Y Cwtta cyfarwydd: 'The chronicle written by the famous clarke, Peter Roberts', for 1607-1646. With an appendix from the register note-book of T. Rowlands, vicar choral of St. Asaph, for 1595-1607 and 1646-1653. Prefaced with an intr. chapter and pedigrees, by D.R. Thomas

Whiting, 1883 - 251 Seiten

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Seite xxii - The corselet was a species of armour chiefly worn by pikemen, who were thence denominated ' Corselets'; strictly speaking, the word ' corselet' meant only that part which covered the body, but was generally used to express the whole suit, under the term of a ' corselet furnished'. This included the head-piece and gorget, the back and breast, with skirts of iron, called tasses or tassets, covering the thighs.
Seite 1 - Md' that upon Friday being the xxvth daie of September 1607 John Powell (sonne and heire of Thos. Powell late of Brynpolyn decessed) and one Anne Lloid onlie daughter of Edward Lloid of Llanelwey gent begotten of the bodie of Parnell Giles (his form' wief) were maried togeather in the cathedrall church of St.
Seite 59 - Md' that upon Saturday being the viiith daie of June 1616 the barne of W'm Holland of Wickwer (brother's a barne burnt. sonue to David Holland of Kynmell esq're) was consumed and burnt w'th fire w'ch was thither brought and kyndled by one of his children of aboute the age of v e yeres in an heape of strawe w'ch lay therein.
Seite xvi - The great man, he observes, ihid. chap. iv. p. 403, kept these " to cast the horoscopes of his children, discover the success of his designs, and the public events that were to happen/' "Their predictions,'' he adds, " were couched in very general and artful terms.
Seite xxiv - fallen down by reason of the greate, mighty, and boisterous windes which happened upon the feast day of the Purificacon of our blessed ladie S. Marie the virgine, 1629.
Seite 184 - Md' that in the moneths of October and November 1638 the steeple and bellphrey of the Cathedrall church of St. Assaph and the loft there were repayred and boorded and the frame of the iii bells there reedified by Ffoulke Lloyd the carpenter (D'c'or John Owen, an Englishman borne, but a Welshman by the father's side) being then Bushoppe there.
Seite xii - Barnwell adds a few words of explanation, in which he states that " the original Register of Pierce Roberts has vanished; but, fortunately, Miss Lloyd of Tynyrhyl had previously made a transcript of it, from which the above is extracted. lt was given by the late Lord Mostyn to Lloyd, the author of Beaumaris Bay, and subsequently bequeathed to Miss Lloyd, together with a large number of MSS.; but which, from the ignorance or neglect of the executor, never reached that lady.
Seite xxiv - great timber trees were carried out of Janian Wood in Beraigne for and towards the making of a newe steeple loft bellpherie
Seite xvii - marriage portions" and " marriage contracts", we have many illustrations. When one couple "were m'ied at Mold and dyned at Chester", we should like to know whether this meant a private or a family dinner, equivalent to the modern "wedding breakfast", of which we have no distinct mention.
Seite 1 - Giles (his form' wief) were maried togeather in the cathedrall church of St. Asaph by John lreland cl're one of the singing men there and late curate of Rudland; being p'sent Dowlce Lewis (his mother) Jane Conway (the said lreland his wief) Jane Price (sister in lawe to Richard Parrye, Bushop of St. Asaphe) w'th others.

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