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" White. 1. WKP two squares. B. The same. 2. WKBP two squares. BP takes P. 3. WK Kt. to its B. third square. BK Kt. P. two squares. 4. WKBto its QB fourth square. BK Kt. P. one square. 5. WK Kt. to adversary "
The works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez, and Salvio, on the game of chess, tr. and ... - Seite 295
von Damiano (da Odemira.) - 1813
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A New Treatise on the Game of Chess: On a Plan of Progressive Improvement ...

Jacob Henry Sarratt - 1828
...and White will easily win the game. VARIATION OF THIS GAME, BEGINNING AT THE NINTH MOVE OF THE BLACK. 1. WKP two squares ; B. The same. 2. WKBP two squares ; BP takes P. 3. 4. WKB to QB fourth square ; Ъ. К. Kt. P. one square. 5WK castles; BK Kt. P. takes Kt. 6. WQ takes...
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