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LORD, turn not Thy face away

From them that lowly lie, Lamenting sore their finful life

With tears and bitter cry;
Thy mercy-gates are open wide

To them that mourn their sin;
O shut them not against us, Lord,

But let us enter in.

We need not to confess our fault,

For surely Thou canst tell
What we have done, and what we are

Thou knowest very well :
Wherefore, to beg and to entreat,

With tears we come to Thee, As children that have done amiss

Fall at their father's knee.

And need we then, O Lord, repeat

The blessing which we crave,
When Thou dost know, before we speak,

The thing that we would have ?
Mercy, O Lord, mercy we ask,

This is the total sum; For mercy, Lord, is all our prayer; 0 let Thy mercy come!

Variation by Bishop Heber. 1827.

From John Mardly. 1562. HELP us, Lord ! each hour of need,

Thy heavenly succor give ;
Help us in thought and word and deed,

Each hour on earth we live!

O help us when our spirits bleed

With contrite anguish sore ;
And when our hearts are cold and dead,

O help us, Lord, the more! ·

O help us, through the prayer of faith,

More firmly to believe ;
For still the more the servant hath,

The more shall he receive.

If strangers to Thy fold we call,

Imploring at Thy feet
The crumbs that from Thy table fall,

'Tis all we dare entreat.

But be it, Lord of mercy, all,

So Thou wilt grant but this :
The crumbs that from Thy table fall

Are light and life and bliss.

O help us, Jesus, from on high !

We know no help but Thee:
O help us so to live and die
As Thine in heaven to be!

H. H. Milman.


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Thy crown of joy upon his head,

Thy light upon his face, Through storms and strife thy Christ could tread

On to the happy place.

And though the cross were sharp and high,

The lifted Lord could see
The souls he loved drawn nearer by

His love's last energy.

Help me, O God! to seek, to win,

Through struggles and through prayer, The faith which frees my soul from sin,

And brings Thy blessing there.

So shall my cross of conquered shame

My fainting brothers raise ;
So Thy triumphant mercy flame

Around my path of praise.

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W H ILE Thee I seek, protecting Power,

V Be my vain wishes stilled ; And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be filled.

Thy love the power of thought bestowed ;

To Thee my thoughts would soar ; Thy mercy o’er my life has flowed ;

That mercy I adore.

In each event of life, how clear

Thy ruling hand I see !
Each blessing to my soul more dear,

Because conferred by Thee.

In every joy that crowns my days,

In every pain I bear,
My heart shall find delight in praise,

Or seek relief in prayer.

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ON LEAVING HOME FOR A MILDER CLIMATE. “My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” — Exodus xxxiii. 14.

THIS gracious promise, Lord, fulfil,

1 Now that I leave a home so dear; My soul's sweet home is present still,

If Thou art near.

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