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Its eflence, not its writ,

Our sovereign rule we call;
Not faftening down all truth to it,

But widening it to all.

With this free reverence, Lord,

In Chriftly church eftate, With earneft, brotherly accord, . These walls we dedicate

To prayer and holy thought;

Affections set above;
To faiths from higheft fountains brought,

And works of wideft love.

Thy presence, Father, make

The refuge and supply;
And for thy Truth and Mercy's sake

Build on, and sanftify.

Dr. N. L. Frothingham. 1863.


ONE holy Church of God appears
Through every age and race,
Unwafted by the lapse of years,
Unchanged by changing place.

From oldeft time, on fartheft shores,

Beneath the pine or palm,
One Unseen Presence fhe adores,

With filence or with psalm.

Her priefts are all God's faithful sons
To serve the world raised up;

The pure in heart her baptized ones,
Love her communion cup.

he truth is her prophetic gift,
The soul her sacred page;
And feet on mercy's errands swift
Do make her pilgrimage.

O living Church! thine errand speed;

Fulfil thy tafk sublime;
With bread of life Earth's hunger feed;

Redeem the evil time!

J—' Love of God, unspent and free,
Flowing in the Prophet's word
And the People's liberty!

Rev. S. Longfellow. 1863.



Never was to chosen race

That unftinted tide confined; Thine is every time and place,

Fountain sweet of heart and mind!

Secret of the morning ftars,

Motion of the oldeft hours, Pledge through elemental wars

Of the coming spirit's powers!

Breathing in the thinker's creed,

Pulfing in the hero's blood, Nerving fimpleft thought and deed,

Frefhening time with truth and good,

Consecrating art and song,

Holy book and pilgrim track, Hurling floods of tyrant wrong

From the sacred limits back,—

Life of Ages, richly poured,

Love of God, unspent and free, Flow ftill in the Prophet's word

And the People's liberty!

Rev. S. 'Johnson. 1863. INDEX TO FIRST LINES.



Ah! why fliould bitter tears be fried 55

A little bird I am 182

All-seeing God! 't is Thine to know ...... 320

Almighty Former of this wondrous plan 197

And is there nothing to be done 153

A poor wayfaring Man of grief . . . . . . . 218

Are we not nobles? We who trace 140

Arise! this day shall shine ........ 37

A safe ftronghold our God is ftill 16

As body when the soul has fled ....... 155

As, down in the sunless retreats of the ocean ..... 240

A soldier's course, from battles won ...... 27

As ftrangers, —glad for this good inn 138

Author of good, to Thee we turn 132

A voice from the desert comes awful and fhrill 20

Awake, my soul, awake to prayer ...... 126

Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes 257

Before Jehovah's awful throne 146

Begin the day with God 105

Behold the weftern evening light ....... 275

Be not afaid to pray, — to pray is right ...... 80

Beyond the hills where suns go down ...... 288

Beyond these chilling winds and gloomy fkies ..... 295

Bowed 'neath the load of human ill 93
Calm me, my God, and keep me calm ...... 221

Carry me across !.......... 8

Chrift, whose glory fills the ikies 109

Cling to the Mighty One 169

Come, Holy Spirit! from the height 177

Come Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove . . . . . . 175

Come, let us pray: 't is sweet to feel ...... 85

Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate 176

Come! said Jesus' sacred voice ....... 57

Come unto me, when fhadows darkly gather ..... 256

Come, ye thankful people, come 144

Dear Friend, whose presence in the house 180

Dear God, that watch doth keep 112

Deem not that they are bleft alone 63

Father, I call on Thee ........ '4

Father! into Thy loving hands 246

Father, when o'er our trembling hearts ..... 64

Flow on, thou Fountain of my joy . . . . . . . S'

Forever with the Lord ........ 291

Friend after friend departs ........ 281

From lips divine, like healing balm 35

From my lips in their defilement 97

From the eternal fhadow rounding . 282

Give to the winds thy fears 159

God doth not leave His own 53

God moves in a myfterious way . . . . . .40

God of my childhood and my youth 267

God's ways are not as our ways . . . . . . .198

Go not far from me, O my Strength 206

Go to dark Gethsemane ......... 59

Go to the grave in all thy glorious prime 18

Gracious Source of every bleffing !....... 274

Gracious Spirit, dwell with me ....... too

Had I a thousand hearts, I'd raise 210

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