The Kahuna Kit

AuthorHouse, 2011 - 212 Seiten

Learn at last the truth concerning the psychic world and why supernatural powers work for some of us and not others.

The Kahunas, those South Sea Island magicians investigated by Max Freedom Long, perhaps the greatest psychic researcher of all time, are justifi ably famous. Joe Potts, a philosopher and writer who became to his amazement a powerful healer after reading about the Kahunas and trying their techniques, believes that their philosophy contains knowledge vital to humanity. He applies an unusually rational mind to explaining the Kahuna System, which will enable you to understand the root meaning of religion. ‘The Kahuna Kit’, which is the fruits of decades of research, relates the Kahuna system to the modern world and contains a set of psychic exercises which will help you to:

  • Come to terms with the sometimes surprising character your own Low Self (misrepresented by Freud as the dangerous unconscious mind)
  • Easily enable you to achieve happiness by taking charge of your own Low Self
  • Through the Trinity of Mind (the Kahuna knowledge that we have not one but three souls) understand the behaviour of human race and why we are half-ape, half-angel
  • Understand how psychic phenomena and the interplay of vital force through the three souls actually works with the aid of a map provided by a crop circle
  • Try the Kahuna healing technique to see if you are gifted in healing
  • Learn dowsing techniques which will enable you to talk to your Low Self
  • Psychic matters need a rational approach (apart from the High Self which is beyond reason) and you can learn how to smarten up your logical skills
  • Learn techniques for attempting to reach the High Self and achieve successful prayers

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