Longfellows Tales of a wayside inn und ihre quellen


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Seite 62 - He has put down the mighty from their seat, And has exalted them of low degree.
Seite 60 - Nay, not the King, but the King's Jester, thou Henceforth shalt wear the bells and scalloped cape, And for thy counsellor shalt lead an ape; Thou shalt obey my servants when they call, And wait upon my henchmen in the hall!
Seite 61 - ... who felt that Christ indeed had risen again. Even the jester, on his bed of straw, with haggard eyes the unwonted splendour saw; he felt within a power unfelt before, and, kneeling humbly on his chamber floor, he heard the rushing garments of the Lord sweep through the silent air, ascending heavenward.
Seite 61 - When he awoke, it was already night ; The church was empty, and there was no light, Save where the lamps, that glimmered few and faint, Lighted a little space before some saint. He started from his seat and gazed around, But saw no living thing and heard no sound. He groped towards the door, but it was locked ; He cried aloud, and listened, and then knocked, And uttered awful threatenings and complaints, And imprecations upon men and saints.
Seite 61 - The Pope in silence, but with troubled mien, Gazed at the Angel's countenance serene ; The Emperor, laughing, said, "It is strange sport To keep a madman for thy Fool at court ! " And the poor, baffled Jester in disgrace Was hustled back among the populace.
Seite 79 - What is the use or need To keep at my own cost this lazy steed, Eating his head off in my stables here, When rents are low and provender is dear ? Let him go feed upon the public ways ; I want him only for the holidays.
Seite 9 - Charlestown Neck, Revere was intercepted by two British officers on horseback; but being himself well mounted, he turned suddenly, and leading one of them into a clay pond, escaped from the other by the road to Medford. As he passed on, he waked the captain of the minute men of that town, and continued to rouse almost every house on the way to Lexington.
Seite 79 - Who loved to hunt the wild-boar in the woods, Who loved his falcons with their crimson hoods, Who loved his hounds and horses, and all sports And prodigalities of camps and courts ; — Loved, or had loved them ; for at last, grown old, His only passion was the love of gold. He sold his horses, sold his hawks and hounds...
Seite 9 - But the attempt had for several weeks been expected ; a strict watch had been kept ; and signals were concerted to announce the first movement of troops for the country. Samuel Adams and Hancock, who had not yet left Lexington for Philadelphia, received a timely message from Warren, and, in consequence, the committee of safety removed a part of the public stores, and secreted the cannon.
Seite 33 - Et par son orguel mieruilleus, 55 En lui ,ij. boinnes viertus ot: Millour iusticier on ne sot Plus droiturier ne plus estable, Ne nul prince plus caritable As poures ne mieudre aumonnier, 60 Dou sien estoient...

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