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(The Hymns are printed in Alphabetical Order.)


The Figures refer to the Pages, each of which is numbered at the bottom,

Page AH while fools regardless rove....

.135 All people that on earth do dwell

123 All power and grace to God belong.

.147 Amidst thy wrath remember love

48 Among th' assemblies of the great.

100 Arise, O King of Grace, arise

.171 As pants the hart for cooling streams

55 At thy right-hand, my God

.140 Before Jehovah's awful throne.......

.124 Behold his wondrous grace “ Behold, I come,” the Saviour cries.

52 Behold the King of Zion rise ..

.26 Bebold the Lord, the Saviour, rise

12 Behold the love, the generous love

43 Behold the man of impious mind...

68 Behold the sure Foundation-stone

.148 Behold us, Lord, with humble fear

6 Be thou exalted, O my God ...

72 Beset with threat'ning dangers round

142 Bless'd is the man, for ever bless’d.

41 Bless'd is the man, whose hopes divine

52 Bless, O my soul, the Living God...

128 Bless our God, his grace confessing

83 Blest are the souls that hear and know

...108 Blest is the man, whom Thou, O Lord....

.116 Blest Saviour ! by thy Spirit taught

28 Blest who with generous pity glows By morning light I'll seek thy face

70 Christ is ascended high

3 Come see the wonders God hath wrought.

61 Come, sound his praise abroad..

.117 Crown his head with endless blessing.

149 Deep in our hearts let us record

85 Deep with sin and sorrow stricken

89 Descending from above

21 Down from his sanctu'ry on high.

127 Exalted Prince, thy vengeance rais'd

27 Exalt the Lord our God .....




Far as the Isles extend
Far as thy name is known
Far fronı Zion, far from home
Father, I bless thy gentle hand...
Father, I sing thy wondrous grace
Firm was my health, my day was bright.
Fix'd on the sacred hills.
For ever blessed be the Lord
For Thee, O God, our constant praise.
From heaven the Mighty Lord look'd down
From lowest depths of woe..
Give thanks to God Most High
God in his earthly temple lays.
God is the refuge of his saints..
God, my Rock, thy grace restraining
God, my Rock, to Thee complaining
God my Supporter and my Hope..
God of my childhood and my youth
God of my life, look gently down
God of my mercy and my praise..
Good is the Lord, the Heavenly King.
Gracious Lord, disclose thy way.
Great God ! indulge my humble claim
Great God! whose universal sway
Great is the Lord, exalted high.
Great is the Lord, his works of might.
Great is the Lord our God
Great Shepherd of thine Israel.
Had God forsook us, when our foes
Hail, Man of Sorrows! we adore.
Haste, haste, O my God, to my aid.
Hear me, O God! my voice attend.
Hear my prayer, Jehovah, hear..
He reigns! the Lord the Saviour reigns.
He that hath made his refuge God .
High in the heavens, Eternal God
High o'er the heavens, supreme, alone.
How did my heart rejoice to hear..
How fast their guilt and sorrows rise
How long, Eternal God, how long .
How long! O Lord! return, return.
How long wilt thou conceal thy face
How pleasant, how divinely fair
How pleasant 'tis to see...
How pleas'd and blest was I
How shall the young secure their hearts
How various, Lord, thy works are found.
How wondrous and how great
If, midst scenes of sensual joy
I'll praise my Maker while I've breath
I love the Lord-he heard my cries
In all my vast concerns with 'Thee..


63 ,175 ...153

85 38 105 .183


68 .168 174 105 59 56 35 93 89

50 ..139

80 35 76 90 172 .141


98 ..163 . 108

86 78 125 119 .111

45 129 159 18

94 .111

14 .101 . 171 ..160 .150

130 .. 174 .175

187 .145 177


97 135 191

7 39 87 79 19 147 137 38 51 115 164 179 132 29 12 140 17 80 62

In all thy ways of power or grace.
In darkness and the shades of death.
In God's own house pronounce his praise
In mercy, not in wrath rebuke
In Thee, () Lord, I trust
In Thee, Thou gracious Lord...
In righteousness, O Lord, array'd
I set the Lord before my sight.
I shall not die-Jehovah's care
It is the Lord our Saviour's hand
I will extol Thee, Lord, on high.
I waited meekly for the Lord.
Jehovah alone, majestic in might
Jehovah arose in his might..
Jehovah, God Most High
Jehovah is the Lord our God..
Jehovah, my Shepherd and Guide
Jehovah reigns-your tribute bring
Jehovah spake the word ......
Jehovah who, in bliss supreme
Jesus demands the voice of joy
Jesus the Lord ascends on high.
Jesus the Saviour reigns
Jesus the Saviour's Name....
Jesus, thy mighty arm display
Jesus, with thy salvation blest..
Joy to the world! the Lord is come.
Judge me, Lord, in righteousness...
Judge me, O Lord, and prove my ways
Just are thy ways, and true thy word.
Kingdoms and thrones to God belong
Let all in thy favour rejoice...
Let all the earth their voices raise
Let children hear the mighty deeds
Let every tongue thy goodness speak
Let songs of endless praise ....
Let thy grace, Lord, make me lowly
Let Zion and her sons rejoice...
Lo! from the heavens a voice we hear
Lo! in Gethsemane's dark shade
Long as I live, All-bounteous Lord.
Long as I live I'll bless thy Name
Lo! o'er the stormy main..
Lord, before thy throne we bend
Lord, hast Thou cast thy servants off?
Lord, hear my words, my spirit see.
Lord, I am thine; but Thou wilt

Lord I am vile, conceiv'd in sin...
Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes
Lord, I esteem thy judgments right.
Lord, if thou dost not soon appear.
Lord, I have made thy Word my choice

92 84 26 121 57 33 22 84 86 119

97 186 .146 .170

126 ..170 .107 131 185 136 163 73

6 ..20 66

7 152

13 155

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Lord, my God, how long by Thee
Lord of Mercy, just and kind .......
Lord of the worlds above
Lord, let our vigorous sons be seen.
Lord, on thine arm my hopes confide
Lord, since in my advancing age
Lord, thy Church hath seen Thee rise
Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand..
Lord, what is man, poor feeble man.
Lord, when Thou didst ascend on high
Lord, who can all his errors learn.
Lo! the Lord Jehovah liveth...
Lo! the Lord, the mighty Saviour.
Lo! the Mighty God appearing
Messiah's prayer the Lord attends
Mine eyes and my desire
My foes, with envious hate....
My God, accept my early vows.
My God, consider my distress .
My God, how many are my fears
My God, my Everlasting Hope..
My God, my prayer attend.
My God, permit my tongue.
My God, the steps of pious men.
My God, thine ears indulgent lend.
My God, thy tender mercies shew
My God, what inward grief I feel
My gracious God, from heav'n above.
My refuge is the God of Love .
My righteous Judge, my gracious God.
My Saviour, my Almighty Friend
My soul lies cleaving to the dust ...
My soul praise the Lord, speak good of his Name..
My trouble, Lord, regard....
“No God!"- the foolish sinner cries.
No offering God requires
Not to ourselves, who are but dust
Now be my heart inspired to sing.
Now let your songs arise
Now my soul its triumph raises..
Now shall my solemn vows be paid
O all ye Saints, the Lord .
O Britain, praise thy Mighty God
O God, my gracious God, to Thee.
O God, my heart is fully bent...
O God of grace and righteousness.
O God of Hosts, the Mighty Lord.
O God of righteousness, awake!.
O God, our Help in ages past .
O God, Thou art my God alone
O God, to earth incline.......
O Gracious Lord, now let my cries..



15 .101 ..184

19 .178

84 114 .183

83 25 23 44 64 25 32

88 .180 .155

4 87 .103

75 47 69

53 ,179 .184

13 .181

88 .151 .130

39 16

67 .144

58 .118

36 80

40 .188

77 .138

4 100 100 109 77 82 156

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