Captivity of the Oatman Girls

author, 1858 - 290 Seiten
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Seite 233 - But they held that all cowardly Indians (and bravery was the good with them) were tormented with hardships and failures, sickness and defeats. This hill or hades, they never dared visit.
Seite 193 - How tedious and tasteless the hours, When Jesus no longer I see ! Sweet prospects, sweet birds, and sweet flowers. Have all lost their sweetness to me : The midsummer sun shines but dim, The fields strive in vain to look gay ; But when I am happy in him, December's as pleasant as May.
Seite 270 - ... that a large army was being prepared which would annihilate the Mohaves and all tribes who assisted them in concealing the captives. Francisco was visibly impressed. Grinnell kept him in his tent all that night, and in the morning took him to Colonel Burke, who commanded the fort. Francisco said :" You give me four blankets and some beads, and I will bring her in just twenty days, when the sun is there," indicating about four o'clock in the afternoon.
Seite 111 - At the Fort every possible kindness, with the best of medical skill, ministered to my comfort and hastened my recovery. To Dr. Hewitt I owe, and must forever owe, a debt of gratitude which I can never return. The sense of obligations I still cherish finds but a poor expression in words. He became a parent to me ; and kindly extended his guardianship and unabating kindness, when the force was moved to San Diego, and then he took me to San Francisco, at a time when, but for his counsel and his affectionate...
Seite 56 - ... on the principle that two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
Seite 79 - Untarnished yet, thy fond affection glows, Throbs with each pulse, and beats with every thrill ! When sorrow rends the heart, when feverish pain Wrings the hot drops of anguish from the brow, To soothe the soul, to cool the burning brain, Oh, who so welcome, and so prompt as thou...
Seite 164 - The chiefs house was on a beautiful but small elevation crowning the river bank, from which the eye could sweep a large section of the valley, and survey the entire village, a portion of which lined each bank of the stream. As a model, and one that will give a correct idea of the form observed, especially in their village structures, we may speak of the chiefs residence.
Seite 79 - My father suddenly sank down upon a stone near the wagon and exclaimed, 'Mother, Mother, in the name of God, I know that something dreadful is about to happen!
Seite 223 - The next day four more came in with the captives, and in a few days all were returned, without even a scar to tell of the danger they had passed. The next day after the coming of the last party, a meeting of the whole tribe was called, and one of the most enthusiastic rejoicing seasons I ever witnessed among them it was.
Seite 286 - ... written to stand out before those whose duty and position it shall be, within a few years, in the American Council of State, to deliberate and legislate upon the best method to dispose of these fast waning tribes ; that one of our own race, in tender years, committed wholly to their power, passed a five-years...

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