Family of St. Richard, the Saxon: St. Richard, King; St. Willibald, Bishop; St. Walburga, Virgin, Abbess; St. Winibald, Abbot

J. Toovey, 1844 - 112 Seiten

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Seite 43 - The modern traveller bears the same witness : " The fountain pours forth a large stream of sweet and pleasant water, which is scattered in rivulets over a wide extent. By these abundant waters fertility and verdure are spread over the plain. Where the water does not flow the plain produces nothing."7 The miracle, therefore, still remains ; it is the well of life in an accursed land.
Seite 78 - It is said of the holy Sturme," says an Oxford writer, "that, in passing a horde of unconverted Germans as they were bathing and gambolling in the stream, he was so overpowered by the intolerable scent which arose from them that he nearly fainted away.
Seite 109 - ... rest from its labours, through the merciful goodness of God our tender Father, to which may He of his mercy grant...
Seite 41 - Sea are such as might naturally be expected from the character of its waters and of the region round about, — a naked solitary desert. It lies in its deep caldron, surrounded by lofty cliffs of naked limestone rock, and exposed for seven or eight months in each year to the unclouded beams of a burning sun.
Seite iii - ... (ie in the whole series, this being only No. II.), especially those contained in the life of St. Walburga, " are to be received as matter of fact ; " that " in this day, and under our ' present circumstances, we can only reply, that there is ' no reason why they should not be. They are the kind ' of facts proper to ecclesiastical history, just as instances ' of sagacity or daring, personal prowess, or crime, are the ' facts proper to secular history.
Seite 44 - It is not, therefore, without some feeling of wonder that a stranger unacquainted with the circumstances, on arriving in Jerusalem at the present day, is pointed...
Seite 35 - The church dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel, was built over the very source. " That church," says the narrative, " has often been redeemed for a sum of money from the violence of the neighbouring populace, who have desired to destroy it ; as though heathen hate were ever hemming in, and pressing hard, in fiendish malice, upon Christian love. It is interesting, if not more than that, to learn, that after a lapse of eleven hundred years, the fountain still flows with a feeble stream, and a church...
Seite 95 - But the most remarkable and lasting miracle, attesting the holy Walburga's sanctity, is that which reckons her among the saints who are called 'Elaeophori,' or 'unguentiferous,' becoming, almost in a literal sense, olive-trees in the courts of God.
Seite 34 - They were accordingly set free ; the usual prison fine was forgiven them, and they received a full permission, probably a Tezkirah, or written passport, to travel in the country where they pleased. This important point being gained, they passed on from Edessa to Damascus, a journey of nearly a hundred miles ; the country they traversed contained so many Christians, that it was divided into twelve episcopal sees of the Greek Church. At Damascus they stayed a week ; " there sleeps the body of the holy...
Seite 50 - The whole tract before us," says the Modern Traveller, speaking of the route thither, " was full of olive groves, especially in Wady Ahmed, and on the slopes of Beit Yala, and also in the valleys on the east of the low swell or water-shed ; while towards Bethlehem, were likewise many orchards of fig-trees. Moreover, it abounded formerly in vines, and produced the richest wines in all Judsea.

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