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of April, and 20th of May, 1824 ; extracted from the London Gazette. Barker, J. Butler's-alley, Little Moorfields, silk Johnson, W. Worksop, Nottinghamshire, coalmanufacturer.

dealer. Barnet, C. Barlow-mews, Bruton-street, horse Keast, J. East Looe, Cornwall, scrivener. dealer.

Kennedy, H. Brighton, carpenter. Bath, W. Copenhagen-house, Islington, victual. Kerbey;'o. T. Finch-lane, stock-broker. ler.

Lansley, W. Andover, carpenter. Bentley, J. Leeds, stuff-merchant.

Manifold, J. Kendal, skinner. Betts, 'J. T. Temple-place, Blackfriar's-road, Morgan, J. Bedford-street, Commercial-road, vic. wine-merchant.

tualler. Bochsa, N. C. Bryanstone-street, teacher of mu Mortimer, R. Scholefield, Yorkshire, dyer. sic.

Narraway, J. Bristol, fellmonger. Bowes, J. Battersea, carpenter.

Neilson, J. Cheltenham, tea-dealer. Broady, W. Old Jewry, woollen-warehouseman. Palling, W. Old South Sea-house, merchant. Brown, T. Chelmarsh, Shropshire, farmer.

Petty, R. Manchester, joiner. Butt, W. P. Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Plaw, J. New Kent-road, grocer. grocer.

Procter, J. Oxford-street, wine-merchant. Clark, W. H. and R. Clement, High Holborn, Ramsden, R. Wandsworth, coach proprietor. linen-drapers.

Ree, J. and P. Sanders, Cobb's-yard, MiddlesexCooke, T. Banbury, mealman.

street, Whitechapel, rag-merchants. Corbet, B. 0. Friday-street, linen-draper.

Rees, B. Haverfordwest, linen-draper. Corfield, C. W. Norwich, carrier.

Rhodes,J. Heywood, Lancashire, house-carpenter. Critchley, M. Crooklands, Westmoreland, coal Roberts, T. A. Montford-place, Kenningtondealer.

green, coal-merchant. Crole, D. Old Broad-street, stock-broker.

Roscow, H. Pendleton, Lancashire, brewer. Crooke, H. Burnley, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. Rutt, N. Coleman-street, painter. Dacre, G. H. Jerusalem Coffee house, merchant. Sandison, W. Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, Dale, T. Old Bell Inn, Holborn, coach-master.

tailor. Davis, S. Devenport, grocer.

Sargent, G. F. Marlborough-place, Great PeterDavis, W. Lewisham, corn-dealer.

strect, patent leather dresser.
Dawe, J. Hellingtown-mills, Devonshire, miller. Sawtell, f. Somerton, Somersetshire, innkeeper.
Douthwaite, c. Pancras-lane, wine-merchant. Shackles, W. Hull, linen-draper.
Durham, J. New Cut, Lambeth-marsh, oilman. Sintenis, W. F. Langbourne-chambers, merchant.
Eaton, G. Upper-Thames-street, stationer.

Sloggett, J. jun. Bath, hosier.
Edey, E. L. Charing-cross, coffeehouse-keeper. Smith, A. Beech-street, timber-merchant.
Ella, s. Noble-street, shoemaker.

Smith, P. Petticoat-lane, spirit-merchant.
Emens, W. Barnsbury-row, Islington, stationer. Smith, T. Kentish-town, bookseller.
Featherstonhaugh, M. G. Bishopwearmouth, mer Sudbury, W. Reading, coach-maker,

Tomkinson, S. Burslem, manufacturer of earth. Fisher, F. Austin-friars, merchant.

en-ware. Flashborn, E. Wakefield, victualler.

Townsend, R. and S. Nottingham, cutlers. Foster, J. Tring, Herts, victualler.

Twaddle, W. C. Hertford, draper. Gilbert, J. A. "George-lane, Botolph-lane, mer Tweed, J. Darby-street, Rosemary-lane, cabinetchant.

maker, Graham, M. Union-street, glass-dealer.

Wall, J. Brentford-butts, broker. Groves, L. Sheffield, saw-maker.

Welsby, W. Manchester, innkecper. Gruncisen, C. Lower Cumming-street, Penton- Whitehouse, J. and W. N. Wolverhampton, facville, merchant.

tors. Harris, 1. Egg, Buckland, and F. Harris, of De Whiting, T. Oxford, mercer. vonport, butchers.

Wild, J. Burslem, victualler. Haselden, J. Grub-street, horse-dealer.

Wilson, T. Little Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Heyden, W. Liverpool, coach-maker.

undertaker. Holson'. Liverpool: coach-maker. Hodson, J. Liverpool, timber-merchant.

Wise, S. and C. Brinchley, Maidstone, paper-maHolgate, G. and T. Burnley, Lancashire, bankers. kers. Holbrook, J. Derby, grocer.

Wood. H. J. and J. Chandos-street, haberdashers. Jackman, W. Horsforth, Yorkshire, miller.

Wreaks, J. Shetheld, saw manufacturer. Jackson, W. High Holborn, victualler.

Yates, J. C. Rosemary-lane, chinaman. Jepson, J. Congleton, spirit-merchant.

York, A. Birmingham, baker.

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIes, announced between the 1st

and 31st of May, 1824, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Christie, Peter, grocer and spirit-dealer in Perth. Fleming. John, and Son, merchants, Langloan ; Coghill, Alexander, merchant and fish-curer in a first and final dividend after 12th July. Wick.

Levach, George, merchant in Thurso; a dividend Haygarth, Thomas, furniture-dealer and commis after 3th June. sion agent in Edinburgh.

Marthie, William, and Company, late merchants Liddel, Robert, grocer, brewer, and baker, at

in Greenock; a final dividend after 25th June. Blantyre-toll.

M.Morran, Robert, jun. and Company, woolNeilson, Michael, merchant in Glasgow, and one spinners at Garschew-mill; a dividend after

of the partners of the company of Andrew and 18th June.

Michael Neilson, wholesale tea-dealers there. Miller, George and Peter, cattle-dealers in Maus: Robertson, James, jun, merchant, Dysart.

a dividend after 20th June,

Pollock, John, cotton-spinner, Calton, Glasgow; DIVIDENDS.

a final dividend on July. Andrew, Thomas, late brewer in Linlithgow; a Robertson, James, and Company, booksellers in dividend after 17th June.

Edinburgh; a dividend after 10th June. Brown, William, late of Longbedholm, Dumfries. Singer, Adam, merchant and grocer is Aberdeen:

shire, cattle dealer; a third and last dividend a first dividend after oth July. after 30th June.

Smith, William, innkeeper in Hamilton; a divi. Douglas, Alexander, sheep and cattle-dealer, some dend after 15th June.

tine at Haugh of Tullimet, thereafter at North Wilson, John, and Son, merchants and manufacBinn, in the parish of Fowlis Easter, Perthshire : turers in Dunfermline; a dividend after 28th

a dividend on the 11th June. Dove, James, merchant, and ship-owner in Leith;

a dividend after 9th June.




vice lilallora ad

Capt. Edwards, 75 F. Major in the 64 Hosp. Assist. Chambers, As. Surg.
13 May, 1824.

vice O'Halloran, 12 F.99 Apr. 1821 Aveline, E. I. Comp. Service,

T. M. Wilson, Ens. by purch. rice Adit. at R. Military Seminary at

Hamilton prom.

15 de Addiscombe, Local Rank of Capt.

Gent. Cadet J. Hughes, from Rosal while so employed, vice Lester, re

Mil. Coll. Ens. vice Campbell, dead signed

do. Lieut. Ritherdon, of do. Acting Adj.

Capt. Spinks, from 4 F. Maj. by pur. at do. Local Rank of Lieut. while

vice Lieut. Col. Fulton. ret. 13 May so employed


- Fox, from 15 F. Capt. vice B 7 Dr. Gds. Cornet Brett, Lieut. by purch. vice

Maj. Mitchell, h. p.

6 da. Nicolls, prom.

24 Apr. 96

Lt. Furlong, from h. p. 45 F. Payın. E. R. Buller, Corn. 3 Dr.

T. Richardson, Corn. by purch. vice 2 W. 1. Reg. Capt. Smith, from h. p. 60 F. Capt.
M‘Lachlan, ret.

99 do.

vice Welman, canc. Major Brown, from 8 Dr. Maj. vice Ceyl. Regt. G. Pickard, 2d Lieut. vice M'Cre, Onslow, h. p. 42 F. rec. diff. 13 May

41 F.

9 do Bt. Maj. Brown, Maj. by purch. vice Afr. Col. C. As. Surg. Stewart, from 11 F. Surg. Sir H. Floyd, prom. 6 dlo.

13 May Lieut. Paterson, Capt.

Hosp. As. Fergusson, As. Surg. do. Corn. Parlby, Lieut.

-- Picton, do. J. T. Lord Brudenell, Corn. do. 1 R. V. B. Capt, Welman, from h. p. 3 Gar. Ba. Bt. Lieut. Col. Lord G. W. Russell,

Capt. vice Leach, ret. list Apr. from h. p. 42 F. Maj. vice Brown,

Le Guay, from h. p. 95 F. do. 1 Dr.

13 do.

vice M'Arthur, ret. list 13 Vay. Com. Ross, Lieut. by purch. vice

Lieut. Quill, from h. p. 15 F. Lieut.
Jollitie, :9 F.

22 Apr.
vice Blood, ret. list

99 Apr. E. A. Perceral, Corn.

Corn. Penn, from 17 Di. Com. vice

Brett, h. p. 21 Dr.


Maj. Sir H. Floyd, Bt. from 8 Dr. Lieut. Bond, Capt. by purch. tice

Lieut. Col. of Inf. by purch. vice M'Neale, ret.

6 May

Gen. Dowdeswell, ret. 6 May 1821. Corn. Lewis, Lieut.


Lieut. Douglas, from Gren. Gds. Can. Hon. G. 1. Edwardes, Corn. do.

by purch. vice Maclauchlan, R. Com. Barron, from h. p.21 Dr. Cor.

Eng. ret.

13 do vice Penn, 16 Dr.

92 Apr. Gren. Gds. Assist. Surg. Ilarrison, Surgeon, vice

Curtis, dead

29 do.

Lieut. Clarke, 77 F. Town Adjt. in .S. Emslie, Assist. Surg. do.

the Island of Malta 29 Apr. 1824
Quart. Mast. Sert. Bayne. Quart.
Mast. vice Kelly, dead 5 Mar.

Ordnance Department.
As. Surg. O'Halloran, from 61 F.
Surg. vice Price, dead

R. Art.

h. p. 24 Capt. 2d Capt. Patten, from 29 Apr.

vice Close, I. p. 25 Apr. 18.4. Capt. Gowdie, from h. p.19 Dr. Cap. vice Fox, 95 F.

6 May

1st Lieut. Miller, from h. p. Ist Lieut.

vice Richardes, h. p. 1May Lieut. Day, from h. p. W. J. Rang. Lieut. vice Warren, canc. 22 Apr.

R. Eng. Col. Mulcaster, from h. p. Col. rice Ens. Campbell, Lieut. vice Semple,

D'Arcy, ret.

15 Apr. 38 F.

28 do,
Capt. Henryson, from h. p. Cap. vice

13 May Browne, from 44 F. Ens.

Maclauchlan, h. p.

R. Sap. & Min. 2d Capt. H. D. Jones, Adjt. vice
Capt. Stannus, Maj. by purch. vice
Tod, ret.

22 Apr. 29 do.

Reid, ret.
Lieut. Sir W. G. H. Jolliffe, Bt. from
15 Dr. Capt.

Hospital Staff:

do. Birtwhistle, Capt. by purch. vice

Dep. Insp. Baxter, Insp. by Brevet Belcher, ret. 15 May

10 Dec. 1523. Ens. Ives, Lieut.

Phys. Calvert, Dep. Insp. by Breret J. Markham, Ens.

25 Nov. 1818. Ens. Roberts, Adjt. vice M‘Pherson,

- M Mullen, do.

do. ret. Adj. only


As. Surg. Barry, from b. p. As. Surg. Lieut. Matthews, Capt. vice Read,

| 6 May, lối dead

23 Oct. 1823.
Semple, from 28 F. Capt. vice

Willshire, proin.

24 do. Lieut. Col. Gordon, from 5 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Ens. Grimes, Lieut.

23 do.

Lieut. Col. Wallace, h. p. Unalt. do.

-- Cross, from 36 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Bt. Maj. Brugh, Maj. vice Nixon, Col. Hewett, h. p. Unatt. dead

7 Nov. Maj. Gardiner, from 14 F. with Bt. Lieut. Col. Lieut. Connor, Capt.

do. Campbell, b. p. W. India Ra. Ens. Ogilvy, Lieut.


Capt. Mary, of Tichfield, from 2d Life Gds, with 2d Lieut. M'Crea, from Ceylon Regt. Capt. Lord G. Bentinck, b. p. W. Ind. Rang. Ens. v. Browne, 28 F. 28 Apr. 1.21.

North, from 6 Dr. Gds. rec. dift. with Capt. Gent, Cadet. J. D. De Wend, from Kington, h. 2.

Mil Coll. Ens. vice Ogilvy 99 do. Bennet, from 7 Dr. Gds. With Capt. Gowdie, Ens. Langmead, from 76 F. Lieut. 15 F. vice Wood, removed from the Ser

- M Neill, from 17 Dr. with Capt. Locke, 2d vice

25 do. W. Ind. R.
Hutchinson, Lieut. vice Law, - Swinton, from 17 F.with Capt. Rotton, 20 F.
25 Oct. 1823.

Half hide, from 17 F. with Capt. Caulfield,
G. Woodburn, Ens, 29 Apr. 1894, 44 F.
V. Joham, Ens. by purch. více Rice, Lieut. Jervis, from 6 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lt.

6 May Ramus, h. p. 24 F.
Lieut. Chadwick, Capt. by purchase,

Leathes, from 1 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Clutterbuck, ret. 29 Apr. Wathen, h. p. 8 Dr. Ens. Coote, Licut.


Nicholson, from 17 Dr. rec. dif. with Lt. J. A. Barron, Eus.


Greenland, h. p. 8 Dr.
As. Surg. Melvin, Surg. vice Farics,

Lord Wallscourt, from 98 F. rec. diff. with dead

10 Dec. 1823. Licut Barrett, h. p. 52 F.

o Dr. CAP



En Bagot, Ens. n. Maj. vice


Capt. Blake, from Afr. Col. Corps, with Lieut. Capt. Rylance, 13 F. supposed lost at sen,

31 Dec. 23. Sword h, p. 91 F. - Forster, 63 F. with Lieut. Shenley, h. p. - Goddard, Dep. Bar. Mast. Gen. Nova Sco

99 Feb. 24. Rifle Brig.

- Parker, h. p. 91 F. Lt. and Adj. Flood, from 74 F. rec. dift. with Lt. Ramsden, h. p. 4 F.

- Nosworthy, h. p. 2 West I. R. lost on pas

sage from Sierra Leone, Corn. Lett, from 12 Dr. with Ens. Hon. R. Petre,

Aug. 23. 58 F.

-Connor, h. p. New Brunsw. Fen.

Lieut. Lorimer, i F. Limerick, 13 May, 94. Resignations and Retirements.

Taggart, late 5 Vet. Bn. Jersey, 18 Apr.

Maclean, late 12 do. Cork 1 do. Gen. Dowdeswell, late of 60 F.

- M Donald, h. p. 7 Dr. Edinburgh, 23 Mar. Lieut. Col. Tod, 29 F.

- Matthews, h. p. 23 F. Fulton, 92 F. Maj. M'Neale, 17 Dr.

Keough, h. p. 25 E. Ireland.

-Yelverlon, h. p. 32 F. Kirk Michael, I. of Capt. Belcher, 32 F.


24 Apr. Clutterbuck, 59 F. Maclauchlan, R. Eng.

Howard, h. p. 33 F. Chalfont, St Giles's Bucks,

1 Jan. Cornet M.Lachlan, 3 Dr.

Wishart, h. p. 49 F. Upper Canada.. Appointments Cancelled.

- Stewart, h. p. 82 F. Hampton, 28 Feb. Capt. Wellman, 20 W. Ind. Ra.

- Armstrong, h. p. Irish Artil. Liverpool,

3 Apr. 24. Lieut. Warren, 20 F.

- Strong, Light Horse Vol. London, 9 May. Ens. Rice, 51 F.

Ens. Oates, h. p. 38 F.

14 Jan. 91. Removed from the Service.

Sutherland, h. p. 132 F.

96 Apr. Lieut. Wood, 44 F.

Paymaster Nosworthy, h. p. 2 W. I Regt. Abergele, Denbighshire,

18 May, 24. Dismissed.

Burley. Brecon Milit,

15 Apr. Staff As. Surg. M'Loughlin.

Quarter- Master Ens. Kelly, 4 F. Antigua,

5 Mar. 24. Deaths. Surg. Murphy, Louth Milit.

Apr. 24. Lieut. Gen. T. Marshall, East India Comp. Ser

Ambrose, h. p. R. Art. So. Mayo Milit. vice,

28 May, 24.

17 do. Col. Marg. of Lothian, K. T. Edinburgh Mil. Assistant Surg. Cochrane, h. p. York Ra. LamLieut. Col. Hall, h. p. 65 F. Clifton, 15 May, 24.


29 Feb. 24. Major Waldron, 27 F.

Tomkins, Limerick Mil. Carnarvon, No. For 1st Lieut. Henry Sandham, R. Art. dead,

13 Apr. 24. read, 1st Lieut. Christopher Knight Sanders, R. - Barberie, late of Barrack Dep.

Art. dead.


Dec. 1, 1823. At Madras, the Lady of Major
Cadell, assistant-adjutant general, of a son.

29. At Madeira, the Lady of Robert Wallas,

Es April 22, 18 of Rear-Admio. Queen's Street Pits
Esq. of a daug 24. At Westwood.orway, of a son

29. At Woolwich, the Lady of Lieutenant Wil. liam Cochrane Anderson, Royal Horse Artillery, of a daughter.

29. At Coates Crescent, the Lady of Captain Ayton, Royal Artillery, of a son.

30. At Penchrise, Mrs Pott, of a son.
- At Forge Lodge, Dumfries-shire, the Lady

at Forge lodEsq. of a daughter. of Public MARRIAGES:rancis J. Davide

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April 22, 1824. At Westwood, near Southampton, the Lady of Rear-Admiral Otway, of a son.

29. At the British hotel, 70, Queen's Street, the Lady of George Fullerton Carnegie, Esq. of Pitarrow, of a daughter.

May 2. At No. 9, Abercromby Place, the Lady of James Greig, Esq. of Eccles, of a son.

4. At No. 43, Queen's Street, Ertinburgh, the Lady of William Shand, Esq. of Balmakewan, of a son.

6. At his Lordship's house, in Berkeley Square, London, the Countess of Jersey, of a daughter.

7. At Dovecot, Musselburgh, Mrs Horne, of a son.

9. At Inverness, the Right Hon. Lady Anne Fraser, of Torbeck, of a daughter.

- At Milton House, Edinburgh, Mrs Lee, of a daughter.

11. Mrs Alexander Douglas, Albany Street, of a son.

19. At York Place, the Lady of Dr John Camp bell, of a daughter.

15. At Elie, Fifeshire, the Lady of Captain Porteous, R. N. of a son.

16. At London, Mrs Duff of Cardougie, of a

- Mrs Smith, 3, Albany Street, of a sop.
- At Bannington Bank, Mrs Wyld, of a son.
- At York Place, Mrs Dr. Gillespie, of a son

17. At Dumbarton Castle, the Lady of T. Y
Lester, Esq. of a son.

18. At No. 10, St John Street, Mrs Dr Poole, of a daughter.

19. At Albany Street, Mrs Orr, of a son.

22. In Coates Crescent, Mrs Abercromby, of Birkenbog, of a son.

24. In Coates Cresent, Mrs George Forbes, of a daughter.

25. Mrs George Robertson, 28, Albany Street, of a daughter.

27. In Meadow Place, Mrs Irving, of a son.

26. At North Berwick, the Lady of Major Ge. neral Dalrymple, of son.

- At Stewartfel. Mirs Vestch, of a son,

May 4. At London, Captain Francis J. Davies, of the grenadier guards, to Anna, eldest daughter of Lieut.-General Dunlop, M. P. of Dunlop, county of Ayr.

- At London, James John Fraser, Esq. major in the 7th hussars, to Charlotte Ann, only child of the late Daniel (rauurd, Esq.

5. At George's Place, Laith Walk, Mr W. B. Mackenzie, merchant, to Agnes (iries, daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. merchant, Leith.

6. The Rev. John Peel, son of Sir Robert Peel, Bart. to Augusta, daughter of John Swinfem, Esq. of Swinfen House, in the county of Stafford.

- At Bintall, Mr Benjamin llewitt, of Leeds, in his 77th year, to


y lewit, (hlı nice) in her 16th year, eldest dater of Mr Thouras Hewit, of Middleton.

7. At Mr Keith's, (*.torphine In, Jarnes Wilson, Esc. to M1 llla heith, youngest daughter of the late Wullum heith, Esq. of Cor storphie Hill

*. At Pennyland, near Thurs, Robert Rose, Esq. writer, Thun), to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Alexander Pater on, Ed of Penny land.

11. At Blukbur, James Hozier, Esq. advocate, younger of Newland, and Barrowfield, to (athenine Margaret, seron I daughter of William Feild. en, Esq. of Fenniscoles, Lancashire

19. At London, the Marquis of Exeter, to Miss Isabella Poynta, daughter of wis Poynty, Esq. of Grosvenor Place.

18. At Edinburgh, S. Callender, Esq. merchant, to Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Mr Archibald, wine-merchant, Leith.

91. At London, the Rev. William Robinson, son of Sir John Robinson, Bart, to the Hon. Sulinna Sophia Flower, eldest daughter of Lord Viscount Ashtrook.

anillness of tepart of his age place in the puself in a

Tre to-day on for all inverted in the pre

24. At St Andrews, Mr David Balfour, writer 5. At Brighton, James Patriek, the orth son of there, to Miss Margaret Tod, daughter of David James Loch, Esq. Great Russell Street, BloonsTod, Esq. St Andrews.

bury, London.

6. At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Mackenzie, second DEATHS.

daughter of the late Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. Dec. 13, 1823. At Calcutta, John Calman, Esq. W. S. Late of Pitten weem, Fifeshire.

"- in Charles Street, Mrs A.C. Littlejohn, wife April 19, 1824. At Missolonghi in Greece, after of David Littlejohn, Esq. an illness of ten days, George Gordon, Lord Byron,

7. At Cranston Manse, Mrs Helena Brodie, in the 37th year of his age; who has so long and wife of the Rev. Walter Fisher, minister of Cranso amply filled the highest place in the public eye.

ston. On the 9th of April, he had exposed himself in a

8. In Duke Street, Leith, Eliza Giles, eldest violent rain; the consequence of which was a se

daughter of Mr James Black, merchant there. vere cold, and he was immediately confined to

10. At Edinburgh, Mr John Guthrie, booksel. bed. The low state to which he had been reduced

ler, aged 77. by previous illness inade him unwilling to be bled,

11. At Kilchrinan Manse, Henry, fifth son of and the inflammatory action, unchecked, termi

Mr Thomas Dallas, merchant, Edinburgh nated fatally on the 19th April. The following is

- In Charlotte Square, in her 10th year, Jane, a translation of the Proclamation which was issued

fourth daughter of the Right Hon. David Boyle, by the Greek Authorities at Missolonghi, to the

Lord Justice Clerk. grief of its inhabitants, who were thus arrested in 12. At North Charlotte Street, William, only the celebration of their Easter festivities:

son of Mr William Tennant, jun. • Provisional Government of Greece.-The pre

- At Inveresk, Louis David Ramsay, the insent days of festivity are converted into days of

fant son of J. H. Horne, Esq. of Longformachus. bitter lamentation for all : Lord Byron departed

13. At Deanbank House, near Edinburgh, Withis life to-day, about eleven o'clock in the even

liam Bruce, Esq. upholsterer in Edinburgh. ing, in consequence of a rheumatic inflammatory

- At Limerick, Lieutenant Lorimer. fever, which lasted for ten days. During the 14. At Cottartown of Logiealmond, Elspeth time of his illness, your general anxiety evin

Robertson, in the 100th year of her age. eed the profound sorrow that pervaded your

16. At Edinburgh, Archibald Craufuird, Esq. hearts. All classes, without distinction of sex or

W. S. age, oppressed by grief, entirely forgot the days of

17. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Countess of GlenEaster. The death of this illustrious personage is

cairn. Her ladyship was sister to the Earl of certainly a most calamitous event for all Greece,

Buchan. and still more lamentable for this city, to which he

- At Edinburgh, Andrew Kilgour, aged 19 was eminently partial, of which he became a citi.

years, youngest son of Laurence Kilgour, King's zen, and of the dangers of which he was determi.

Kettle, Fife. ned personally to partake, when circumstances should require it. His munificent donations to

- At Logie, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Kin

loch, of Kilrie. this community are before the eyes of every one;

- At Springkell, Charles Douglas Maxwell, and no one amongst us ever ceased, or ever will cease, to consider him, with the purest and most

fourth son of Lieut.-General Sir John Heron

Maxwell, Bart. grateful sentinents, our benefactor. Until the

19. At Wester Duddingstone, Mr John Henderdisposition of the National Government regarding this most calamitous event be known, by virtue of

son, late of the New Club, St Andrew's Square. the Decree of the Legislature No. 311, of date the

- At Ely, Mr Robert Maltman, aged 74 years

- At Moat of Annan, David Steuart, Esq. for

merly merchant in, and Lord Provost of Edin" It is ordained,--1. To-morrow, by sun-rise,

burgh, aged 78 years. thirty-seven minute-guns shall be fired from the

20. At Edinburgh, Mr Hugh Gray, solicitor at batteries of this town, equal to the number of

law, Bank Street. years of the deceased personage.--2. All public 21. At Belvidere, Kent, the Hon. S. E. Eardley. offices, including all courts of justice, shall be shut

only son of Lord Eardley. for the three following days.-3. All shops, except

- At Leslie, after a lingering illness, Mr David those for provisions and medicines, shall also be

Laing, in his 92d year. kept shut; and all sorts of musical instruments,

22. At Dumbarton Castle, the infant son of T. all dances customary in these days, all sorts of

Y. Lester, Esq. festivities and merriment in the publie taverns,

- At her house, in North Nelson Street, Miss and every other sort of public amusement, shall

Katherine Gilliland, daughter of the late Jarnes ceasc during the above-named period. - 1. A gene

Gilliland, jeweller, Edinburgh. ral mourning shall take place for twenty-one daya. 5. Funeral ceremonies shall be performed in all

26. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Cummings, the churches."

prompter of the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh.

- At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Hutton, eldest The Greeks have requested and obtained the

daughter of the late John Hutton, Esq. merchant, heart of Lord Byron, which will be placed in a

Edinburgh. mausoleum in the country, the liberation of which was his last wish. His body will brought to Eng

- At Glasgow, Wilhelmina Johnston, relict of

the late Mr James Mackintyre, Leith. land. His lordship leaves one daughter, a minor.

- At Dr Wylie's, Queen Street, Lellies GillesApril 21, 1821. At Assapole, Island of Mull, the Rev. Dugald Campbell, minister of Killinichen,

pie, daughter of the late John Gillespie, Esq.

merchant in Glasgow. in the 78th year of his age, and 52d of his mini

29. At 7, St Anthony Place, William Laurie, stry. Maw 1. At his residence in Argyllshire, John

siudent in medicine.

- At Portobello, James, eldest surviving son Macalister, Esq. of Cour, in the 820 year of his

of James Roughead, Haddington. 2. In Russell Place, London, Archibald Cullen,

- At his house, in Forth Street, David Kin

near, Esq. banker. Esq. of the Middle Temple, one of his Majesty's

30. At Coates House, Major-General Nicholas Council, and youngest son of the celebrated Dr

Carnegie, of the Hon. East India Company's BenCullen. - At Stewartfield, Mrs Elliot, of Woollie.

gal establishment.

51. At Star Bank, Fife, Mr Thomas Erskine - At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Buchanan, daugh

Pattullo, aged 19, third son of Robert Pattello, ter of the late John Buchanan of Amprior, Esq.

Esq. 5. At Oldhamstocks Manse, Miss Mary Moore,

Lately, At No. 1, Leopold Place, Mrs Margadaughter of the Rev. Robert Moore, minister of Oldhamstocks,

ret Reoch, wife of Mr Hugh Reoch, late of Forth - At London, after a very short illness, the


- Suddenly, at Clifton, Lieutenant-Colonel Sawidow of the Right Hon. William Windham, at

muel Hall, c. B. late of his Majesty's 65th Regian advanced age.


the Desctobelined, uns s

Printed by James Ballantyne and Co. Edinburgh,


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of the States of, 133_Parallel between 172
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and Statesmen, remarks on,457–Bishop

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