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Till selfifh paflion, ftrife, and wrong
Thy summons fhall have heard,

And thy creation be complete,
O Thou Eternal Word!

Rev. S. Longfellow.


OFOR the coming of the end,
The laft long Sabbath day of time,
When peace from heaven fhall descend,
Like light on every clime.

For men in fhips far off at sea
Shall hear the happy nations raise

The song of peace and liberty,
And overflowing praise.

Mankind fhall be one brotherhood;

One human soul fhall fill the earth, And God fhall say, "The world is good

As when I gave it birth."



OTHOU great Friend to all the sons of men, Who once appeared in humbleft guise below, Sin to rebuke, to break the captive's chain,

And call thy brethren forth from want and woe, —

We look to thee! thy truth is ftill the Light
Which guides the nations, groping on their way,

Stumbling and falling in disaftrous night,
Yet hoping ever for the perfect day.

Yes; thou art ftill the Life, thou art the Way

The holieft know; Light, Life, the Way of heaven!

And they who deareft hope and deepeft pray

Toil by the Light, Life, Way, which thou haft given.

Rev. Theodore Parker.


STRONG-SOULED Reformer, whose far-seeing faith Of lifted cry and tumult had no need,—

Who ftayedft the lightnings of thy holy wrath
With pitying love, to spare the bruised reed,—
Thy will to save, thy ftrength to conquer, flowed
From seas of tenderness and might in God.

Thy living word sprang from the heart of man

Eternal word of love and liberty:

Fearless thou gav'ft it to the winds again;

'T was Manhood's native tongue, and could not die.

To thy dear brotherhood life's pulses leap;

And wakening ages answer, deep to deep.

Rev. S. 'Johnson. AFFLICTION.



FROM lips divine, like healing balm
To hearts opprefTed and torn,
The heavenly consolation fell,
"Blefled are they that mourn."

Unto the hopes by sorrow crufhed

A noble faith succeeds;
And life, by trials furrowed, bears

The fruit of loving deeds.

How rich, how sweet, how full of ftrength,

Our human spirits are, Baptized into the sanctities

Of suffering and of prayer!

Yes, heavenly wisdom, love divine,
Breathed through the lips which said,

"O blefled are the hearts that mourn;
They fhall be comforted."

"Caft thy burden upon the Lord." — Psalm lv. 22.

IS this the way, my Father? 'T is, my child.
Thou muft pass through this tangled, dreary wild,
If thou wouldft reach the city, undefiled,

Thy peaceful home above.

But enemies are round! Yes, child, I know
That where thou leaft expecteft thou 'It find a foe;
But victor thou malt prove o'er all below,

Only seek ftrength above.

My Father, it is dark! Child, take my hand,
Cling close to me; I 'll lead thee through the land;
Truft my all-seeing care; so fhalt thou ftand

'Midft glory bright above.

My footfteps seem to flide! Child, only raise
Thine eye to me, then in these flippery ways
I will hold up thy goings; thou fhalt praise

Me for each ftep above.

O Father, I am weary! Child, lean thy head
Upon my breaft. It was my love that spread
Thy rugged path; hope on, till I have said,

"Reft, reft for aye, above."

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