq.

the heat thereof. 7. Neh wton-kom-meek-tho-wau 7. The law of the con Tau-paun-mo-waut kse-khau-yow, Lord is perfect, convertwquibg-nup-pubg-tho-haun-quon nuhling the soul: the testiwchuch-chuh-queen: neh wtaup-to-mony of the Lord is nau-way-coo weet-nuth-theek nuh Tau- sure, making wise the paun-mo-waut wau-we-che-khun, wih- simple. wau-wau-tom-bo-haus-quon nuh stoh kau-qui wau-wih-tauq.

8. Neen wtun-kom-meek-tho-wau 8. The statutes of the con-nun. Tau-paun-mo-waut-wneekh-Lord are right, rejoicing nuh, wtih-hon-nom-mib-booq-nuh nuh the heart : the comwtuh-heen: neh whok-kob-keet-wau mandment of the Lord con Tau-paun-mo-waut kse-khau-yow, is pure, enlightening the wih-wau-po-haun-quon-nuh

neen eyes. wkees-que-nuh.

9. Qkbaun Tau-paun-mo-waut pe 9. The fear of the nau-yow, neen o-neem-wau-wau-con- Lord is clean, enduring nin. Tau-paun-mo-waut wnau-mau- forever: the judyments wau-con-no-won wauk conut-tuh toht of the Lord are true, and que-wih.

righteous altogether. 10.

Un-no-wewu uh-hau-youn 10. More to be desirquohk neen don khow-wot, quau, don ed are they than gold, mkeh wowh-nihk khow-wot; un-no- yea, than much fine wew sook-te-pook-tuh don aum-wau- gold; sweeter also than web soo-kut queh-now-wih neb wse- honey, and the honeykhi.


[blocks in formation]


11. Wonk-nub-hun, neen wewh

Moreover, by chih kton-nuh-kau-con eh-hom-maum-them is thy servant quoth-theen ; don koh-khon-now-wau- warned; and in keeping tau-thow neen htawu mau-khauk hpòn- of them there is great noon-to-wau-con.

Ireward. 12. Ow-waun aum wke-sih nooh 12. Who can undertom-mon-nuh w pon-non-nub-kau-wau- stand his errors ? cleanse con-nun ? kse-khih-eh key-oh neh thou

me from

secret wchih nke-mih mbon-nun-nub-kau- faults. wau-con-nih-koke.

13. Kaun-nuh kton-nuh-kau-con 13. Keep back thy wonk neh wcbih maum-cheen-wih-nau- servant also from prekih mchoi-wau-con-nih-koke; cheen sumptuous sins ; let un-naun-tom-hun neen wauch aum un- then not have dominion nowh-kau-quoh : nun kauch ney-oh over me: Then shall I no-noi, wauk chih n’nkus-see-khoi neh be upright, and I shall wchih mau-khauk mchoi-wau-con-nuk. be innocent from the

great transgression. 14. Un-naun-toh neen ndaup-to-nau- 14. Let the words of wau-con-nun don neh oi-nih prow- my mouth, and the medwaun-tok nduh, wauch aum wow-we-litation of my heart, be kih-nau-yon, 0 Tau-paun-me-yon, acceptable in thy sight, dub-wau-paw-con wook Pohp-quaukh- O Lord, my strength kon-neet.

and my Redeemer.



D THE references in this Index to Dr. Edwards' work are made to

the original paging, which is preserved in the margin of the present edition.

Chip. denotes Chippeway words;

Mohawk ; and

The words not thus designated are all Mohegan.


14 12

Page. Page. Kpumseh, thou walkest

11 Amaquah, a beaver (Shaw.) 6 Kpumsehmuh, ye walk 11 Amik, a beaver (Chip.) 7 Ktuhwhunin, I love thee

14 Amisque, a beaver

6 Ktuhwhunoohmuh, I love you Anneh, to

15 (plur.) Anuweeweh, more

12 Ktumhecan, thy hatchet

Ktunhecannoowuh, your

13 Chautok, seven (Moh.) 9


Mackwah, a bear (Chip.) 7 Ghusooh, eight

9 Malatat, good for naught (Chip.) 8

Manitou, a spirit or spectre,


Mannito, a spirit or spectre,
Hkeesque, eye


7 Hpoon, winter


Matansautee, a coward 14
Mattipeh, sit down


Maukissin, a shoe (Chip.) 8 Kahnuh, very

12 Mauquah, a bear (Shaw.) 6 Keah, thou,

7, 16 Mawlawtissie, an impostor, he Kelah, thou (Shaw.)

7 is a bad man (Chip.) 7 Keauwuh, ye 7 Meenuh, give it him

7 Kelauweh, ye (Shaw.) 7 Meetseh, eat thou

15 Keesogh, the sun 8 Meetsoo, he eateth

15 Kialeh, four (Moh.) 9 Metooque, wood

8 Kissis, the sun (Chip.) 8 Millaw, give it him (Chip.) Kmattanissauteuh, you are a Mintipin, sit down (Chip) 8 coward 14 Mittic, wood (Chip.)

8 Kmeetseh, thou eatest 15 Mkissin, a shoe

8 Knisk, thy hand 17 Mquoh, a bear

7 Kogh, thy father

13 Mtandou or mannito, devil 7 Kpeesquasooèh, you are a girl 14 Mtannit, ten

9 Kpehtuhquisseh, thou art tall 11 Mtissoo, an impostor, he is an Kpehtuhquissehmuh,ye are tall 11 inipostor or bad man 7





Mtissoo, he is homely 11 Nmeetseh or nemeetseh, I
Mtit, good for naught


15, 16
Nmeetsehnuh, we eat 16
Nnisk, my hand

17 Naughees, my grandchild 6

Nochebnuh, I run from Nauneeweh, nine


Nocumthau, my grandmother

9 Nauwoh, four


6 Nbey, water

Noosthethau, my grandchild

(Shaw.) Nboo or nepoo ; dead, or he is

6 dead

13 7

Nogh, my father Ndinnehnuh, I run to 15 Noghoh, three


6 Ndinnoghoh, I walk to

Nobhum, my grandmother 15

15 Ndiotuwauch wupkoh, I shall

Notoghogh, I walk from

11 fight to-morrow

Npehtubquisseh, I am tall

15 Ndoghpeh, I ride

15 Npehtuhquissehnuh, we are

11 14 Nduhwhuntammin, I love it

11 Nduhwhununk, I love them

14 Npumseh, I walk Ndumhecan, my hatchet

12 Npumsehnuh, we walk Ndumhecannuh, our hatchet 13

Nsase, an uncle by the mo

ther's side Nduwhunuw, I love him or her

11 Nsconmoo, he is malicious 14, 16

16 Neah, I (pronoun)

Nsconmowukon, malice 16

7 Nebbi, water (Chip.)

Nsees, my uncle

8 Neaunuh, we

Nuchehque, an uncle by the
father's side

Neauweh (Shaw.) See
Nunon, five

9 Neesoh, two


0. Neepoo; dead, he is dead (Chip.) z Ocheh, from

15 Nelah, I (pronoun) (Shaw.) 7 Ohs, three (Moh.)

9 Nelauweh, we (Shaw.)

27 Oieet, the man who lives or Nemannauw, a man

dwells in a place

12 Nemannauk, ( plur.) men

10 Oioteet, the man who fights 12 Nemannauwoo, he is a man

12 Otaheh, his heart (Shaw.) 7 Nemeetseh: See Nmeetseh

P. Nemeethau, elder sister (Shaw.) 7 Nemoghome, my grandfather 6 Paumse-an, thou walking 12 Nepoo or nboo; dead, he is Paumseauk, we walking

12 dead

7 Paumseauque, ye walking 12 Neeseethau, my uncle (Shaw.) 7 Paumseecheeks they walking, Netohcon, an elder brother

they who walk Ngheesum, a younger brother Paumseet, the man who walks 12 or sister 11 Paumseet, he walking

12 Ngwittoh, one

9 Paumse-uh, I walking 12 Ngwittus, six 9 Pautoh, fetch

6 Nip; to die, I die

7 Peatoloo, fetch (Shaw.) 6 Nippee, water (Shaw.) 7 Peesquasoo, girl

6, 14 Nmase, an elder sister 11 Pehtuhquisseecheek, the tall Nmees, elder sister





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