Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Quebec


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Seite 72 - Every contract, agreement, engagement or bargain made, and every bill of exchange drawn, accepted or endorsed, and every promissory note and cheque made, drawn or endorsed on behalf of the company, by any agent, officer or servant of the company, in general accordance with his powers as such under the by-laws of the company, shall be binding upon the company, and in no case shall it be necessary to have the seal of the company affixed...
Seite 179 - now" be left out, and the words " this day six months," added .at the end thereof. And the Question being put on the amendment ; the House divided : and it passed in the Negative.
Seite 70 - Act, 1879," in so far as the provisions of the same are applicable to the. undertaking authorized by this charter, and in so far as they are not inconsistent with or contrary to the provisions hereof, and save and except as hereinafter provided, is hereby incorporated herewith.
Seite vi - Canada, and therein to do as may seem necessary. HEREIN FAIL NOT. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent...
Seite x - OTTAWA, you were held and constrained to appear ; Now KNOW YE, that for divers causes and considerations, and, taking into consideration the ease and convenience of Our IJoving Subjects, We have thought fit, by and with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada...
Seite 336 - The term incorporated company does not include companies publishing newspapers and periodicals" inserted instead thereof. And the Question being put on the amendment; It was resolved in the Affirmative.
Seite xii - In testimony whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal of Our said Province of Quebec to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Our Trusty and Well Beloved, the Honourable Luc Letellier de Saint Just, LieutenantGovernor of Our said Province of Quebec.
Seite 72 - ... for payment in denominations similar to those of the bond to which they are attached. ' And the whole or any of such bonds, may be pledged, negotiated or sold, upon such conditions and at such price as the Board of Directors shall, from time to time, determine.
Seite 73 - Act shall be construed to authorize the company to issue any note payable to the bearer thereof or any promissory note intended to be circulated as money or as the note of a bank or to engage in the business of banking or insurance.
Seite 209 - now ' to the end of the Question, be left out, and the words " re-committed to a Committee of the Whole House, with instructions...

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