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OME, Holy Spirit! from the height, - Of heaven send down Thy blessed light !

Come, Father of the friendless poor ! Giver of gifts, and Light of hearts, Come with that unction which imparts

Such consolations as endure.

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Where Thou art, Lord ! there is no ill,
For evil's self Thy light can kill.

O let that light upon us rise,
Lord! heal our wounds, and cleanse our stains,
Fountain of grace! and with thy rains

Our barren spirits fertilize.

Bend with Thy fires our stubborn will,
And quicken what the world would chill,
And homeward call the feet that stray :

Virtue's reward, and final grace,
The Eternal vision face to face,

Spirit of Love! for these we pray.

Come, Holy Spirit! bid us live;
To those who trust Thy mercy give

Joys that through endless ages flow :
Thy various gifts, foretastes of heaven,
Those that are named Thy sacred Seven,
On us, O God of love, bestow.

Frederick Faber.



THEY talked of Jesus as they went ;

1 And Jesus, all unknown, Did at their side himself present

With sweetness all his own.
Swift as He oped the sacred word,

His glory they discerned ;
And swift, as his dear voice they heard,

Their hearts within them burned.

He would have left them, but that they

With prayers his love affailed : “Depart not yet ! a little stay !”

They pressed Him, and prevailed.

And Jesus was revealed, as there

He blessed and brake the bread :
But, while they marked his heavenly air,

The matchless Guest had fled.

And thus at times, as Christians talk

Of Jesus and his word,
He joins two friends amidst their walk,

And makes, unseen, a third.
And O how sweet their converse flows !

Their holy theme how clear!
How warm with love each bosom glows,

If Jesus be but near!

And they that woo his visits sweet,

And will not let Him go,
Oft, while his broken bread they eat,

His soul-felt presence know :
His gathered friends He loves to meet,

And fill with joy their faith,
When they with melting hearts repeat

The memory of his death.

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EAR Friend, whose presence in the house,

Whose gracious word benign, Could once at Cana's wedding feast

Turn water into wine, —

Come visit us, and when dull work

Grows weary, line on line, Revive our souls, and make us see

Life’s water glow as wine.

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The social talk, the evening fire,

The homely household shrine, Shall glow with angels' visits when

The Lord pours out the wine !

For when self-seeking turns to love,

Which knows not mine and thine,
The miracle again is wrought,
And water changed to wine.

Rev. Jas. F. Clarke. 1856. LOVE.


n LOVED! but not enough, though dearer far

Than self and its most loved enjoyments are ; None duly loves Thee, but who, nobly free From sensual objects, finds his all in Thee.

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Confess Him righteous in his just decrees,
Love what He loves, and let his pleasures please ;
Die daily; from the touch of fin recede;
Then thou hast crowned Him, and He reigns indeed.

Madame Guyon. 1648 – 1717.

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