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That the delegate from the classis of Montgomery, states that the sum of $50 charged to them, is for minutes received previous to the division of that classis into those of Cayuga and Schoharie, and that the same cannot now be collected from their churches.

Resolved, That this account be discharged.

It appears

from the statement of the delegate of the classis of Paramus, that there is an error in the account charged to them, and that they have paid up the same in full.

Resolved, That the arrears charged against them, be discharged.

All which is respectfully submitted.


The Door-keeper's bill, amounting to $13 50, was presented and ordered to be paid.


Resumption and Close.

Resolved, That the Stated Clerk publish 1000 copies of the Minutes of this Synod, duly authenticated; and that he distribute among the Classes the number of copies directed by them.

The Minutes were read and approved.

Agreeably to the standing rule of Synod, the roll was called at the close of the session, when it appeared that the following members were absent without permission, viz : Rev. James B. Hardenbergh, Samuel Kissam, Douw Van Olinda, Ransford Wells, and Paul Weidman, and the Elders, John Druye, Henry Loucks, John Mildeberger, Peter Sharpe, Abraham Van Nest, Cornelius Van Olinda and Garrit P. Wyckoff.



Synod adjourned to meet in the city of New York, on the first Wednesday in June, 1832, at 10 o'clock, A. M.

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Absentees at the close of the Synod without permission, names of certain, 396
Acts of General Synod of 1797 and 1815, relative to incest, proposition to
rèpeal them,


decision of
Synod, concerning

Accounts, Standing Committee on instituted

reports of

213 303 394
with the several Classes, relative to Minutes of General Synod, 388
-certain discharged,

395 6
of the Board of directors, committee appointed to audit them 394
Adrain, Dr. his removal from Rutgers' College, and place supplied by Mr.
Theodore Strong,

Adsessors of General Synod.-Rev. Cornelius D. Westbrook,

6 85
Robert Bronk,

John Gosman

Henry Ostrander,

Samuel A. Van Vranken,

66 Philip Duryee,

Agents to Holland, appointed,

measures to supply their pulpits, during their absence 38
proceedings of the Board of Direction, relative to 18 104

President of Synod authorised to make out their com-

of General Synod, views of the Board of Direction, concerning 156 241
appointed to make a special effort to raise money for the Library, &c. 197
Board of Direction, request authority to appoint them,

the success of those appointed by the Board of Direction,

the Board of Direction empowered to employ them at a certain per

Agent General, of the Missionary Society, ministers and churches recom-
mended to receive him,

appointed to raise funds, for the Theological and Literary

of the Missionary Society, views of the northern board of
Agency relative to his removal,

views of the Committee on Missions relative to the impor-
tance of, and of his removal by the Missionary Society,

of the church, Rev. J. F. Sahermerhorn, appointed, his
galary &c.,


appointment re-


his salary how to
be raised,

298 386 y
report of, received, 375

the satisfaction of
Synod with his labors, .


measures for the
payment of his salary,

378 386 7
for the Theological College,


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ary -- to have no further concern in raising money


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Agent General of the Church, the necessity of the continued labors of

377 78 Agency, Board of, in the Synod of Albany—see Board of Agency American Bible Society, a commission from the Managers of, appear before Synod,

210 report of a Committee on their resolution to supply the United States with Bibles,

210 Home Missionary Society, annual reports of, received,

74 Seamen's Friend Society, report of a committee on certain communications from,

211 Sunday School Union, communication from, relative to establishing schools in the Valley of Mississippi,


report of a committeil thereon,

302 Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions copies of the 21st annual report of, received,

390 Temperance Society, Agent of, appears before Synod,

72 resolutions of Synod, concerning,

73 constirution of, approved, '

261 Annual reports of the Missionary Society, not to be published until approved by Synod,


received, 74 133 204 292 378 Appropriations to Beneficiaries, request from the Board of Education, that they be fixed at $100 per annum,


subject referred to next Synod,

288 Appeal of the Classis of New York, from the decision of the Particular Synod of New York. relative to the division of said Classis, tried, 54 58

a remonstrance against the reasons of the above appeal, presented,

57 sustained,

58 of Rev. Ava Neal, from the decision of the Particular Synod of N. York, noticed,

271 consideration of, postponed agreeably to his request,

277 dismissed,

365 of the Classis of Long Island, from the decision of the Particular Synod of New York, relative to the church of Bushwick,


tried and sustained, 276 Ardent Spirits, principle of total abstinence from, approved and urged on the churches,

132 Articles of Correspondence with the General Assembly, an amendment to, proposed,


adopted 255 Articles Explanatory and Appendix, committee appointed to revise and amend them,

365 366 Associate Reformed church, overture of correspondence with the General Synod of,

37 178 256 stated clerk ordered to furnish them with a copy, of the above,

178 Letters from the stated clerk of, relative to said correspondence,

255 345 state of the correspondence with,

347 Synod of Scotland, and the North of Ireland, a correspondence with, recommended to be opened,

256 Arrearages of Classes for printed minutes,

208 288

Stated Clerk directed to take measures to collect them,


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