Publish / Subscribe Systems: Design and Principles

John Wiley & Sons, 19.06.2012 - 360 Seiten

This book offers an unified treatment of the problems solved by publish/subscribe, how to design and implement the solutions

In this book, the author provides an insight into the publish/subscribe technology including the design, implementation, and evaluation of new systems based on the technology. The book also addresses the basic design patterns and solutions, and discusses their application in practical application scenarios. Furthermore, the author examines current standards and industry best practices as well as recent research proposals in the area. Finally, necessary content matching, filtering, and aggregation algorithms and data structures are extensively covered as well as the mechanisms needed for realizing distributed publish/subscribe across the Internet.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the basic design patterns and solutions
  • Covers applications and example cases including; combining Publish/Subscribe with cloud, Twitter, Facebook, mobile push (app store), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Internet of Things and multiplayer games
  • Examines current standards and industry best practices as well as recent research proposals in the area
  • Covers content matching, filtering, and aggregation algorithms and data structures as well as the mechanisms needed for realizing distributed publish/subscribe across the Internet

Publish/Subscribe Systems will be an invaluable guide for graduate/postgraduate students and specialists in the IT industry, distributed systems and enterprise computing, software engineers and programmers working in social computing and mobile computing, researchers. Undergraduate students will also find this book of interest.


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76 ContentBased Routing
77 RendezvousBased Routing
78 Routing Invariants
79 Summary
81 Overview
82 Matching Techniques
83 Filter Preliminaries

19 History
110 Application Areas
111 Structure of the Book
21 Networking
22 Multicast
23 Reverse Path Forwarding and Routing
24 Causality and Clocks
25 Message Passing and RPCRMI
26 Web Services
27 Session Initiation Protocol SIP
28 Summary
31 Overview
32 Usage
33 Consistent Hashing
34 Geometries
35 DHTs
36 Gossip Systems
37 Summary
41 Introduction
42 General PubSub Model
43 Architectural Patterns
44 Design Patterns
45 Design Patterns for PubSub
46 Event Notifier Pattern
47 Enterprise Integration Patterns
48 Summary
51 CORBA Event Service
52 CORBA Notification Service and Channel Management
53 OMG Data Distribution Service DDS
54 SIP Event Framework
55 Java Delegation Event Model
57 Java Message Service JMS
58 TibCo Rendezvous
510 Websphere MQ
511 Advanced Message Queuing Protocol AMQP
512 MQ Telemetry Transport MQTT
513 Summary
63 RSS and Atom
66 Constrained Application Protocol CoAP
67 W3C DOM Events
68 WSEventing and WSNotification
69 Summary
71 Overview
72 Filtering Content
73 Routing Function
74 TopicBased Routing
75 FilterBased Routing
84 The Counting Algorithm
85 Matching with Posets
86 Tree Matcher
87 XFilter and YFilter
88 Bloom Filters
89 Summary
91 Gryphon
92 The Cambridge Event Architecture CEA
93 Scalable Internet Event Notification Architecture SIENA
94 Elvin
910 XSIENA and StreamMine
911 Fuego Event Service
914 DHTBased Systems
915 Summary
101 Introduction
102 Data Model and Problem Statement
ThresholdBased Document Filtering in DHTs
104 Recent Progress and Discussion
105 Summary
111 Security
112 Composite Subscriptions
113 Filter Merging
114 Load Balancing
115 ContentBased Channelization
116 Reconfiguration
117 Mobility Support
118 Congestion Control
119 Evaluation of PubSub Systems
1110 Summary
121 Cloud Computing
122 SOA and XML Brokering
123 Facebook Services
124 PubSubHubbub
125 Complex Event Processing CEP
126 Online Advertisement
127 Online Multiplayer Games
129 Internet of Things
1210 Summary
131 Datacentric Communication Model
132 CCN
134 Internet Interdomain Structure
135 Summary

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Über den Autor (2012)

Professor Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki, Finland
Sasu Tarkoma is a full professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. He leads the Networking and Services specialization line at the Department. His research interests include publish/subscribe, mobile computing, and Internet technology. He received a PhD in computer science from the University of Helsinki. He has authored two textbooks and over 100 scientific articles.

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