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Notes and Queries, July 28, 1923.

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12 S. XII. JAN. 6, 1923.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS.-No. 247.

Dalton is admitted tenant. There is, there-

fore, an interval of ten years between the V 144

NOTES: Dalton of Leatherhead, 3 - Samuel

Richardson and his Family Circle, 6-The Milton death of Richard Dalton (the first) and the

Ovid Script, 8–Folk-lore: Cauls, 9-A Fourteenth admission of his son, but it is paralleled by

Century Raid, 10–Edmund Harrison of the the gap of eleven years between the death

Broderers' Company-Curious Snuffbox, 11.

of the latter in 1681 and the admission of

QUERIES:-Congreves, 11 – Poem attributed to his son Richard Dalton (the third) in 1692.

Dryden-“ Famille Verte ”—The Rev. William It is stated in “ T'he History and Antiquities

Moore—Giffard of Twyford, Co. Bucks—Gentle of Surrey,' by the Rev. Owen Manning

man Pensioner Extraordinary-Thomas Bows. (1804), that Richard Dalton (the second)

field-The Engadine: English Visitors Seven. and his son resided at the Manor House of

teenth century, 12 — J. Smith's

George, Thorncroft, but no record of a lease to the

Prince of Wales 'Boccaccio's 'Decamerone

Daltons is to be found in the Court Rolls at

H. W. Hull—"An unconscionable time in dying

-Lusignan and Melusine, 13–Reference wanted Merton Colleget. They may, however, have

-Authors wanted, 14.

held a sub-lease.

REPLIES:-Hereditary Use

Richard Dalton (the second) was born in

of Surnames and
Arms, 14–The Suckling Family, 15–Execution 1616 or 1617, but the actual date and place
of a Non-conformist Minister-“ Man of Wax”

have not been found. The first mention of
-Folk-lore: Changelinge, 16 — Trick-numbers his name in the account books of the Comp-
Egg Folk-lore-Proverbs Wanted, 17—Hunger troller of the Household occurs in 1641

Place-names_Mrs. Beeton-Rookwood-Man- (16 Charles I), when he is mentioned with
chester Town or City, 1850, 18—Mace Family, Henry Hall and two others as a Turnbroach
Robert Lowth's Hampshire Parish Duc de

in the Royal Kitchen. At the Restoration,

Reichstadt-Sir Alan le Buxhull-Paper Marks

Giraldus Cambrensis-Poem wanted, 19.

his petition for employment is recorded by

Secretary Nicholas as follows:

NOTES ON BOOKS:– Early Latin Hymns.'

April 1660. Richard Dalton, now Yeoman of

OBITUARY:-A. F. G. Leveson-Gower.

the Wine Cellar; he paid upon His Majesty's

letter £100 to Sir R. Page; he suffered much

for being active for the King in the Surrey


business, and has helped many of his friends,

as Sir Fras. Vincent testifies. He wishes to


be Serjeant of the bake house, as you have

bestowed on Mr. Hethwait his place of Ser-


jeant of the Wine Cellar. I

Sir Henry Firebrace married as his third

From this it would appear that he had
wife Mary, eldest daughter of Richard

risen to the post of Yeoman of the Wine
Dalton, Serjeant of the Wine Cellar to

Cellar under Charles I. The " Surrey busi-
King Charles II*. The first member of the

may refer to the abortive rising of
family of whom we hear is the father of the August, 1659.
latter, Richard Dalton of Leatherhead,

Mr. Hethwait appears to have resigned
yeoman, whose will (Archdeaconry of Sur- the post of Serjeant, as Richard Dalton was
rey, 206) is dated June 8, 1642. He men-

sworn Gentleman and Yeoman of the Mouth
tions in it one son Richard Dalton, then of

on Aug. 17, 1660, and Sergeant of the Wine

age, and five daughters, Élizabeth, Frances, Cellar on Oct. 24 of the same year. He held


the post until his

He married

Sara, Mary and Dorothy, all minors;
must have married, as his son-in-law Robert
Boughton is named as an executor, with

+ Thorncroft leases recorded at Merton
Edward Hudson and Thomas Lampard. College, Oxford: 21st of James I. of England
Proved Aug. 9, 1642. The family held land (1624). To Richard Gardiner for three lives.
in the manor of Thorncroft, held by Merton The Manor House, etc.

Apr. 30, 14th of Charles I. (1639). To
College, Oxford. The Court Rolls show Charles Holloway of St. Michael's in the City
that at a Court Baron hel:1 Sept. 13, 1639, of Oxford for three vears.
Nath. Edward Skeete sold to Richard Oct. 20, 1649. To Walter Rogers.

Oct. 20, 1654. To Walter Rogers.
Dalton, 15 acres of land freehold at a quit

1659, to Thomas Bludworth for lives of John
rent of 6d., and at a Court held Sept. 23, Bludworth, Walter Bludworth and Anne Blud-
1652, the death of Richard Dalton, free- worth and the longest liver of them, the said
holder, is recorded, and his son Richard John, Walter and Anne.

I'Calendar of State Papers, Domestic

* See 'N. & Q.,' 12 S. xi. 23.

Series. 1659/1660. Vol. ccss., p. 426.

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