The Works of John Ruskin, Band 6

George Allen, 1873

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Seite 103 - must express themselves by art; and to say that a state is without such expression, is to say that it is sunk from its proper level of manly nature. So that, when I tell you that war is the foundation of all the arts, I mean also that it is the foundation of all the high virtues and faculties of men.
Seite 84 - in the soldier's work seems to be— that he is paid little for it—and regularly : while you traffickers, and exchangers, and others occupied in presumably benevolent business, like to be paid much for it—and by chance. I never can make out how it is that a knight-errant does not expect to be paid for his trouble, but a
Seite 73 - they love to pray standing in the churches' [we should translate it], ' that they may be seen of men. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father,'—which is, not in chancel nor in aisle, but ' in secret.' 64. Now, you feel, as I say this to you—I know you
Seite 79 - and Mediaeval—perished by falsehood in their own main purpose. The Greek religion of Wisdom perished in a false philosophy —' Oppositions of science, falsely so called.' The Mediaeval religion of Consolation perished in false comfort; in remission of sins given lyingly. It was the selling of absolution that ended the Mediaeval faith ; and I
Seite 85 - riches, not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.
Seite 39 - And if a man does not choose thus to spend his money, he must either hoard it or lend it, and the worst thing he can generally do is to lend it; for borrowers are nearly always ill-spenders, and it is with lent money that all evil is mainly done, and all unjust war protracted. 35. For observe
Seite 77 - I repeat, first, the Greeks essentially worshipped the God of Wisdom; so that whatever contended against their religion, — to the Jews a stumbling-block,—was, to the Greeks—Foolishness. The first Greek idea of deity was that expressed in the word, of which we keep the remnant in our words
Seite 46 - Mercy on us (you think), what will she say next! And you answer, of course, that ' you don't, because everybody ought to remain content in the position in which Providence has placed them.' Ah, my friends, that's the gist of the whole question. Did Providence put them in that position, or did you
Seite 26 - huge billiard-table without the cloth, and with pockets as deep as .the bottomless pit; but mainly a billiardtable, after all. 25. Well, the first great English game is this playing at counters. It differs from the rest in that it appears always to be producing money,
Seite 176 - certainly that the most beautiful characters yet developed among men have been formed in war ;—• that all great nations have been warrior nations, and that the only kinds of peace which we are likely to get in the present age are ruinous alike to the intellect, and the heart. The

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