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1 O Lord of Hosts! Almighty King! 3 Be Thou a pillared flame to show

Behold the sacrifice we bring : The midnight snare, the silent foe; Toevery arm Thy strength impart; And when the battle thunders loud, Thy Spirit shed through every Still guide us in its moving cloud. heart.

4 God of all nations ! Sovereign Lord ! 2 Wake in our breast the living fires, In Thy dread Name we draw the The holy faith that warmed our sires;

sword, Thy hand hath made our nation free; We lift the starry flag on high To die for her is serving Thee. That fills with lightour stormy sky.

5 From treason's rent, from murder's stain,

Guard Thou its folds till peace shall reign,
Till fort and field, till shore and sea,
Join our loud anthem: Praise to Thee !

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For precept must be upon precept. Isa. xxviii: 10.

Part II. 1 Lord, behold us with Thy bless- 3 Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing; ing,

Thanks for mercies past receive; Once again assembled here; Pardon all, their faults confessing ; Onward be our footsteps pressing, Time that's lost may all reIn Thy love and faith and fear: trieve : 11:Still protect us: ||

11:May Thy children: | By Thy presence ever near. Ne'er again Thy Spirit grieve.

2 For Thy mercy we adore Thee, 4 Let Thy Father-hand be shielding For this rest upon our way;

All who here shall meet no more ; Lord, again we bow before Thee, May their seed-time past be yielding Speed our labors day by day : Year by year a richer store : 1:Mind and spirit:||

1:Those returning: With Thy choicest gifts array.

Make more faithful than before.


A - MEN.


Thou crownest the year with thy goodness. Ps. Ixv: ii.
I At Thy feet, our God and Father,

Who hast blest us all our days
We with grateful hearts would gather,

And begin the year with praise--
Praise for light so brightly shining

On our steps from heaven above;
Praise for mercies daily twining

Round us golden cords of love.

2 Jesus, for Thy love most tender

Here on earth for sinners shown,
We would praise Thee and surrender

All our hearts to be Thine own.
With Thy Word's true Light provided,

We upon our way will go,
Sure of being safely guided,

Guarded well from every foe.

3 Every day will be the brighter,

When Thy gracious face we see;
Every burden will be lighter,

When we know it comes from Thee.
Spread Thy love's broad banner o'er us,

Give us strength to serve and wait,
Till Thy glory breaks before us,

Through the City's open gate. Dox. VIII,

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471 The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Ps. cxxvi: 3.
I From glory unto glory! Be this our joyous song;

As on the King's own highway, we bravely march along.
From glory unto glory! O word of stirring cheer,

As dawns the solemn brightness of another glad New Year. 2 From glory unto glory! What great things He hath done,

What wonders He hath shown us, what triumphs He hath won !
From glory unto glory! What mighty blessings crown

The lives for which our Lord hath laid His own so freely down! 3 The fulness of His blessing encompasseth our way;

The fulness of His promises crowns every brightening day;
The fulness of His glory is beaming from above,

While more and more we learn to know the fulness of His love. 4 And closer yet and closer the golden bonds shall be,

Uniting all who love our Lord in pure sincerity;
And wider yet and wider shall the circling glory glow,
As more and more are taught of God that mighty love to know.

5 O let our adoration for all that He hath done

Peal out beyond the stars of God, while voice and life are one;
And let our consecration be real, deep and true :
O even now our hearts shall bow, and joyful vows renew.

6 Now onward, ever onward, from strength to strength we go,

While grace for grace abundantly shall from His fulness flow,
To glory's full fruition, from glory's foretaste here,
Until His very presence crown our happiest New Year.

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Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee these years.

Deut. viii: 2.

I For Thy mercy and Thy grace,

Faithful through another year, Hear our song of thankfulness;

Jesus, our Redeemer, hear.

3 Who of us death's solemn road

In the coming year shall tread With Thy rod and staff, O God,

Comfort Thou his dying bed.

2 In our weakness and distress,

Rock of strength, be Thou our

stay ; In the pathless wilderness

Be our true and living way.

4 Keep us faithful, keep us pure,

Keep us evermore Thine own; Help us trials to endure

That shall fit us for the crown.

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