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Arnold, 1869

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Seite 3 - Biblical Cyclopaedia; or, Dictionary of Eastern Antiquities, Geography, Natural History, Sacred Annals and Biography, Theology, and Biblical Literature. Illustrative of the Old and New Testaments. With Maps and Pictorial Illustrations, drawn from the most authentic Sources. London,
Seite 156 - Flora of Middlesex: a topographical and historical Account of the Plants! found in the County; with Sketches of the physical Geography and Climate, and of the Progress of Middlesex Botany during the last three Centuries. By
Seite 256 - All injuries*) to books beyond a reasonable wear, and all losses, shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Superintendent , by the persons liable ; every book detained above three months being held to be lost.
Seite 124 - Moths. With life-size Figures from Nature of each Species, and of the more striking Varieties; also full Descriptions of both the perfect Insect and the Caterpillar, together with Dates of Appearance, and Localities where found.
Seite 176 - Macintosh, D. The Scenery of England and Wales, its Character, and Origin: being an Attempt to trace the Nature of the geological Causes, especially Denudation, by which the physical Features of the Country have been produced; founded on the Results of many years' personal Observations, and illustrated by eighty-six Woodcuts, including Sections and Views of Scenery, from original Sketches or from Photographs.
Seite 256 - and maliciously writes upon, injures, defaces, tears or destroys any book, plate, picture; engraving or statue, belonging to any law, town, city, or other public library, shall be punished by a fine of
Seite 254 - To protect the Library against loss, and to secure to all a just and equitable share in its benefits, any person detaining a volume longer than the regulations permit shall be fined two cents for each day of detention ; and no remission of any fine shall be made except by the Superintendent.
Seite 344 - Speculum historíale de Gestis Regum Angliae. From the copy in the Public Library, Cambridge. Edited by John EB Mayor, MA Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Vol.
Seite 344 - La Prophétie du Roy Charles VIII; par maître Guilloche, Bourdelois. Publiée pour la première fois, d'après le manuscrit unique de la Bibliothèque impériale, par le Marquis de La Grange, membre de l'Institut.
Seite 12 - An Account of the Massachusetts State Prison. Containing a description and plan of the edifice ; the law, regulations, rules and orders: with a view of the present state of the institution. By the Board of Visitors. Charlestown,

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