Sailing directions for the English Channel and coast of France; with an accurate description of the coasts of England, south of Ireland, and Channel islands, by J. and A. Walker. by J. Walker


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Seite 123 - ... at Dover ; and to the southward and westward while it is rising at that port. The particular direction given to the stream in this part of the sea, by the meeting of the Channel and of the offing tides...
Seite 100 - ... miles. On our left was a deep, dry, sandy channel of a creek, and between these points the plain rises to sixty feet abruptly. This rise is in the form of a crescent, the convex part being to the north of our forces. " On the right, from the point of mountains, a narrow part of the plain extends north one and a half miles farther than on the left.
Seite 179 - Gabriel will appear on with Leamcon signal-tower and castle to the north-eastward, and the Brow Head (on which there is also a signal-tower) will appear to close in with the Alderman Head to the westward. The harbour will now begin to unfold itself. The Revenue officers' houses, on the northern shore, will be first seen, and, ultimately, Coghlan's white look-out tower on the southern side.
Seite 33 - W. about 7 hours. At Dover the flowing stream very seldom continues more than 5 hours, and sometimes scarcely so much ; it is nearly the same at Uamsgate.
Seite 72 - Needles, at full and change, the western stream makes at loh. cm., and the flood or eastern stream at ¡h. 4om., and the velocity of both streams over the Bridge and in the South Channel is from 3 to 4 knots ; but between Hurst Point and the Island, 5^ knots, and to the southward of the Bridge about 2 knots. In the Solent, the eastern or flood stream makes at 4)1., and near the Bramble at 4h.
Seite 33 - ... south-western tide. Strong gales from the westward will prolong the north-eastern stream nearly an hour, and retard proportionably that to the south-westward ; so that on some occasions, on the Ridge especially, 8 hours north-eastern tide, and only 4 hours to the south-westward, have been found. Between the Vergoyer and the French shore the tide makes on an average one hour sooner than it does in the offing, both on the ebb and flood.
Seite 62 - I5m., 4! hours after low water on the shore, and runs nearly 5 hours to the NW At the Dean Elbow, at full and change, the eastern stream, which sets over that shoal, makes at 2 o'clock, runs to (he SE for 2 hours, and then sets east for the remainder of the tide, 5!
Seite 232 - ... but must be to the northward of that parallel, and to the westward of the meridian of Grassholm, let the depth be what it may. If, on the contrary, the soundings are wholly free from oaze, you must be to the eastward of the latter meridian. The transition from oaze to sand in the neighbourhood...
Seite 180 - Rock. shews at low-water great spring tides. The long eastern mark for this rock is Leamcon Tower just open to the southward of the bluff point of Rock Island. Vessels, therefore, of any burthen, in the event of loss of anchors, or otherwise in distress, may boldly run quite up the haven until they take the ground, provided they keep in the middle of the channel. Pilots are always ready, and will come off in any weather when signalled.
Seite 67 - Throughout Christchurch Bay the land is generally low, and still more so in the vicinity of Hurst Castle, the base of which is very little elevated above the level of the sea. From thence the western end of the Isle of Wight, the...

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