A Catalogue of Plants in the Botanic Garden, at Liverpool

1808 - 298 Seiten

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alba ALBUCA Alpine ALSTROEMERIA angustifolia ARCTOTIS arvensis Ash-leaved ATRAPHAXIS blue-flowered broad-leaved BUXUS Canadensis CELSIA ciliated clammy CLASS cluster-flowered coccinea COIIlmoil COIn Inon COmmon creeping creeping-rooted CRYPSIS curled-leaved CURTISIA cut-leaved dark-flowered DECANDRIA DIGYNIA double-flowered double-white downy dwarf ERICA Flax-leaved glaucous GLYCINE gold-striped grandiflora grass-leaved great-flowered hairy hairy-leaved heart-leaved Heath-leaved HEXANDRIA hirsuta Hyssop-leaved jagged-leaved large-flowered latifolia Laurel-leaved long-flowered long-leaved long-spiked many-flowered maritima maritimum marsh Minorca MONADELPHIA MONOGYNIA naked-stalked narrow-leaved nigra OCTANDRIA odorata officinal officinalis Orientalis oval-leaved pale-flowered palustris PANCRATIUM panicled paniculata PENTAGYNIA PENTANDRIA PENTHORUM perennial PHLOMIS PITCAIRNIA PODALYRIA POLY ANDRIA POLY GAMIA prickly pubescens pumila purple purple-flowered purpurea red-flowered repens REST-HARROW Rosemary-leaved round-leaved rubra SAINT JOHN'S WORT saw-leaved scarlet scarlet-flowered sempervirens shining-leaved shrubby Siberian Sibirica small-flowered smooth spear-leaved spinosa stricta striped-leaved sweet-scented tall TETRAGYNIA TETRANDRIA thick-leaved three-leaved tooth-leaved TREE TRIANDRIA TRIGYNIA two-coloured two-flowered umbelled upright various-leaved Virginian Virginica vulgaris wave-leaved white white-flowered Willow-leaved woolly woolly-leaved XERANTHEMUM yellow yellow-flowered

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