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Day without night the angels sing,
Nor reft upon the drooping wing ;
Teaching our souls betimes to ascend,
Where hallelujahs never end.

David awaked his harp and voice,
And all within him, to rejoice,
God's love to praise at morning light,
And tell of all His truth at night.

Jacob in prayer nocturnal strove ;
No stern repulse his prayer could move;
In vain the angel-man did say,
“Dismiss me, for 't is break of day!”

See how, in galling fetters laid,
At midnight Paul and Silas prayed ;
Their gory wounds still smarting sore,
And cold the prison's rugged Aoor.

They sang the praises of the Lord;
So loud they sang, the prisoners heard :
And yet they thought that death was nigh ;
And clouds obscured their morning sky.

How shall I then Thy praise decline,
When health and friends and home are mine?
My dawn of day is clear and calm ;
No foes oppress, no fears alarm.

Are these Thy mercies, Lord, to me?
O, let me then Thy servant be!
Submitting to Thy just control,
And loving Thee with all my soul.

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’T is there I hope Thy face to see,
The crown of all felicity ;
'Tis there I hope that rest to gain,
Which here I seek, but seek in vain.

As endless ages roll along,
Endless shall be my grateful song ;
And heaven itself shall pass away,
Before I cease my vows to pay.

Glory to God, who Israel keeps,
Who never numbers, never seeps!
Almighty Power no weakness knows;
Unwearied Love asks no repose.

And now, my midnight musings o’er,
Thy wonted mercies, Lord, restore:
Let feep again my eyelids fill,
And angels guard my soul from ill.

James Ford.



T WAS in the watches of the night

1 I thought upon Thy power ; I kept Thy lovely face in sight,

Amid the darkest hour.

While I lay resting on my bed,

My soul arose on high ;
My God, my life, my hope, I said,

Bring thy salvation nigh.

I strive to mount thy holy hill;

I walk the heavenly road; Thy glories all my spirit fill,

While I commune with God.

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TN the still silence of the voiceless night,

I When, chased by airy dreams, the slumbers fee, Whom in the darkness doth my spirit seek,

O God, but Thee ?

And if there be a weight upon my breast,
Some vague impression of the day foregone,
Scarce knowing what it is, I fly to Thee,

And lay it down.

Or if it be the heaviness that comes
In token of anticipated ill,
My bosom takes no heed of what it is,

Since 't is Thy will.

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More tranquil than the stillness of the night,
More peaceful than the silence of that hour,
More blest than anything, my spirit lies

Beneath Thy power.

For what is there on earth that I desire,
Of all that it can give or take from me,
Or whom in heaven doth my spirit seek,

O God, but Thee?

STAR of morn and even,
w Sun of Heaven's heaven,
Saviour high and dear,
Toward us turn thine ear ;
Through whate'er may come,
Thou canst lead us home.

Though the gloom be grievous,
Those we leant on leave us,
Though the coward heart
Quit its proper part,
Though the Tempter come,
Thou wilt lead us home.

Saviour pure and holy,
Lover of the lowly,
Sign us with thy fign,
Take our hands in thine,
Take our hands and come,
Lead thy children home!

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