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Art. I. 1. Mémoires de Madame la Marquise de la Roche

Jaquelein, écrits par elle-même, rédigés par M. Le

Baron de Barante.

2. Vie du Général Charette, Commandant en Chef les

Armées Catholiques et Royales dans la Vendée. Ex-

trait d'un Manuscrit sur la Vendée, par M. le Bouvier-

Desmortiers, &c.

3. Précis Historique de la Guerre Civile de la Vendée,

depuis son Origine jusqu'à la Pacification de la Jau-

naise, &c. Par P. V. J. Berthre de Bournisaux (de


4. Mémoires du Comte Josephe de Puisaye, Lieutenant-

Général, &c. &c. qui pourront servir à l'Histoire du

Parti Royaliste Français durant la dernière Révolution.

5. Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire de la Guerre de la

Vendée. Par le Général Turreau, Lieutenant-Géné-

ral des Armées de l'Empire, ancien Ministre-Plénipo-

tentiaire de France aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique.

6. Histoire de la Guerre de la Vendée et des Chouans,

depuis son Origine jusqu'à la Pacification de 1800.

Par Alphonse de Beauchamp.

7. Vie de Lazare Hoche, Général des Armées de la Ré-

publique Française. Par Alexandre de Rousselin.

Suivie de sa Correspondance publique et privée, &c.

8. Histoire Générale et Impartiale des Erreurs, des

Fautes, et des Crimes, commis pendant la Révolution

Française. (Par Prudhomme).

II. 1. Judicium Regale.

2. Fazio ; a Tragedy. By H. H. Milman, B.A. Fellow

of Brasenose College


III. Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde ; accompanied by a

Geographical and Historical Account of those Coun-

tries; with a Map. By Lieutenant lienry Pottinger,

of the Honourable East India Company's Service

IV. Euripidis Alcestis. Ad fidem Manuscriptorum ac vete-

rum editionum emendavit et annotationibus instruxit

Jacobus Henricus Monk, A.M. Collegii SS. Trinitatis

Socius, et Græcarum Literarum apud Cantabrigienses

Professor Regius. Accedit Georgii Buchanani versio




V. The Antiquary. By the Author of Waverley and Guy



VI. 1. Mémoire sur la Nécessité et les Moyens de faire cesser

les Pirateries des Etats Barbaresques. Recu, consi-

déré, et adopté à Paris en Septembre-à Turin, le 14

Octobre, 1814-à Vienne durant le Congrès. Par W.

Sidney Smith.

2. A Letter to a Member of Parliament on the Slavery

of the Christians at Algiers. By Walter Croker, Esq.

of the Royal Navy.

3. Narrative of a Ten Year's Residence at Tripoli, in

Africa, from the original Correspondence, in the pos-

session of the Family of the late Richard Tully, Esq.

the British Consul; comprising authentic Memoirs

and Anecdotes of the reigning Bashaw, Sedi Useph, his

Family, and various Persons of distinction ; an Ace

count of the Domestic Manners of the Moors, Arabs,

and Turks, &c.

4. Travels in Europe and Africa ; comprising a Journey

through France, Spain and Portugal, to Morocco, with

a particular Account of that Empire, &c. By Colonel


5. An Account of Tunis, of its Government, Manners,

Customs, and Antiquities; especially of its Produc-

tions, Manufactures, and Commerce. By Thomas


- 139

VII. Sequel to a Narrative of a Forced Journey through

Spain and France, as a Prisoner of War, in 1810 to

1813; including Observations on the present State of

Ireland, &c. &c. &c. By Maj.-Gen. Lord Blayney 183

VIII. 1. Reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition of

the Poor.

2. Pietas Londinensis.

3. Mémoires sur les Moyens de détruire la Mendicité.

Par M. le Vicomte de Prunelle, Membre de la Chambre

des Députés, du Comité d'Administration de la So-

ciété Philantropique de Paris, de la Commission des

Assurances établie près le Ministre de l'Intérieur.

4. The Principles of Population and Production as they

are affected by the Progress of Society, with a View

to Moral and Political Consequences. By John Wey-

land, Jun. Esq. F.R.S.


IX. The History of Persia, from the most early Period to

the present Time : containing an Account of the Re-

ligion, Government, Usages, and Character of the

Inhabitants of that Kingdom. By Colonel Sir John

Malcolm, K.C.B., K.L.S. late Minister Plenipoten-

tiary to the Court of Persia from the Supreme Govern-

ment of India

- 236


Art. I. Travels of Ali Bey in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia,

Syria, and Turkey, between the Years 1803 and 1807.

Written by Himself.

- 299

II. Waterloo, and other Poems. By J. Wedderburne Webster,



III. 1. Brief View of the Baptist Missions, and Translations; with

Specimens of various Languages in which the Scriptures are

printing at the Mission Press, Serampore.

2. Clavis Sinica: Elements of Chinese Grammar, with a Preliminary

Dissertation on the Characters, and the Colloquial Medium of the

Chinese ; and an Appendix, containing the Ta-Hyok of Confu-

cius, with a Translation. By J. Marshman, D.D.

3. A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in three Parts. - Part I.

containing Chinese and English, arranged according to the Ra-

dicals. Part II. Chinese and English, arranged alphabetically.

Part III. English and Chinese. By the Rev. Robert Morrison 350

IV. The Works of William Mason, A.M. Precentor of York and

Rector of Aston

- 376

V. An Essay on the Prevention and Cure of Insanity, with Obser-

vations on the Rules for the Detection of Pretenders to Mad-

ness. By George Nesse Hill.

2. Report together with the Minutes of Evidence, and an Appendix

of Papers, from the Committee appointed to consider of Provi-

sions being made for the better Regulation of Madhouses in

England. (Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed,

11th July, 1815.) Each Subject of Evidence arranged under

its distinct Head. By J. B. Sharpe, Member of the Royal Col-

lege of Surgeons.

3. A Letter addressed to the Chairman of the Select Committee of

the House of Commons appointed to inquire into the State of

Madhouses. To which is subjoined, Remarks on the Nature,

Causes, and Cure of Mental Derangement. By Thomas Bakewell.

4. Observations on the Laws relating to Private Lunatic Asylums,

and particularly on a Bill for their Alteration, which passed the

House of Commons in the year 1814.

5. Practical Hints on the Construction and Economy of Pauper

Lunatic Asylums, including Instructions to the Architects who

offered Plans for Wakefield Asylum, and a Sketch of the most

approved Design. By, Samuel Tuke

- 387

VI. Symbolic Illustrations of the History of England, from the Ro-

man Invasion to the present Time, accompanied with a Narrative

of the Principal Events, designed more particularly for the In-

struction of Young Persons. By Mary Ann Rundall, of Bath,

Author of the Grammar of Sacred History

• 419

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