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Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. James i : 17. 1 We plough the fields, and scatter 2 He only is the Maker The good seed on the land,

Of all things near and far; But it is fed and watered

He paints the wayside flower, By God's Almighty hand;

He lights the evening star; He sends the snow in winter, The winds and waves obey Him,

The warmth to swell the grain, Him the birds are fed; The breezes and the sunshine, Much more to us, His children, And soft, refreshing rain.

He gives our daily bread. All good gifts around us

All good gifts around us
Are sent from heaven above; Are sent from Heaven above,
Then thank the Lord, 0 thank the Then thank the Lord, O thank the

For all His love.

For all His love.




3 We thank Thee, then, 0 Father,

For all things bright and good, The seed-time and the harvest,

Our life, our health, our food; Accept the gifts we offer,

For all Thy love imparts, And, what Thou most desirest,

Our humble, thankful hearts.
All good gifts around us

Are sent from heaven above,
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord

For all His love.

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While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer

and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Gen. viii: 22.

i Eternal Source of every joy!

Well may Thy praise our lips employ,
While in Thy temple we appear:
Thy goodness crowns the circling year.

2 The flow'ry Spring, at Thy command,

Embalms the air and paints the land:
And summer's rays with vigor shine,
To raise the corn, and cheer the vine.

3 Thy hand, in Autumn, richly pours,

Through all our coasts, redundant stores :
E'en Winter, softened by Thy care,
A face of horror cannot wear.

4 The seasons, months, the weeks and days,

Demand successive songs of praise:
Our grateful homage shall be paid,
With opening light, and evening shade. Dox. II

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Ma Ye shall proclaim liberty throughout

all the land unto all the inhabitants

thereof. Levit. XXV: 10. I My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty,

Of thee I sing :
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrim's pride,
From every mountain-side

Let freedom ring!
2 My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,

Thy name I love :
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills;
My heart with rapture thrills

Like that above.
3 Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom's song;
Let mortal tongues awake,
Let all that breathe partake;
Let rocks their silence break,

The sound prolong.
4 Our fathers' God, to Thee,
Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing :
Long may our land be bright

2 For her our prayers shall be, Our fathers' God, to Thee,

On Thee we wait!
Be her walls Holiness :
Her rulers, Righteousness,
Her officers be Peace;

God save the State!

3 Lord of all truth and right,
In whom alone is might,

On Thee we call !
Give us prosperity ;
Give us true liberty;
May all the oppressed go free;

God save us all I

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God be merciful unto us, and bless us, and cause his face to shine upon us.

Ps. lxvii: 1.

i Great God! Thou dost all nations rule,

And their affairs control;
Thy power extends o'er all the earth,

Thy love from pole to pole.

2 Our native land in mercy view!

From heaven, O Lord, look down! Thy kingdom in each heart erect !

Maintain Thy rightful crown !

3 On people and on ruler let

Thy blessing, Lord, be shed;
To God and country true, may we

In wisdom's paths be led.

4 As Thee, their God our fathers owned,

So Thou art still our King :
Thou only canst our peace maintain,

Or our deliverance bring.

5 To Thee all glory we ascribe,

From whom salvation came;
In God, our shield, we will rejoice,

And ever bless Thy Name.

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