Façades: Principles of Construction

Springer Verlag Ny, 01.01.2007 - 135 Seiten
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Facades determine the appearance of a building. Thus they have a very important role to play in architecture. At the same time, the building envelope has important functions to fulfill, including lighting, weatherproofing, thermal isolation, load distribution, and sound insulation, to name only the most important. In the last fifteen years, facades have become significantly more complex. For example, "intelligent,â climate-active facades use self-regulating systems to respond to changing light and weather conditions.

This book demonstrates the principles of facade construction. Guidelines are suggested for good detailing. The installation procedures are described for the most common materials âglass, wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum. Numerous drawings made specially for the book explain the principles of the individual types of facade which are then illustrated with built examples.

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Über den Autor (2007)

Dr. Ulrich Knaack was formerly an architect in Dusseldorf and is now a professor of construction and design at the Technische Universiteit Delft (Delft University of Technology) and the Fachhochschule Detmold (University of Applied Sciences, Detmold). He is the author of the well-known textbooks Konstruktiver Glasbau (Glass Construction) and editor of the Birkhauser series "Principles of Construction." Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Auer is a partner at Transsolar Energietechnik in Stuttgart. He is a specialist in integrated building technology, and since 2001 he has been teaching at Yale University in the field of the Environmental Design of Buildings. Dipl.-Ing. Tillmann Klein is an architect and heads the Facade Research Group at the Chair of Professor Knaack, Delft University of Technology. Marcel Bilow is a research associate with Prof. Knaack s chair at the Fachhochschule Lippe & Hoxter (Lippe & Hoxter University of Applied Sciences) in Detmold, where he directs the field Forschung und Entwicklung (Research and Development).

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