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Fourth. The full termination of the Seventh
Period, or the great period of 1260 years.

The sitting of the judgment on Popery to destroy it. (First Aspect of this Period.)

The overthrow of the dominion of the len Papal nations. (Second Aspect.)

The great deliverance of the church from her long state of depression. (Third Aspect.) Fifth. The end of the period of the 391 years of the duration of the sixth trumpet.

The fall of the Mohammedan dominion, or the

Turkish empire.
Sixth. The sounding of the Seventh Trumpet.

The mystery of God finished.The kingdoms of the world given to Christ. - A revolution.-A most de

structive northern invasion. Seventh. The pouring out of the Seventh Vial.

A very great revolution. A northern invasion. Eighth. The resurrection of the two wit

in some transcendantly glorious manner.

A revolution and great slaughter.
Ninth. The partial resurrection described by


Twelfth. The seven thunders begin to utter

their voices, respecting which it was said
to the Apostle, “ Write them not."

[The intervening space between the years 1793 and 1843, corresponds to the same space of time between the years 727 and 677 B. C., 2520 years backwards; and likewise to the space between the years of our Lord 533 and 583, 1260 years backwards. During the first fifty years the church was brought under the power of the Gentile Monarchies, in which state it exclusively continued the first half of the “seven times.” During the second fifty years it was brought under the dominion of Popery, in connection with the Gentile Monarchies, in which it continued the latter half of the “seven times.” During the present fifty years, of which forty are already passed, the operation is going forward, which, for the last three years and a half of its continuance, will bring the church under the power and dominion of Infi

delity, “ the beast out of the bottomless pit.”] The termination of the second duration of

the Seventh Period, consisting of 1290 years.

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First, The full termination of the Fifth

Period, in its application to the Throne of David and the Tribe of Judah. Second. The termination of the third duration of the Seventh Period, consisting of 1335 years, which is considered, from its being said Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to" this period, to be the commencement of the Millennium.


Page 177, line 16 from bottom: for season ” read “reason.”

185, line 4 from bottom : for “not that they” read not--they."
246, line 12 from bottom : for “ Destruction ” read “ Distinction."
314, line 7: for “and” read of the.”

APR 15 1915

G. Ellerton, Printer, Gough Square, London.

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