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When earth upon a ransomed race

Her bounteous gifts shall shower.
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell!
Bid high thy sacred banner swell!
Let trump on trump the triumph tell
Of Heaven's redeeming power.

Rev. H. Ware, Jr.

UT of the dark the circling sphere

Is rounding onward to the light;
We see not yet the full day here,
But we do see the paling night ;

And Hope, that lights her fadeless fires,
And Faith, that shines, a heavenly will,
And Love, that courage reinspires, —
These stars have been above us ftill.

O sentinels! whose tread we heard,
Through long hours when we could not see,
Pause now; exchange with cheer the word,
The unchanging watchword, — Liberty !

Look backward, how much has been won !
Look round, how much is yet to win!
The watches of the night are done ;
The watches of the day begin.

O Thou, whose mighty patience holds
The day and night alike in view,
Thy will our dearest hopes enfolds,
O keep us steadfast, patient, true!

Rev. S. Longfellow.


M EN of thought! be up and stirring

Night and day!
Sow the seed, withdraw the curtain,

Clear the way!
Men of action, aid and cheer them

As ye may !
There's a fount about to stream ;
There's a light about to beam ;
There's a warmth about to glow;
There's a flower about to blow;
There's a midnight blackness changing

Into gray.
Men of thought and men of action,

Clear the way!

Once the welcome light has broken,

Who shall say What the unimagined glories

Of the day?

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Lo! a cloud's about to vanish

From the day;
Lo! the right's about to conquer, —

Clear the way!
And a brazen wrong to crumble

Into clay.
With that right shall many more
Enter smiling at the door ;
With the giant wrong shall fall
Many others, great and small,
That for ages long have held us

For their prey.
Men of thought and men of action,
Clear the way!

Charles Mackay. ISRAEL, to thy tents repair :

Why thus secure on hostile ground? Thy King commands thee to beware,

For many foes thy camp surround.

The trumpet gives a martial strain :

O Israel, gird thee for the fight! Arise, the combat to maintain,

And put thine enemies to fight !

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A nobler lot is cast for thee;

A kingdom waits thee in the skies : With such a hope, shall Israel Alee,

Or yield, through weariness, the prize ?

No! let a careless world repose

And slumber on through life's short day,
While Israel to the conflict goes,
And bears the glorious prize away!

Thomas Kelly. 1806. BE STRONG, FEAR NOT.

DRISONERS of hope! be strong, be bold;
1 Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear!
The day which prophets have foretold,
And saints have longed for, draweth near :
Our God shall in his kingdom come;
Prepare your hearts to make him room!

O ye of fearful hearts, be strong!
Your downcast eyes and hands lift up,
Doubt not, nor cry, “O God, how long ?”
Hope to the end, in patience hope !
O, never from your faith remove;
Ye cannot fail, for God is love!

Lord, we have faith; we wait the hour
Which to the earth thy kingdom brings ;
When thou, in love and joy and power,
Shalt come and make us priests and kings ;
When man shall be indeed thy son,
And thy pure will on earth be done.

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