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ated at the United States Military Academy or at the United States Naval Academy; provided that a candidate who holds an honorary degree only shall be distinguished in art, literature, science, the learned professions or the public service.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall determine what degrees from what foreign Universities shall qualify the holders for membership.

SECTION 3. Members not residing or having a place of business in Onondaga County, may be non-resident members; all others shall be resident members. Non-resident members shall not vote or hold office in the Club. SECTION 4.

A non-resident member shall become a resident member on removing his residence or place of business to Onondaga County, and shall forthwith notify the Treasurer thereof in writing. A resident member who shall no longer reside or have a place of business in Onondaga County may become a non-resident member upon notifying the Treasurer thereof in writing.

SECTION 5. No person shall be considered for election to membership, until he shall be proposed by a member and seconded by another member in writing; nor until his name, the kind of membership desired-whether resident or non-resident-the details of his qualifications for membership, degree, department or name of the University from which he received a degree, class, length of stay, etc., his occupation and residence, and the name of his proposer and seconder shall have been entered in a book to be kept for the purpose in an accessible place in the Club room, and shall have also been posted in a conspicuous place in the house for at least two weeks; nor until a report shall have been made upon his name by the Committee on Admissions.

SECTION 6. (As amended September 26, 1903.) Candidates so qualified shall be referred to the Board of Directors, and if duly elected by such Board shall become members upon payment of the entrance fee and of the dues for the current fiscal year; but candidates elected after the Ist of April in any year shall pay but half such dues in addition to the entrance fee, and candidates elected in July, August or September, shall pay no dues for the current year, but shall pay dues for the year to begin on the coming Ist of October.

The election of any candidate shall be · void, if he fail to make payment of the entrance fee, and the dues payable for the current year, within thirty days after notice of his election is mailed, addressed to him at the place given as his residence by his proposer.

ARTICLE VIII ENTRANCE FEES AND DUES SECTION 1. The entrance fee shall be ten dollars for resident members. The annual dues shall be ten dollars for resident members and five dollars for non-resident members.

SECTION 2. The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of October, and all annual dues shall be payable in advance on that day. The status of a member on the first day of October shall determine whether he shall pay resident or non-resident dues for the fiscal year then beginning.

SECTION 3. Notice of dues shall be sent by the Treasurer to every member in September of every year. The names of all members whose annual dues remain unpaid on the first day of the following November shall be posted in the Club rooms, and a second notice shall be sent to them by the Treasurer, and if the dues of any member remain unpaid on the first day of the following December he shall cease to be a member of the Club. He may be reinstated by the Board of Directors upon showing satisfactory excuse

excuse for his default, and paying such dues.


RESIGNATION AND EXPULSION SECTION 1. A member may resign, in writing addressed to the Secretary, but his resignation shall not be accepted until all his indebtedness to the Club be discharged.

SECTION 2. Any member may be suspended or expelled for cause by a vote of two-thirds of all the members of the Board of Directors, fifteen days' previous notice in writing having been given him, stating the charges made against him and affording him an opportunity to be heard thereon.


ADDRESSES SECTION I. A book shall be kept, to be in the charge of the Secretary, in which each member shall subscribe his name, address, class in college, and any and all degrees conferred upon him, and by what University or College.

SECTION 2. Any member may enter in a book, to be kept at the house, a mail address to which all notices to be sent to him under the By-Laws or Rules shall be directed. In default of such entering, such notices may be served by mailing them addressed to him at the place given as his residence in the list of members.


GAMBLING No betting or playing of any game for stakes shall be allowed in the Club rooms.

ARTICLE XII AMENDMENT TO CONSTITUTION This constitution may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Club, at which not less than thirty-five members are

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