Steam Boilers: Their Defects, Management, and Construction

C. Griffin & Company, Limited, 1903 - 157 Seiten
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Seite 28 - II. Classification of Steel Ships. III. Considerations in making choice of Type of Vessel. — Framing of Ships. IV. Strains experienced by Ships. — Methods of Computing and Comparing Strengths of Ships. V. Construction of Ships. — Alternative Modes of Construction. — Types of Vessels. — Turret, Self Trimming, and Trunk Steamers, &c. — Rivets and Rivetting, Workmanship. VI. Pumping Arrangements. VII. Maintenance. — Prevention of Deterioration in the Hulls of Ships.— Cement, Paint, &c.—...
Seite 32 - Notwithstanding my many years' experience at sea, it has told me how much more there it to acquire." — (Letter to the Publishers from a Master Mariner). " I must express my thanks to you for the labour and care you have taken in 'PRACTICAL MECHANICS.' . . . IT is A LIFE'S EXPERIENCE. . . . What an amount we frequently see wasted by rigging purchases without reason and accidents to spars, &c., &c. ! 'PRACTICAL MECHANICS
Seite 42 - Illustrated. 8s. 6d. net. SANITARY ENGINEERING: A Practical Manual of Town Drainage and Sewage and Refuse Disposal, For Sanitary Authorities, Engineers, Inspectors, Architects, Contractors, and Students. BY FRANCIS WOOD, AMlNST.CE, FGS, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Fulham ; late Borough Engineer, Bacup, Lanes.
Seite 31 - CONTENTS. INTRODUCTORY. — Instruments Used at Sea for Meteorological Purposes.— Meteorological Log-Books. — Atmospheric Pressure. — Air Temperatures. — Sea Temperatures. — "Winds.— Wind Force Scales.— History of the Law of Storms.— Hurricanes, Seasons, and •Storm Tracks. — Solution of the Cyclone Problem. — Ocean Currents. — Icebergs.— Synchronous Charts.— Dew, Mists, Fogs, and Haze.— Clouds.— Rain, Snow, and Hail.— Mirage, Rainbows, Coronas, Halos, and Meteors.—...
Seite 15 - EDITION, Thoroughly Revised. Pocket-Size, Leather. 8s. 6d. A POCKET-BOOK OF MARINE ENGINEERING RULES AND TABLES, FOR THE USE OF Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Designers, Draughtsmen, Superintendents and Others. BY AE SEATON, MIOE, MIMech.E., MINA, AND HM ROUNTHWAITE, MIMech.E., MINA, " The best book of its kind, and the information is both up-to-date and reliable.
Seite 33 - Price 6s. A MEDICAL AND SURGICAL HELP FOR SHIPMASTERS AND OFFICERS IN THE MERCHANT NAVY. BY WM. JOHNSON SMITH, FROS, Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. *»* The attention of all interested in our Merchant Navy is requested to this exceedingly...
Seite 31 - Chart— Mercator Sailing — Current Sailing — Position by Bearings— Great Circle Sailing — The Tides — Questions — Appendix : Compass Error — Numerous Useful Hints.
Seite 18 - By Defective and Overloaded Safety Valves — (3) By Corrosion, Internal or External— -(4) By Defective Design and Construction (Unsupported Flue Tubes ; Unstrengthened Manholes ; Defective Staying ; Strength of Rivetted Joints ; Factor of Safety)— II. CONSTRUCTION...
Seite 41 - There is no question that, given the PERFECT GROUNDING of the Student in his Science, the remainder comes afterwards to him in a manner much more simple and easily acquired. The work is AN EXAMPLE OP THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT of a Science over the fragmentary style so generally followed. BY A LONG WAY THE BEST of the small Manuals for Students.
Seite 32 - All but the simplest explanations have. therefore, been avoided, and ANSWERS to the Exercises are given. Any person may readily, by careful study. become master of their contents, and thus lay the foundation for a further mathematical course, if desired.

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