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Sheltered, and safe, and free from pain,
My soul is bleft.

Thy presence fills my mind with peace,
Brightens the thoughts so dark erewhile,

Bids cares and sad forebodings cease,
Makes all things smile.

This ftriking of my pilgrim tent

No longer mournful will appear, If Thy reviving presence lent

The traveller cheer.

The spacious earth is all thine own;

What land soe'er my fteps invite, That land thine eye will reft upon,

By day, by night.

Whether again my home I see,

Or yield on foreign fhores my breath,

Take not thy presence, Lord, from me,
In life or death!

In thee, my hiding-place divine,

Be reft throughout life's journeyings given: Then sweeter, holier reft be mine,

With Thee in heaven!


BOWED 'neath the load of human ill,
Our spirits droop and are dismayed;
O Thou that saideft, "Peace, be ftill,"
To the wild sea, and waft obeyed,
Speak comfortable words of peace
And bid the spirit's tumult cease!

We afk not length of days, nor ease,
Nor gold; but for Thy mercy's sake,
Give us Thy joy, surpafling these,
Which the world gives not, nor can take:
And count it not for sin that we
At times despond, or turn from Thee.

From Mary Howitt's '■'■Seven Temptations."


THAT myftic word of Thine, O sovereign Lord,
Is all too pure, too high, too deep for me!
Weary with ftriving and with longing faint,
I breathe it back again in prayer to Thee.

Abide in me, I pray, and I in Thee!

From this good hour, O leave me never more! Then fhall the discord cease, the wound be healed,

The lifelong bleeding of the soul be o'er.

Abide in me, — o'erfhadow by Thy love

Each half-formed purpose and dark thought of sin;

Quench, ere it rise, each selfifh, low defire,
And keep my soul as Thine, calm and divine:

As some rare perfume in a vase of clay
Pervades it with a fragrance not its own,

So, when Thou dwelled: in a mortal soul,

All heaven's own sweetness seems around it thrown.

The soul alone, like a neglected harp,

Grows out of tune, and needs that Hand divine.

Dwell Thou within it, tune and touch the chords,
Till every note and ftring fhall answer Thine.

Abide in me: there have been moments pure,

When I have seen Thy face and felt Thy power;

Then evil loft its grasp, and paflion, hufhed,
Owned the divine enchantment of the hour.

These were but seasons beautiful and rare;

Abide in me, and they fhall ever be:
I pray Thee now fulfil my earnef t prayer,

Come and abide in me, and I in Thee.

Mrs. H. B. Stowe.


IN the hour of my diftress,
When temptations me oppress,
And when I my fins confess,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When I lie within my bed,
Sick at heart 'and fick at head,
And with doubts disquieted,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the house doth figh and weep,
And the world is drowned in fleep,
Yet mine eyes the watch do keep,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the pafling-bell doth toll,
And the furies in a fhoal
Come to fright a parting soul,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When, God knows, I 'm tofled about,
Either with despair or doubt,
Yet before the glass be out,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the tapers now burn blue,
And the comforters are few,
And that number more than true,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the prieft his laft hath prayed,
And I nod to what is said,
'Cause my speech is now decayed,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the tempter me pursu'th
With the fins of all my youth,
And half damns me with untruth,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the flames and hellifh cries
Fright mine ears and fright mine eyes,
And all terrors me surprise,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the judgment is revealed,
And that opened which was sealed,
When to Thee I have appealed,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

Robert Herrick. 1648.

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