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[From Metastasio.]

(In the following translation I have endeavoured to adhere as closely as possible to the text of the original, and of the English version of the Scriptures, where the author has quoted or alluded to them. Some passages, which seemed least essential in preserving the unity of the design, have been omitted.]

[As a suitable accompaniment to this attempt to transfuse into our language, the beauties of one of the most pleasing and graceful poets of Italy, the engraver has selected an exquisite religious pic. ture of an Italian artist, of similar genius. It is the Infant Jesus sleeping on the cross, by Albano. Albano has been called the painter of the Graces. But his Graces were not those of voluptuousness. His own beautiful family were the models from which he drew every form of loveliness in womanhood or infancy; and thus the purity and delicacy of his works perpetuate at once the taste and fancy of the artist, and the virtues and affections of the man.)


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