Europäische Grundrechte und Grundfreiheiten

Dirk Ehlers, Ulrich Becker
De Gruyter Recht, 2009 - 774 Seiten
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European Law is increasingly displacing and replacing national law. Previous presentations of European law have focused mainly on the institutions. Citizens and their legal positions have been too often overlooked.
This textbook, which is already in its third edition, applies a unified didactic concept to the examination of the essential issues of the European Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. The comprehensively revised new edition takes into consideration all amendments and includes not only the most current supplementary protocols to the European Convention on Human Rights but also the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

This textbook's target audience is primarily students and trainees, but is also geared towards courts, public authorities and associations as well as all those interested in European law.

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Über den Autor (2009)

Ulrich Becker, M nchen; Christian Calliess, Berlin; Dirk Ehlers, M nster; Astrid Epiney, Freiburg/Schweiz; Christoph Grabenwarter, Wien; J rg Gundel, Bayreuth; Stefan Kadelbach, Frankfurt a.M.; Thorsten Kingreen, Regensburg; Thilo Marauhn, Gie en; Eckhard Pache, W rzburg; Hermann P nder, Hamburg; Matthias Ruffert, Jena; Frank Schorkopf, G ttingen; Christian Tietje, Halle-Wittenberg; Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack, Regensburg; Christian Walter, M nster; Bernhard W. Wegener, Erlangen-N rnberg; Peter v. Wilmowsky, Frankfurt a.M.

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