The works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez, and Salvio, on the game of chess, tr. and arranged with remarks and notes by J.H. Sarratt

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Seite 375 - Defence ; to which is added, a Selection of critical and remarkable Situations, won or drawn by scientific Moves ; with additional Notes and Remarks by Wm.
Seite xi - The pleasaunt and wittie Playe of the Cheasts renewed. Lately translated out of Italian into French, and now set furth in Englishe, by James Rowbotbuni. Printed at London, 1562.
Seite xi - If any dispute arose about the place where any piece should be, he could tell every move that had been made, not only by himself but by his antagonist, from the beginning of the game ; and in this manner incontestably decide the proper place of the piece.
Seite v - ... Take. fff M that time ; an expletive. become a usual amusement at Florence; and we are also informed that in the year 1266, a Saracen named Buzecca, came to Florence, and in the Palace del Popolo, before Count Guido Novella, played on three chess-boards at one time, with the first masters in Florence, playing with two by memory, and with the third by sight: two games he won, and the third he made a drawn game by perpetual check. The laity, however, were not the only admirers of this interesting...
Seite xii - LEVER, RALPH. The Most Noble, auncient, and learned playe, called the Philosophers game...
Seite x - Twigs does not mention Damiano's directions for playing without seeing the board. In the copy which is in the editor's possession, these directions occupy several very closely printed pages : they are entitled, ' Dell arte del giocare alia mente.
Seite 375 - Substance of the Speech of Mr. Hume, at a General Court of Proprietors, in Leadenhall-street, on the 19th of January, on the Question for the Renewal of the East India Company's Charter and Privileges. The Merchant and Traveller's Companion from London to St. Petersburg!], by way of Sweden ; and proceeding from thence to Moscow, Riga, Mittau, and Berlin. By George Green, Esq. many years resident in Russia. 7s. Correspondence of Messrs. Abbott, Parry, and Maitland, with the Hon. the Court of Directors...
Seite 3 - Black: 1. WKP two squares. B. The same. 2. WK Kt. to its B. third square. B. 77¡i
Seite 11 - GAME, Beginning at the sixth move of the Black. 1. WKP two squares. B. The same. 2. WK Kt. to its B. third square.
Seite 299 - White. 1. WKP two squares. B. The same. 2. WKBP two squares. BP takes P. 3. WK Kt. to its B. third square. BK Kt. P. two squares. 4. WKBto its QB fourth square. BK Kt. P. one square. 5. WK Kt. to adversary

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