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blood. If one of you have received wrong at the hands of the other, your fathers of the Five Nations will see that justice is done between you. Why should ye make each other few? Once ye destroyed yourselves by your wars, but now that ye dwell together under the shadow of the great tree of the Five Nations, it is fitting that

ye should be at rest, and bury the tomahawk for ever at its root. Learn of your own rivers. The streams of Mattoavoan and Mawenawasigh after struggling and wasting their strength among the rocks, mingle at length in peace, in the bosom of the father of waters, the great River of the Mountains.” The council, since they could do no better, approved of the words of Garrangula; it was agreed that the relations of the hunter slain below the Highlands, should be pacified by a present of wampum and shells, the chiefs smoked the pipe of peace together, and delivered belts of wampum as the memorials of the treaty.

The warrior hastened to the glen of Melsingah to communicate the intelligence to one whom he knew it would delight beyond measure. Their retreat was instantly abandoned, not, however, without some regret at leaving a place where so many happy days had been passed; the birch canoe was borne to the mouth of the rivulet,

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and after taking his bride, at her earnest entreaty, to visit her own tribe, the warrior descended with her to his friends below the mountains.




My thoughts still dwell on Shenandoah's shore;

Wild scene! where late I strayed alone and slow,

Now clambering the high steep ; now far below Skirting the flood-worn beach; now stooping o'er

Some slippery shelf, stayed by the branch above, And gazing where the stream, in glassy sleep

Lies spread, the living mirror of the grove ; Or where, with whirling and precipitous leap, It foams through splintered rocks, and topples down

The pendent ramparts that indent its banks, Height above height with frowning woods o'ergrown.

Meanwhile the distant mill its engine clanks, And all the watery vale, with shaded isles, Rude huts, and light canoes, and cheerful labour, smiles.

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