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-How he proves that none but Nonjurors and disaffected Persons writ against Stage-plays, ii. 413.

-His respect to the Bible and Alcoran, ibid.
His excuse for Obscenity in Plays, iii. 179.

His mortal fear of Mr Pope founded on Mr Curl's assurances, i. 106.

-Of opinion that he poisoned Curl, ibid.

His reason why Homer was, or was not in debt, ii, 118.

His Accusations of Sir R. Blackmore,
-As no Protestant, ii. 268.
As no Poet, ibid.
-His wonderful Dedication to G. D. Esq. iii.

Drams dangerous to a Poet, iii. 146.
Dedicators, ü. 198, &c.
Dunciad, how to be correctly spell'd, i. ..


EDWARDS (Thomas) iv. 567.

A Gentleman of the last edition. EUSDEN (Laurence) i. 104.

- Taxed by Oldmixon with Nonsense, ibid. Ears, fome People advised how to preserve them, ila


FALSHOODS, told of our author in Print.
-Of his taking Verses from James Moore, Teft.

And of bis intending to abuse Bishop Burnet, ibid. By John Dennis, of his really poisoning Mr Curl,

i. 106. And of contempt for the sacred Writings, ii. 268

-By Edward Ward, of his being bribed by a

Duchess to satirize Ward of Hackney in the pil.

lory, iii. 34. -By Mist the Journalist, of unfair proceeding in

the undertaking of the Odyssey and Shakespear,

Test. - Disproved by the Testimony of the Lords Har.

court and Bathurst. -By Mist the Journalist, concerning Mr Addison

and him, two or three Lies, Teft. -By Pasquin, of his being in a Plot, iii. 179. -By Sir Richard Blackmore, of his burlesquing

Scripture, upon the authority of Curl, ii. 268. Fleas and verbal Critics compared, as equal judges of

the humav frame and wit, iv, 238. Fletcher made Cibber's Property, i. 131. Mac Fleckno, not fo decent and chaste in the Diétion

as the Dunciad, ii. 75. Friendship, underftood by Mr Dennis to be fomewhat

else in Nisus and Euryalus, iii. 179. French Cooks, iv. 553. Furius, Mr Dennis called fo by Mr Theobald, i. 106. Fleet-ditch, ii. 271. Its Nymphs, 333: Discoveries

there, ibid. Flies not the ultimate Object of human study, iv. 454. Falfhoods and Flatteries permitted to be inscribed on

Churches, i. 45.

Good Nature of our Author; Instances of it in this

work, i. 328. ii. 282. Good Sense, Grammar, and Verse, desired to give

place for the sake of Mr Bez, Morris and his Works, iii. 168.

GULDON (Charles) abufed our author in many things

Teft. i. 295.
Printed against Jesus Christ, i. 296.
GIldon and DENNIS, their unhappy Difference la.

mented, iii. 173.
Gentleman, his Hynın to his Creator, by Welsted,

ii. 207.

ji. 2.

Gazetteers, the monstrous Price of their Writings, ii.
314. the miserable fate of their Works, ibid.

HANDEL, an excellent musician, banished to Ireland

by the English nobility, iv. 65.
Heydeggre, a strange bird from Switzerland, i. 290.
Horace, censured by Mr Welted, Teft.

Did not know what he was about when he
wrote his art of Poetry, ilid.
HENLEY (John the Orator) his Tub and Eucharist,

His History, iii. 199: His Opinion of Or-
dination and Christian Priesthood, ibid. His Me-

dals, ibid.
HAYWOOD (Mrs) What sort of Game for her, ii. 157.

Won by Curl, 187. Her great respect for him.
The offspring of her Brain and Body (according to
Curl) ibid. Not undervalued by being fet against
a Jordan, 165.

nts, extraordinary ones, ii. 268.
Horneck and Roome, two Party-Writers, iii. 152.
HUTCHINSON (John) with his man JULIUS, a submi.
nister of the rites of Dulness, iii. 215.

never bowed the knee to Sense.
-cuts down the Groves of the Academy, jii. 334.
defiles the high places of Gcoinetry,

and tramples on the fallen Dagon of Newtonian
Philosophy, iii. 216.

Index-Learning, the use of it, i. 279.
Journals, how dear they cost the nation, ii. 314.
Jus Divinum, iv. 188.
Impudence, celebrated in Mr Curl, ii. 159. 186..

in Mr Norton De Foe, ii. 415.

in Mr Henley, iii. 199.
-in Mr Cibber jun. iii. 139.
-in Mr Cibber sen. pasim.

Lord Mayor's Show, i 85.
Libeller [fee EDWARDS Tho.] a Grubitreet Critic

run to leed, iv. 1567.
Library of Bays, i. 131.
Liberty and monarchy, mistaken for one another,

iv. 131.
Lud (King) ii. 349.
Log (King) i. der. ult.
Lintot (Bernard) ii. 53.
Laureate his Crown, of what composed, i. 303.
Lycophron, his dark-lanthorn, by whom turned, iv. 6.

Madmen, two related to Cibber, i. 32.
Magazines, their character, i. 42.
Moliere, crucify d, i. 132.
MOORE (James) his Story of lix Verses, and of ridi-

culing Bishop Burnet in the Memoirs of a Parish
Clerk, proved falle, by the Testimonies of

-The Lord Bolingbroke, Teft.
-Hugh Bethel, Elq; ibid.

-Earl of Peterborow, ibid.
-Dr Arbuthnot, ibid.
-His Plagiarisins, some few of them, ibid. and ii. so.

What he was real iuthor of (beside the Story a

bove mentioned) Vide Lift of fcurrilcus Papers - Erasmus, his advice to him, ii. 50. MII. BOURNE, a fair Critic, and why, ii. 349. Madness, of what sort Mr Dennis's was, according to Plato, i. 106.

according to himself, ii. 268. ...bow allied to Dulness, iii. 15. Mercuries and Magazines, i. 42. May-pole in the Strand, turned into a Church, ii. 28. MORRIS (Belaleel) ii. 126. jii. 168. Monuments of Poets, with Inscriptions to other Men,

iv. 131, &c. Medals, how swallowed and recovered, iv. 375 Microscope of Wit, to be had of Mr Jolin Upton, iv. 233•

Nodding, described, ii. 391.
Needham's, i324.
Nüs, where wanted, iv. 244.

0 OLIMIXON, (John) abused Mr Addison and Mr Pope,

ii. 283. Fallify'd Daniel's History, then accused others of fallifying Lord Clarendon's; proved a Slanderer in it, ibid. VOL. III.


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