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A communication was received from the Classis of New York, recommending Samuel Tredwell, a member of the Church of the People of Colour, for a dispensation, and requesting leave of Synod to license him when they shall judge proper, which was referred to the Committee on the Professorate.

A communication was received from the Rev. Dr. Gunn, stating, that agreeably to the request of the last Synod, he has prepared a memoir of the late Professor Livingston, which has been submitted to the Committee appointed to inspect the manuscript previous to publication.

A communication was received from the Students in the Theological Seminary, praying that Synod would alter the time of the Annual Examination, to the week previous to the Commencement in Rutgers’ College, and referred to the Committee on the Professorate.

The following Report was received from the Committee appointed in June last, on the subject of the Memoir of the late Professor Livingston

“ The Committee, appointed by the Synod in June last, upon the subject of a Memoir of the late Professor Livingston, to be prepared by the Rev. Dr. Gunn, respectfully submit to Synod the following extracts from their Minutes, as their Report :

6. The Committee met in New York, March 31, 1629. The Rev. Dr. Gunn laid before them a Memoir of the late Professor Livingston, prepared by him, in compliance with his appointment for that purpose, by the General Synod.

“The Committee having perused the Memoir, adopted the following, as the expression of their opinion, in relation to it.

“ The undersigned, having, at the request of the author, and in compliance with the object of their appointment by the Synod, carefully perused the manuscript memoir of the late Professor Livingston, prepared by the Rev. Dr. Gunn, have much pleasure in bearing their decided testimony to the able manner in which the task has been accomplished. With much well directed labour, and, in a manner that will not fail to prove gratifying to the Church, the author has reduced

to order, a large amount of interesting and important matter. "The volume now about to be presented to the public, contains, it is believed, a faithful picture of the revered individual, whose eventful life it pourtrays; and, at the same time, exhibits all the most prominent features of the history of the Reformed Dutch Church in this country; together with valuable passing notices of many of her most distinguished sons, who have, from time to time, entered into rest.

“ The work, we doubt not, will be perused with interest ; and regarded as an important addition to the Biography of those whose “memory is blessed.” With prayer for its usefulness, we do hereby cordially recommend it to the patronage of the Christian community; and, especially, of every minister, consistory, and member of the Reformed Dutch Church.


The Committee, moreover, requested Dr. Gunn to proceed to take all necessary measures for publishing an edition of 1500 copies of the Memoir-awarded to him as a compensation for his labour in preparing, and publishing the work, 75 per cent. of the profits arising from the publication is and authorized and advised him to take out a copy right for the work, as its author and proprietor, the same to be used at his discretion.

The above proceedings having been made known to Dr. Gunn, he has communicated to them his entire satisfaction with the compensation awarded him ; and, moreover, proposes, “ that, should it please the Rev. Synod to appropriate their part of the profits to increase the library of the institution, once so dear to the venerable man, whose memoir is now to be given to the Church, he will consider it his duty to pay over to any persons authorized to receive it, one third, instead of one fourth, of the profits of the work, whatever may be the amount of them, for that important object.” All which is respectfully submitted.

JOHN KNOX, Chairman. New York, June 3, 1829.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee to determine with Dr. Gunn, the division of the profits of the work, as to them shall appear equitable and right; and that said Committee, in connexion with the Theological Professors, be authorized to apply such portion of profits as may be at the disposal of the Synod, to the increaseof the Theological Library.

The following Report, of the Committee appointed at the last Synod, to wait on the Consistory of the Church of New York, was submitted, and unanimously adopted by Synod.

The Committee, appointed at the last meeting of the General Synod, to solicit of the Consistory of the Collegiate Churches in New York, a continuation of their liberal grant towards the support of the Professors in the Theological College, report

" That they attended to the duty assigned them, and obtained from the Consistories a continuation of said grant for another year, ending on the 9th of November next. It affords your Committee no little gratification to state to the General Synod, that they were received with the greatest cordiality, and the promptness with which they acceded to the request, greatly enhanced the value of their donation. Your Committee feel, that the General Synod are under high obligations to the Consistory of said Church, and they recommend for adoption, the following resolution :

Resolved, That the General Synod feel a deep sense of the liberality of the Consistory of the Collegiate Church, and tender them their unfeigned thanks.

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted by the stated Clerk to the Consistory of said Church.

J. R. HARDENBERGH, Chairman.


Board of Corporation.

The Report of the Board of Direction of the Corporation, accompanied with the Treasurer's Report, and the Annual Digest, was received, and is as follows :

To the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, the following Report, of the Board of Direction, is respectfully submitted.

During the current year, this Board has, for the greater part of the time, been deprived of the presence, and counsel, of their venerable President, Col. Henry Rutgers. A protracted illness, has prevented him from attending their meetings, more than twice. Owing to this circumstance, Isaac L. Kip, one of the Directors, was unanimously chosen President, pro, tem. Thus constituted, we have been enabled to discharge the duties devolving upon us.

The Board, from the Report of the Committee of Finance, have every reason to believe, that all the investments heretofore made, are well secured ; as well as such investments, as have been made during the current year.

The Rev. Staats Van Santvoord, the agent appointed for the collection of the outstanding subscriptions, and obtaining additional subscriptions, and donations, for the Professoral funds, having made his report to this Board, from which it appears that he has received new subscriptions to the amount of $3737; on account of which, there has been paid to him $964. That he has received on account of old subscriptions, $1297, and, in books, $588 ; $300 of which were received from the Rev. Dr. Ludlow, and the Rev. Isaac Ferris, being the balance of their old subscriptions, without the orders of the Board. They have since instructed him, not to accept of books, in lieu of moneys heretofore subscribed, unless in those cases, where the money could not be obtained. A Schedule, accompanying this Report, will show where the subscriptions, money, and books, have been obtained. The above returns, however, require some explanations, but the Rev. Mr. Van Santvoord, being gone to the north, they cannot, at present, be had. It will appear, however, to Synod, that few of our Churches, comparatively, have been visited by our Agent, and that much remains to be done in collecting the outstanding subscriptions, and obtaining additional subscriptions and donations for the Professoral Fund. The Board, therefore, respectfully suggest to General Synod, the propriety of investing them with full authority, from time to time, to appoint such agent, or agents, for the above purpose, as they shall think best; and, on such salaries, as they may think right; for a term, or terms, not less than one, nor more than

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three months in succession, unless renewed; excluding the winter months. And that the said agent, or agents, be under the entire direction and control of the Board. Every thing has been done by the Board, which could be done by them. Yet, upon examining into the final result of the last year's operations, they regret to state, that our prospects are by no means flattering ; as a very considerable

portion of the moneys received, which were intended to be added to the Permanent Fund have necessarily been expended in the payment of the salaries of the Professors, and other necessary expenses. The interest arising from the Permanent Fund, and the collections in the Churches, and from other sources, being quite inadequate for said purposes.

Under these circumstances, the Board respectfully submit to the serious deliberation and consideration of Synod, the importance and necessity, of assuming more energetic measures in relation to the state of our funds ; and suggest the absolute necessity, that all the collections, heretofore adopted, be re-enacted, and urged in the most impressive manner, on all the Churches, as a measure of the highest importance to the welfare of our Theological Seminary. And, in this place, it is proper to add, that the renewal of the grant of $1500, for one year, by the Consistory of the Church in New York, will expire on the 9th of November next.

A special Committee, from the Board, was appointed to inquire into, and state the accounts of Mr. Jacob R. Hardenbergh, with the General Synod, in relation to moneys paid by him for repairs, &c., to Rutgers College ; and, what moneys, or balance, if any, is due to him as directed by General Synod, at their last meeting. The Board, however, have not yet been enabled to effect the settlement of said accounts.

It appears to this Board, that on the 30th of March, in the year 1808, Marinus Willet, Esq. and wife, conveyed to the Trustees of Queen's College, a lot of land, situated in Essex county, state of New York, containing 100 acres ; that Rensselaer Westerlo, Abraham Hunn, and John Woodworth, and their wives, executed to the Trustees of Queen's College, a deed, dated 21st May, 1811, for 6213% acres of land, partly in Montgomery, and partly in Essex counties. And that Philip S. Van Rensselaer executed a deed of quit-claim, dated 18th June, 1811, for one undivided half part of lot

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