The ladies' assistant in the formation of their flower gardens

Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1861 - 34 Seiten

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Seite 9 - (after the Dutch style) at all, but, as it is gradually creeping into fashion, and as we do not wish to appear singular, we have given two plans which may be edged with box, but at the same time we must say that we prefer neat edgings of earthenware, cast iron, wire, &c.
Seite 7 - BESIDES giving a scale to each plan, we have named pretty nearly the size of the plot of ground required for its adaptation, so that, in making choice of a design, it will be necessary to consider the extent of ground, and determine accordingly; and, should the choice happen to fall upon one too small for the plot, and the plot
Seite 9 - &c., without any grass, ought always to be laid out in compartments removed from the view of the windows of the house, and to be shut out from the natural or English style of pleasure
Seite 9 - for in such situations their fantastic shapes would be inappropriate, and exceedingly cheerless in the winter months. If we were to consult our own taste
Seite 7 - considered large enough for a design twice the size, the same plan might with perfect propriety, and increased effect,

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