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" BOARD OF DIRECTORS SECTION i. The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Club and of nine Directors, to be elected as herein provided. "
University Club of Syracuse Officers, Directors, Committees, Constitution ... - Seite 24
von University Club of Syracuse - 1904 - 99 Seiten
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Officers, Directors, Committees...

Syracuse. University club - 1904
...September 26, 1903.) The Treasurer shall collect all revenues of "the Club, shall keep its accounts and report thereon at each regular meeting of the...manage the affairs, funds, property and expenditures of the Club; shall carry out its purposes and promulgate and execute its By-Laws. SECTION 2. The Directors...
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Dairying ...

Correspondence College of Agriculture, Fort Wayne, Ind, Edward Holyoke Farrington - 1910
...state the object of the meeting, and no other business shall be transacted thereat. Article II — Board of Directors Section I. The Board of Directors shall consist of members. They shall be elected at each annual meeting, the first election to be held on the day of...
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The Michigan Alumnus, Band 26

...the prescribed form and paying special course dues of two dollars for each special course period. IV. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Section I. The Board of Directors shall consist of: The President of the Union and its Recording Secretary, to be students, ex officio, to be elected by the...
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Problems in Marketing

Melvin Thomas Copeland - 1923 - 803 Seiten
...potatoes or any other products handled by this exchange must first withdraw from membership. ARTICLE 3 Board of Directors Section i. The board of directors shall consist of seven members provided that each local branch is represented on the Board. Section 2. They shall be...
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Annual Report, Bände 1-3

Michigan Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association - 1909
...the payment of dues. (e). The Treasurer's receipt will constitute the acknowledgement of membership. ARTICLE III— BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Section I. The Board of Directors shall consist of 30 members elected by the Association. The Board shall be divided into five groups of six each to serve...
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