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which alone can ensure success in the great object which the Synod, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, have in view, the prosperity and eminent usefulness of the Institution over which they mutually preside.



New Brunswick, June 3, 1830.

A request was presented from the Trustees of Rutgers College, by the Rev. Peter Labagh, appointed to lay the same before Synod, that they have permission to add the sum of $250 per annum to the salary of the Professor of Languages in said institution.

Resolved, That the request be granted.

The Committee appointed at the last meeting of the Synod, on the subject of procuring a house for the boarding of Students in commons, being called on, it appeared that nothing had been done by them.

Resolved, That Messrs. J. R. Hardenbergh, R. Anderson, and J. L. Snyder, be a Committee to examine a certain building in New Brunswick, now for sale, with a view to its purchase as a boarding house, to be kept in commons, for Rutgers College.

The Committee reported, and their report was adopted, and is as follows:

The Committee appointed to inquire, if a suitable situation could be procured, for a boarding house to be kept in commons, Report

That they have viewed the house and lot, situated west of the College, and lately occupied by John N. Simpson. The house is large, and the lot contains about one acre of ground, and, the Committee

are informed, can be purchased at a very low rate ; and the Committee believe, the interest of the Theological College will be very much promoted by the purchase of it: they therefore recommend the adoption of the following resolutions.

Resolved, That the Board of Direction of the General Synod, be and they are hereby recommended, to purchase, for the use of General Synod, the house and lot above described, situated in the city of New Brunswick, provided, it can be had for any sum not exceeding two thousand three hundred dollars, and provided they deem the purchase of said property a safe and good investment.

Resolved, That so much of the interest of the Van Benschoten fund, as may be necessary to pay the interest of the money expended in the purchase, be, and the same is hereby, pledged for the payment of the same, provided the Trustees of Rutgers College concur therein.

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By order of the Committee.

J. R. HARDENBERGH, Chairman. June 10, 1830.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Trustees of Rutgers College, if the above purchase be made, to take measures for carrying the plan into operation—the board not to exceed twelve shillings

per week.

Resolved, That Messrs. James C. Roosevelt, William C. Miller, and Peter Spader, be a Committee (in case the purchase of a building for a boarding house in commons should be made) to procure donations in furniture for the use of the house, without expense to the General Synod.

Resolved, That the following Committees be appointed to solicit subscriptions in aid of the purchase of the building to be kept as a boarding house in commons for Students in Rutgers College, and that they be required to report the result of their doings, as soon as practicable, to the Treasurer of General Synod.

For the Classis of New York and South Classis, Messrs. John D. Keese and Isaac Young.

Classis of New Brunswick and Bergen, Rev. R. D. Van Kleek and J. Romeyn.

Classis of Paramus, Rev. C. Z. Paulison and J. T. Field. Classis of Long Island, Rev. T. M. Strong and A. Vanderveer. Classis of Philadelphia, Rev. P. Labagh and G. Ludlow.

Classis of Poughkeepsie, Rev. C. Whitehead, William E. Rapalje and Lawrence Van Kleeck. Classis of Albany and

Rensselaer, Rev. Isaac Ferris, Isaac N. Wyckoff and Jeremiah Serle. Classis of Ulster, Rev. B. B. Westfall and Robert Lee. Classis of Washington, Rev. J. D. Fonda and Hugh Boyd. Classis of Montgomery, Rev. I. S. Ketcham and Henry Loucks.

Classis of Schoharie, Rev. J. Garretson, J. H. Van Wagenen and Jacob Settle, Jun.

Classis of Schenectady, Rev. J. M:Kelvy and James Murphy.
Classis of Cayuga, Rev. Dr. Yates and Asa Bennet.



The period for which the Board of Superintendents were elected having expired, the Synod proceeded to a new election : and, on counting the ballots, it appeared that the following persons were chosen to form the Board of Superintendents of the Theological College, until the meeting of General Synod, which shall be in June, 1833, viz.

Rey. Messrs. Jacob Brodhead, D D., William C. Brownlee, D.D., William M.Murray, D. D., James B. Hardenbergh, Jacob J. Jane· way, D. D., Samuel A. Van Vranken, James V. C Romeyn, Abraham Messler, John I. Chrystie, Christian Z. Paulison, Jacob Schoonmaker, Thomas M. Strong, Peter Labagh, Gabriel Ludlow, Cornelius C. Cuyler, D. D., Cornelius D. Westbrook, D. D., Samuel Kissam, Isaac Ferris, William R. Bogardus, Henry Ostrander, Richard Sluyter, Cornelius Van Cleef, Herman B. Stryker, James

Stevenson, Jacob D. Fonda, Cornelius Bogardus, Jacob Van Vechten, John B. Steele, John H. Van Wagenen, Henry A. Raymond, Andrew Yates, D. D., and John F. Schermerhorn.

The Committee on the Professorate reported, and their report was amended, adopted, and is as follows :

The Committee on the Professorate report

In the report of the Board of Direction of the Corporation, the attention of General Synod is requested to the Memoir of Dr. Livingston, published by the late Dr. Gunn, in compliance with the appointment of Synod. The work was accomplished by Dr. Gunn, with great labor and fidelity, and, in the mysterious providence of God, he was removed by death soon after it was published, leaving all his accounts unsettled. The sale has progressed very tardily, producing much anxiety and distress to his bereaved family. Sufficient has only been realized from the sale, to liquidate the demands of the printer and binder, leaving several incidental expenses unpaid, and producing no remuneration for the labor of the deceased author. As the work was undertaken by the appointment of Synod, and has been satisfactorily and faithfully performed, justice, as well as sympathy for his afflicted family, require that something should be done in the premises. The Committee have agreed to recommend the adoption of the following resolution.

Resolved, That the Board of Direction of the Corporation be authorized to employ an agent or agents, to sell the Memoir of Dr. · Livingston, in the various parts of our church, and to meet the present difficulties of the family of the deceased author, to advance $600, to be replaced by the sale.

In the report of the Board of Superintendents of the Theological College, it is recommended to the Synod, to alter the time for the annual examination of the Students to the first Tuesday in April.

The Committee recommend, that the time of the examination of the Students be altered accordingly.

In the case of Elihu Doty, recommended by the Consistory of the

Church of Beaverdam, to be received on the Van Benschoten Fund, the Committee recommend, that he be received to the benefit of the said fund

A communication from the Executive Committee of the Education Society of the Classis of Bergen, has also been presented, requesting that Jacob Ennis be taken on the Fund for the support of Indigent Students.

The Committee recommend, that the request be granted.

As the Committee have ascertained, that there is a considerable surplus from the Van Benschoten fund, available for the support of indigent Students, and as there are no other recommendations of young men by Consistories, to be aided at present, it is therefore recommended, that three of those now assisted by the Education Board, be transferred to that fund.

The Committee farther recommend, that the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of Rutgers College, be requested to present annually, at the stated meetings of General Synod, a statement of the number of Students aided from the Education Fund, and the amount of money from the said fund remaining unappropriated.

A resolution of the Board of Superintendents of the Theological School, having been laid before the Committee, recommending Mr. John Liddle to the Professors, for their certificate of his Theological attainments, and to the General Synod for a dispensation, it is recommended that his request for a dispensation be granted.

It is requested, by the Board of Direction, that Synod appoint a Committee, other than the Board, to adjust the unsettled accounts with their former agent, Rev. Staats Van Santvoord. The Committee recommend that such a Committee be appointed according to the request of the Board, and that Messrs. Abraham Van Vechten, John R. Bleecker, and Richard V. De Witt, constitute said Committee.

It is also stated in the report, that the money left by the legacy of the late Isaac Heyer, to endow a scholarship, is invested for that purpose. Resolved, That Mr. Cannon Van Liew, now a beneficiary of the Executive Committee of the Education Society, be transferred to that fund.

As the Committee have not sufficient information in the case of Mr. Gaylord, recommended by the Classis of Poughkeepsie, to be

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