The Hull Quarterly and East Riding Portfolio

A. Brown and Sons., 1884
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Seite 149 - THE blessed damozel leaned out From the gold bar of Heaven ; Her eyes were deeper than the depth Of waters stilled at even ; She had three lilies in her hand, And the stars in her hair were seven.
Seite 149 - When round his head the aureole clings, And he is clothed in white, I'll take his hand and go with him To the deep wells of light; As unto a stream we will step down, And bathe there in God's sight.
Seite 64 - THE Lord my pasture shall prepare, •And feed me with a shepherd's care ; His presence shall my wants supply, And guard me with a watchful eye ; My noonday walks he shall attend, And all my midnight hours defend.
Seite 77 - twas beyond a mortal's share To wander solitary there : Two paradises 'twere in one To live in Paradise alone.
Seite 63 - An Account of the Growth of Popery and arbitrary Government in England...
Seite 74 - Then to advise how war may best, upheld, Move by her two main nerves, iron and gold, In all her equipage; besides, to know Both spiritual power and civil, what each means, What severs each, thou hast learned, which few have done. The bounds of either sword to thee we owe : Therefore on thy firm hand Religion leans In peace, and reckons thee her eldest son.
Seite 155 - THIS is her picture as she was : It seems a thing to wonder on, As though mine image in the glass Should tarry when myself am gone. I gaze until she seems to stir, — Until mine eyes almost aver That now, even now, the sweet lips part To breathe the words of the sweet heart : — And yet the earth is over her.
Seite 155 - Love's own breast, — Where round the secret of all spheres All angels lay their wings to rest, — How shall my soul stand rapt and awed, When, by the new birth borne abroad Throughout the music of the suns, It enters in her soul at once And knows the silence there for God ! Here with her face doth memory sit Meanwhile, and wait the day's decline, Till other eyes shall look from it, Eyes of the spirit's Palestine, Even than the old gaze tenderer : While hopes and aims long lost with her Stand round...
Seite 155 - Mid mystic trees, where light falls in Hardly at all ; a covert place Where you might think to find a din Of doubtful talk, and a live flame Wandering, and many a shape whose name Not itself knoweth, and old dew, And your own footsteps meeting you, And all things going as they came. A deep dim wood ; and there she stands As in that wood that day : for so Was the still movement of her hands And such the pure line's gracious flow.
Seite 160 - But her eyes were a soul on fire. But when I told her the bitter end Of the stern and just award, She leaned o'er the bier, and thrice three times She kissed the lips of her lord. And then she said, — " My King, they are dead! " And she knelt on the chapel-floor, And whispered low with a strange proud smile, — "James, James, they suffered more!

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