The Other Exile: The Remarkable Story of Fernão Lopes, the Island of St Helena and the meaning of human solitude

Icon Books, 04.05.2017 - 320 Seiten

The first known inhabitant of St Helena – long before
Napoleon – was a 16th-century Portuguese renegade.

In 1506 Fernão Lopes, a member of his country’s minor nobility,
travelled to Goa in search of honour and wealth. There he converted to Islam,
married a Muslim, fought his former countrymen, and was eventually captured –
his nose and hands publicly cut off for treachery. Eventually sailing for home,
he jumped ship at St. Helena, becoming the island’s first inhabitant, with only
a black cockerel for company.

News of Lopes reached the King of Portugal. Picked up by a ship sent
especially for him, Lopes so impressed the King, and the Pope in Rome, that he
was granted one wish. He requested his return to St Helena.

Based on brand new research by A R Azzam, author of the acclaimed Saladin (Longman,
2007), The Other Exile is at once a historical
adventure story and a meditation on solitude. It is a story about redemption in
one of the darkest periods in Europe and the tale of the haunting relationship
between man and wild nature.

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Autoren-Profil (2017)

Abdul Rahman Azzam has a BA and PhD in History from Oxford University. He is the author of Rumi and the Kingdom of Joy (2000) and the bestselling Saladin (published in English in 2007 by Longman), which was selected in Jordan as one of the top one hundred books on Islam.

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