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One or two slightly romantic circumstances in the foregoing perhaps ó require explanation ;' but that was the business of the author, whose name is buried in the dark backward and abysm of time.' The moral,' the butt-end always of your true ballad, is characteristic and striking :

* All you fair maidens be warned by me;

Follow, my love, come over the straud,
Scots never were true, nor bevor will be,
To lord nor lady, nor fuir England.'

We scarcely remember among all our reading a more forcible description of the emotions which are felt by a bereaved husband, mourning the dimming of that soft pure light, the preciousness of which is never fully understood until it is quenched, than is contained in a few sentences of the late Dr. Channing, who ' being dead yet speaketh' to every sensitive and true heart: “The blow which took her from him left a wound which time could not heal. In the city, a few minutes' walk sent him wearied home. There the loving eye which had so long brightened at his entrance was to shed its mild beam on him no more. There the voice that had daily inquired into his labors, and like another conscience had whispered a sweet approval, was still. There the sympathy which had pressed with tender hand his aching head, and by its nursing care had postponed the hour of exhaustion and disease, was gone. This great loss produced no burst of grief. It was a still, deep sorrow, the feeling of a mighty void, the last burthen which the spirit can cast off. His attachment to life from this moment sensibly declined. In seasons of pecrliar sensibility he wished to be gone. He kept near him the likeness of his departed friend, and spoke to me more than once of the solace which he had found in it. He heard her voice from auother world, and his anticipations of that world, always strong, became more vivid and touching.'

LITERARY RECORD. — We have before us from the HARPERIAN press additional numbers of their thickly-illustrated • Pictorial History of England;' Dr. MOORE's Power of the Soul over the Body, in Health and Morals,' a work replete with deep interest; RUSSELL'S ‘New-York Class-Book,' c00taiping every thing of interest in the history, biography, geography and external aspect of the Empire State ; Rev. G. R. Gleig's vivid and exciting Story of the Battle of Waterloo,' and Godwin's 'Lites of the Necromancers;' good and interesting works, oue and all of them. • • . We would call general attention (and we exceedingly regret that at this time we can do no more) to a thick pamph. let-volume of some hundred and fifty pages, upon. The Progress of Ethnology,' by John Russell BARTLETT, Esq., Corresponding Secretary of the American Ethnological Society, and Foreign Cor. responding Secretary of the New-York Historical Society. It is a full and very entertaining and instructive account of recent Archæological and Geographical Researches in various parts of the globe, tending to elucidate the Physical History of Man. We are not surprised to perceive that it has speedily reached a second edition, for it deserved such success. • • Phonography and Phonotypy, we understand, are making rather rapid headway in this country. The various illustrative reports and pamphlets upon the new mode are in great request; and · The Anglo-Saxon' weekly journal has reached a circulation of some thirty-five hundred. The Winter- Evening Fire. side' is the name given to a highly moral, easily written and easily-read pamphlet, from W. D. TickNOR AND COMPANY, Boston, which leaves upon the mind of the reader a favorable impression of the writer's beart. · .. Messrs. GOULD, KENDALL AND LINCOLN, Boston, certainly deserve the thanks of the public for presenting to American readers so good and cheap a reprint of Chambers's Cyclopædia of English Literature,' a selection (illustrated) of the choicest productions of English authors from the earliest to the present time, and 'Chambers's Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge.' These works are eminently interesting and instructive. We cannot say much however for the portraits in the former. Those of Cooper and Irving might as well have been for Plato and the Duke of WELLINGTON. ... We have again to commend Mr. VIRTUE's 'Fletcher's Nlustrated Devotional Family Bible. The engravings continue to be of the best description, and the printing



and the paper could not be excelled. ... MESSRS. Geo. F. COOLEDGE AND BROTHER, Pearl-street, have published . Bentley's Pictorial Reader,' the main object of which is to incite the young to a love of industry, in pursuing the various every day businesses of life, as the farmer, manufacturer, mechanic, etc. Its tendency must be to elevate the standard of labor, and make it more attractive to the mind. Among Messrs. WILEY AND PUTNAM's late publications are Walton's Complete Angler,' (which we shall notice at large in our next number,) with delightful accessories by an 'American Editor,' thao whom po one on this side of the Atlantic could be better qualified for the office which he has so faithfully discharged; and an admirable work by Mr. CHABLES KNIGHT, entitled Half-Hours with the Best Authors.' These works will be read; and so too will two superbiyprinted volumes received from the same house since the foregoing was placed in typo; namely: Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy,' enriched by illustrative engravings and translations of the numerous classical extracts; and 'An Essay on the Life and Writings of Spenser,' with a special Exposition of "The Faery Queen,' by John S. HART, A. M., Principal of the Philadelphia HighSchool. ••• Rev. H. B. Bascom's 'Western Quarterly Review,' of which we have seen but one number, that for the April quarter, impresses us most favorably, as a spirited and vigorous work. Two articles in the present number especially attracted us; 'The Relation of Christianity to Literature,' and 'The Glorious Epiphany.' We shall hope to have more to say of this work hereafter. • We have received at a late hour from the publisher, Mr. George Nichols, Cambridge, (Mass.,)* The Panegyricus of Isocrates,' from the Text of BLEMI, with English Notes: by Professor C. C. FELTON, A. M. The frequent issue of classic works by Mr. Felton goes at least to prove that they are in demand; a pregoant fact, at least for his publishers. 'Young's History of Mexico,' published in New-York by Mr. J. S. REDFIELD, Clinton-Hall, is a work which must be ia requisition in every quarter of the country at this time. It is entirely authentic; and embraces an account of the civil wars of Mexico, her colonial and revolutionary annals, including an account of the war with the United States, its causes and military achievements. It is well written, and replete with interest. · · · THERE is food for reflection and diversified thought io Professor Mason's Discourse before the Alumni Association of the New York University; as we liope to exemplify, when our time and space shall adequately serve. • .. Ar esteemed friend (who is wholly disipterested in the matter,) has commended to the public the following works in the most cordial and forcible terms: 'Gaussen on the Inspiration of the Bible,' translated by Rev. E. N. KIRK, and published by John S. Taylor, Brick-Church Chapel ; Charlotte Elizabeth's Works,' by the same ;

New England and her Institutions,' by ANDRUS AND Son, Hartford. (Conn.,) and 'Sir Roland Asktone,' from the same house. We yield our confidence to the justice of a recommendation proceeding from so capable a judge as the friend to whom we have alluded. • • • We have received from Messrs. BERFORD AND COMPANY, Astor-House, Volume VI. of The Modern Standard Drama,' edited by Epes SARGENT, Esq., and Volume I. of. The Minor Drama,' published by the same house. The first is embellished with a portrait of Sir E. BULWER LYTTON, (which looks as if the origioal had, while watering' with PREISNITZ, been put througb an entire course' of Graffenberg Pills!) and contains some of the most popular dramas of the day; among the rest, The Bridal,' so well known from MACREADY's masterly personation of the principal character, MELANTIUS, at the ParkTheatre. The latter is uniso a in style with. The Modern Standard Drama,' and contains a judicious selection of favorite farces. · · · W. H. GRAHAM, Tribune Buildings, has published. The Journeyman-Joiner,' by GEORGE SAND. It is full of incident, vigorously written, and will well repay perusal... . • The Saturday Emporium' has been purchased from Messrs. WARD AND COMPANY, its late proprietors, by our friend EDMUND B. GREEN, Esq. It was originally commenced by Mr.GREEN, who associated with him in its publication Mr. WARD, under whose united cootrol it was published some two years or more. It has now entirely reverted into the hands of Mr. GREEN, who we doubt not will sustain its interest aod add to its present attractive appearance... • THE publications of and concerning SWEDENBORG are very liberally demanded by the public. Mr.JOHN ALLEN, 139 Nassau-street, has recently issued voluminous · Documents concerning his Life and Character,' originally collected in Germany, translated and revised in England, and reedited and en. larged here by Professor Bush ; and “ A Popular Sketch of his Philosophical Works,' by JAMES JOHN GARTH WILKINSON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London... We are glad to see announced by Messrs. TICKNOR AND COMPANY, Boston, a new and extended poem by LONGFELLow, which he entitles 'Evangeline.' It will be awaited with not a little anxiety by the poetry-loving portion of the public. · .. Messes. SPALDING AND SHEPHERD, Broadway, have issued in an extremely neat pamphlet-volume, ten poems by Rev. Ralph Hoyt, entitled ' Sketches of Life and Landscape,' many of which are very natural and graphic, as we have heretofore had occasion to exemplify.

• WE regard it as the very best work of its kind in the Union.' - St. Albans (Vt.) Journal.

*THE KNICKERBOCKER was received with unfailing punctuality on the first of the month, which however is the least merit of this agreeable miscellany; for its contents are as invariably good as its appearance is punctual.' - William CULLEN BRYANT, in the New-York Evening Posi.

The last KNICKERBOCKER is exceedingly good. There are no less than twenty-four original ar. ticles, and all of the right sort; some of them worthy of BLACKWOOD's palmiest days. The Editor's Table is in Mr. CLARK's happiest vein; varied and racy in a remarkable degree.”

New-York Commercial Advertiser. *THE KNICKERBOCKER seems to increase in attraction as it advances in age. It exhibits a monthly variety of contributions unsurpassed in number or ability.' - National Intelligencer.

* THE KNICKERBOCKER is one of the most valuable Magazines of the day, and outstrips all competition in the higher walks of literature.' Albany Argus.

*We have here an old and general favorite ; one among the pioneers of the American periodical press; the venerable KNICKERBOCKER. The Editor's Table' is always the most attractive portion of OLD KNICK.'s' monthly bill of fare- to us at least; and in the present number we have found it more so !' - Nero-York. Gaz, and Times.'

PRESIDENT EVERETT, OF HARVARD COLLEGE, LATE MINISTER TO ENCLAND. - 'I peruse the KNICKERBOCKER with high gratification. It seems to me of an order of merit quite above the average of the periodicals of this class, English or American.'

Hox. J. K. PAULDING, LATE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY. - The manner in which the KNICKERBOCKER is conducted, and the great merit of its contributors, place it in the highest rank of periodicals.'

Prof. LONGFELLOW, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. — The KNICKERBOCKER stands high in this quarter. It is superior to most

of the English magazines, and well deserves its large list of subscribers.' Hox. ROBERT M. CHARLTON, GEORGIA.— The KNICKERBOCKER is a work which requires no puff. ing; and I shall always feel that I am conferring a favor on those to whom I recommend it.

MRS. L. H. SIGOURNEY.—'I have long regarded the KNICKERBOCKER as the best periodical in America, and it really seems second to none abroad.'


THE LONDON "TIMES.' _The London · Times' commends the KNICKERBOCKER in cordial terms, and speaks of several articles from which it had selected liberal extracts for subsequent pub. lication.' - LONDON COR. N. Ev. STAR.'

THE LONDON EXAMINER. — "This yery clever Magazine is the pleasantest periodical in the United States. Its articles, which are numerous and short, various and interesting, are well worthy of imitation by our Magazines on this side of the Atlantic.'

LONDON · MORNING CHRONICLE.—Judging from the numbers before us, we are inclined to consider this the best of all the American literary periodicals. Its contents are higbly interesting, instructive and amusing.'

THE LONDON LITERARY GAZETTE. — The taste and talent which the KNICKERBOCKER displays are highly creditable to American writers, and very agreeable for English readers.'

LONDON METROPOLITAN MONTHLY MAGAZINE. - We have read several numbers of this tal. ented periodical, and rejoiced in them. They would do credit to any country, or to any state of civilization to which humanity has yet arrived.'

LONDON · ATHENÆUM.'— From a very clever Monthly Magazine, • The Knickerbocker' of New. York, we copy the following spirited story,' etc.

Sua EDWARD BULWER LYTTON. – “The KNICKERBOCKER is the best American periodical I have yet seen. I take pleasure in enclosing you an article which was penned expressly for your work.'

CHARLES DICKENS, Esq.— I read the KNICKERBOCKER with very great pleasure : it is indeed a prost various and entertaining periodical. It affords me pleasure to contribute to the pages of a work which numbers among its regular correspondents such writers as Mr. IRVING.'

Rev. Dr. Dick, SCOTLAND.— I have read a good many of the articles in the few numbers of the KNICKEREOCKER which you sent me, and find them to possess great merit. Some of its papers, it is true, were too light for my serious lurn of mind; yet the whole appears well calculated to gratify the tastes of the mass of readers.'

Carr. F. MARRYAT. -'You make an excellent Magazine — spirited, various, and original. I hope my 'Moonshine' will reflect no discredit upon the good company in which it will find itself.'

TERMS$5 per annum in advance. New subscribers who will pay $10 in advance shall be entitled to the four past volumes (1844 and 1845) gratis. All remittances must be made to

JOHN ALLEN, Publisher. The following persons are authorized to receive subscribers and collect subscriptions on account of the KNICKERBOCKER MAGAZINE.

MR. HENRY M. Lewis is our Travelling Agent for Alabama and Tennessee.

MR. ISRAEL E. JAMEs, for the Southern and South-western States, assisted by JAMES K. WHIPPLE, WILLIAM H. WELD, 0. H. P. STEM, John B. WELD, B. B. Hussey, T. S. WATERMAN, REUBEN A. Henry and JOHN COLLINS.

MR. C. W. James, for the Western States, Iowa, and Wisconsin, assisted by J. Ross Smith, J. T. Dent, E. Y. JENNINGS, T. GARDNER SMITH, and FREDERICK J. HAWSE.

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Wm. J. Petee,..


E. W. Upson,

Weare C. Little & Co......... Albany.
Stedman & Redfield,

D. L. Proudfit..
Neroburgh. J. W. Cooke,

J. C. Derby, & Co.,..

James Peacock,

L. R. Carswell,..


Hamersley & Richards, Lancaster
J. W. Fletcher,
Jamestoron. Eds. Expositor,...

D. M. Dewey..
Rochester. James Kelly,

Thomas S. Hawks,.

Abm. Horn, P. M.

L. A. Pierce..
Watertorn. David Oliver,..

Mack, Andrus & Woodruff,... Ithaca.
C. L. Whitney,

C. Hawley,

West Adon.

Wm. Taylor & Co...... Baltimore.
J. G. Caldwell,
Whitehall. William Stewart,

L. W. Hall,

Samuel Westcott,

William Wilson,
Poughkeepsie. || c. W. James,

S. Doubleday,

Cooperstown Gen. Travelling Agent for the Laurens Brown,


Western States. Assisted by Samuel Edwards,


Jas. R. Smith, J. T. Dent, E. Y. L. D. Pomeroy & Co.,. ....... Og densburgh.

Jennings, T. G. Smith and

Frederick J. Hawse.
F. W. Thayer, -

H. J. Little,..
Portland. L. Dewey,

D. Bugbee,
Bangor. W. V. Barkalow

E. F. Duren,

H.S. McFadden, .

Smith & Fenno,

Isaac M. Whiting,

D. C. Stanwood,
Augusta, L. Weaver,


F. Putnam,


Charles Burnett, Jr., ...... Providence. Wm. Howe,

New Bedford.
J. F. Macy,

C. Harris,
Worcester. E. W. Drury,...

D. Bixby,

B. R. Byers, P. M.,

J. Ficklin,..

Wm. Riley,

G. W. Noble,...

J. I. Herrick, ......

R. E. Horner,................

Princeton A. L. Dennis,..



Wm. Taylor & Co. .. Washington

Bell & Entwisle,...

W. H. Williams,..

George Tilden, ...

J. B. Keeler,

N. March, -

R. Northington,

M. Boullemet..

W. T. Williams, .

Wm. M. Lyns, .

Wm. Richards, P. M.......... Penfield.

Henry L. Pardoe, .

do. A. G. Willis,


George Little.......... Montgomery.

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Brown & Parsons,........... Hartford.
A. H. Maltby,..
New Haden. J. H. Tebbetts.

Thomas H. Pease,...........

G. F. Payne.....

Terms, $5.00 a year in advance, or $3.00 for six months.

Postage of this Magazine under the new law, 6} cents.

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