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We, the undersigned, all being persons of full age, and citizens of the United States, and residents of the State of New York, desiring to form a corporation, pursuant to the provisions of the Membership Corporation Law of the State of New York, do hereby make, sign, acknowledge and file this certificate for that purpose as follows:

FIRST. The name of the proposed corporation is UNIVERSITY CLUB OF SYRACUSE.

SECOND. The particular objects for which the corporation is to be formed are the promotion of social intercourse among the members thereof, and the advancement of the mutual interests of the universities and colleges of which such members are alumni. THIRD. The territory in which the operations of said corporation are to be principally conducted, and the city in which its principal office is to be located, are the City of Syracuse, in Onondaga County, in the State of New York.

FOURTH. The number of its directors shall be thirteen.

FIFTH. The names and places of residence of the several persons to be its directors until its first annual meeting are as follows:

Frank H. Hiscock Syracuse, New York Henry N. Hyde Syracuse, New York George H. Bond Syracuse, New York William K. Wickes Syracuse, New York A. Judd Northrup Syracuse, New York James H. Hamilton Syracuse, New York Ceylon H. Lewis Syracuse, New York Frederick R. Hazard Solvay, New York William Nottingham Syracuse, New York Ezekiel W. Mundy Syracuse, New York William S. Jenney Syracuse, New York Albert P. Fowler Syracuse, New York

SIXTH. The times for holding its annual meetings shall be on the last Thursday of September of each year.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have made, signed, acknowledged and filed this certificate in duplicate.

Dated this 28th day of September, 1899. John Van Duyn Albert P. Fowler Frank H. Hiscock Forbes Heermans Henry N. Hyde Henry R. Lockwood Geo. H. Bond Jno. L. Heffron Ceylon H. Lewis Alexander D. Jenney William S. Jenney James B. Brooks A. Judd Northrup G. W. Driscoll Ezekiel W. Mundy Giles H. Stilwell James Roscoe Day C. W. Bardeen W. K. Wickes Theodore E. Hancock F. R. Hazard Irving G. Vann Wm. Nottingham W. P. Goodelle E. Haanel

John Nelson Alsever A. R. Gillis

John C. Fowler Ensign McChesney B. W. Sherwood E. F. Southworth Frederick T. Pierson Charles W. Cabeen Edgar C. Morris Wm. H. Blauvelt Wm. A. Mackenzie, Jr. Everett P. Turner Charles C. Cook Edgar A. Emens Robert J. Grant William L. Wallace Eugene W. Belknap George F. Comfort Dix H. Rowland

Elliott J. Northrup Robert McN. Barker
Harry E. Newell John W. Sadler
Paul M. Paine Percy F. Emory
Thos. McE. Vickers John G. Coulter
Edward J. Redington Frank E. Wade
J. D. Pennock Joseph D. Green
Lewis C. Merrell E. S. Van Duyn
Irving S. Merrell E. Bersie Lee
Lyndon S. Tracy M. E. Driscoll
A. Howlett Durston J. C. Palmer
Leonard C. Crouch J. L. King
Chas. W. Wood W. R. Kimball
Leon Brooks Bacon W. Y. Foote
Henry D. Didama Geo. B. Spalding
W. Snowdon Smith Charles E. Spencer
Burton N. Bump C. S. Tracy
Edwin Nottingham W. A. Holden
Wm. DeL. Wilson Charles L. Stone
Henry W. Wilkinson Robert Hudson
Geo. N. Cheney H. G. Coddington
Ernest I. White Benj. J. Shove
Lewis P. Smith W. S. Andrews
Oliver D. Burden James H. Hamilton
Will B. Crowley James E. Newell


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