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482 His holy arm hath gotten him the victory. Ps. xcviii : 1.

ll:Our watchword, the IncarnaWith the Cross of the Lord before tion.://

We march, we march, etc. With His loving eye looking down 3 And the choir of angels with song from the sky,

awaits ll:And His holy arm spread o'er Our march to the golden Sion ; us.:/

For our Captain has broken the We come in the might of the Lord brazen gates, of Light,

11:And burst the bars of iron.:// With armor bright to meet Him; "

We march, we march, etc. And He puts to flight the armies of a Then onward we march, our arms night,

to prove, 11:That the sons of the day may With the banner of Christ before greet Him.:

us. We march, we march, etc.

With His eye of love looking down 2 Our sword is the Truth of God on from above, High,

ll:And His holy arm spread o'er Our helmet, His Salvation ;

us.:// Our banner the Cross of Calvary, We march, we march, etc.

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i On our way rejoicing as we homeward move,

Hearken to our praises, 0 Thou God of love !
Is there grief or sadness ? Thine it cannot be !

Is our sky be-clouded ? Clouds are not from Thee !
Cho. On our way rejoicing as we homeward move,

Harken to our praises, 0 Thou God of love !

2 If with honest-hearted love for God and man,

Day by day Thou find us doing what we can,
Thou who giv'st the seed-time wilt give large increase,
Crown the head with blessings, fill the heart with peace. Cho.

3 On our way rejoicing gladly let us go ;

Conquered hath our Leader, vanished is our foe !
Christ without, our safety; Christ within, our joy ;
Who, if we be faithful, can our hope destroy? Cho.

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484 Be strong and of good courage, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever

thou goest. Josh. i: 9. i Onward, Christian soldiers,

One in hope and doctrine,
Marching as to war,

One in charity. Cho.
With the Cross of Jesus

3 Crowns and thrones may perish, Going on before.

Kingdoms rise and wane,
Christ, the Royal Master,

But the Church of Jesus
Leads against the foe,

Constant will remain ;
Forward into battle

Gates of hell can never
See, His banners go.

'Gainst that Church prevail ; Cho. Onward, Christian soldiers, We have Christ's own promise, Marching as to war,

And that cannot fail. Cho. With the Cross of Jesus

4 Onward then, ye people, Going on before.

Join our happy throng, 2 Like a mighty army

Blend with ours your voices, Moves the Church of God;

In the triumph song Brothers, we are treading

Glory, laud and honour,
Where the Saints have trod ; Unto Christ the King,
We are not divided,

This through countless ages
All one body we,

Men and angels sing. Cho.

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