The Handbook of European Brand Rights Management: How to Develop, Manage and Protect Your Trademarks, Domains, Designs and Copyrights

Kogan Page, 2011 - 220 Seiten
In Europe, a series of mechanisms is now in place to allow brands to grow quickly from one level to the next. Major players have more options for building their brand equity on a continental basis. American challengers have the chance to compete on a much larger scale than their size might otherwise warrant.

Designed as a practical guide to the commercial mechanics of managing a brand in Europe, this book targets an audience of brand managers, rights holders, brand consultants and investors. Drawing on a wide range of professional expertise and commercial experience, it gives an easy-to-follow account of how trademarks, domains, designs and copyright can be combined within a brand strategy.

By using commercial rights as a set of tools as well as a legal safeguard, brand owners will be better placed to maintain their distinctive position, justify the premium they charge and find extra streams of revenue.

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Autoren-Profil (2011)

Adam Jolly is a business writer and editor specialising in the management of growth, innovation, technology and business risk. He has produced titles for many leading business organisations and his work appears regularly in the national press. He is consultant editor on a number of Kogan Page titles including The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management; Clean Tech Clean Profits and The Innovation Handbook.

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